Consumer Behavior Ritz

Ritz already had a above attendance In the cracker aisle, but to advertise this new artefact actuality old as a chip, they had to adjudge If they should move their artefact amidst alternative absolute dent competitors. The acrid bite allotment of the abundance contains mainly all the chips products, basics etc. But as mentioned in the video, it is difficult to put aloof a distinct artefact in a area of a abundance area Ritz did not already accept a presence. So befitting it abutting to the absurd ensured they would accompany a able attendance in acknowledging their new product, as able-bodied as authoritative it packaged in a bag rather than a box to represent a altered product. ) How did accent affect the business of the new Ritz Chip? The new Ritz Dent accent afflicted business because they had to accomplish abiding the characteristics of the new artefact would attain the qualities of a dent and the acidity of Ritz. Therefore, the packaging and artefact had to acquaint the artefact finer to consumers what Ritz was aggravating to sell. The big adventurous words on the bag was additionally addition way to acquaint the intentions of their new artefact extension. 5) Do you feel it was a astute accommodation for Ritz Chips to be in placed in the cracker alley rather than in the acrid bite alley of the grocery abundance with the alternative chips? Explain. Yes, bodies tend to discount brands that accept a few items demography up little bit of shelf space. It hints that the artefact does not advertise able-bodied or doesn't accept abounding varieties to offer. The competitors like Lays, Gunship, etc. Take accomplished sections of amplitude in the alley and boss all the alternative brands that accept a scattering of products, which usually are disregarded by consumers back they are shopping. Not to acknowledgment seeing the chat RITZ on a bag that is boxlike abutting to Lays potato chips will accomplish the being think, "l don't appetite crackers. However, if I am In the cracker alley and see their broiled chips abutting to crackers, the artefact will attending added chip-Like In comparison. 6) Discuss the differences that abide amid the cracker Image and the dent Image as It relates to cast extension. How does this affect a product's business strategy? Absurd appear earlier people; tend to be banal in flavor, eaten with soup back it gets cold, captivated back one is sick, etc. While chips are added youthful, kids are consistently apparent in commercials bistro them as able-bodied as added alive adults; associated with mummer, added flavor, accept a bigger array and the account goes on. So in essence, chips are added fun, youthful, flavor, while Ritz absurd are associated with old people, algid weather, eaten back ailing or with soup, basically not the best fun feel- acceptable account one can purchase. The business action would accept to use the cast ability and believability of Ritz, but action a altered younger, acidity artefact assuming it's a artefact that is capturing the qualities of chips besides Aloof the aftertaste and texture, but the apparition surrounding it.

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