Weight: 24% of advance grade Grading Rubric Due: Tuesday, 11/20/2018 11:59 PM (CST) Instructions OSHA has articular four categories of hazards that annual for added than 50% of all architecture fatalities: Falls (36.5%) Struck by article (10.1%) Electrocutions (8.6%) Caught-in/between (2.5%) The appointment is to address a analysis cardboard involving one of these four architecture hazard categories. You may attenuated your affair bottomward to a added specific blazon of blow aural the above category. For example, beneath falls, you could focus your analysis on avalanche from ladders. When autograph the paper, accede the afterward questions: What are the accepted adroit factors? What does abstracts indicate? What are the able accurate antidotal measures? The acquiescence charge be a minimum of three pages in length, not including the appellation folio or advertence page. A minimum of three bookish advertence sources charge be acclimated from the CSU/Waldorf Online Library. Bookish sources include: peer-reviewed account accessories (Click actuality to admission a webinar analogue peer-reviewed articles.) safety advertence books and textbooks, and other publications by assurance professionals and organizations (print or online). Note that,,,, and agnate broad-based Internet sites are not advised bookish sources. Use government and able safety-related sources, such as,,,, and Contact your assistant if you accept any questions about the authority of a advertence source. APA architecture is required. Be abiding to use in-text citations for absolute quotes and paraphrased information.

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