Construction Method Statement Example

1.0 Introduction

This Architecture Adjustment Account describes the development of six houses in three identical semi-detached blocks on a artifice of land. The certificate will answer for the majority of works undertaken during the architecture but will crave alterations or additions for assertive projects. This adjustment account is a able appraisal based on accepted advice and is accountable to clarification as the action evolves. This adjustment account is able to altercate about all the architecture action and operations and additionally accent on the health, assurance and ecology concerns.

2.0 Preliminary Works

2.1 Admission and Actual Distribution

Constant breeze of carriage is bare during the architecture period. Baby admission anchorage and driveways calm with acting anchorage are complete to ascertain armpit apportionment routes and accommodate a acceptable apparent for bulb movement (Chudley & Greeno, 2008, p.118). A baby admission alley is set up adjacent the accumulator breadth of the armpit to carriage abstracts that are adapted aural a abbreviate amplitude of time. A forklift will be acclimated for actual offloading and administration about the site. The breadth of the admission alley shows in the Figure 1 armpit blueprint plan. Moreover, the alley will be subjected to ablaze and abundant day to day cartage such as accurate delivery, animate commitment lorries, brick and block commitment lorries and commitment cartage generally. All the deliveries will be adapted into a commitment agenda arrangement which is controlled by armpit cadre beneath advice of Architecture Manager. (Griffith & Watson, 2004, p.392) Abstracts are carefully phased and delivered aback accumulated which to accomplish just-in-time administration in this project. Abstracts that are transported with abundant appurtenances cartage (HGVs) are accepted to booty abode at night and that assertive works may accept to be undertaken during this aeon so that it does not account disruption to cartage flows, abnormally at aiguille times.

2.2 Storage

Storage on armpit is erected to abundance materials, accoutrement and equipments, added genitalia for automated plant, and bogus appurtenances for assimilation in the work. (Griffith & Watson, 2004, p.188) The ambit amid accumulator and action areas keeps abbreviate to abate busline needs in agreement of time. Balk and animate accretion will be stored in a dry safe abode and adapted abundance for ammunition oils bare by the claim of legislation. (Griffith & Watson, 2004, p.189)

2.3 Armpit Office

A acting armpit appointment will be provided on the armpit for administration purposes and paperwork. These offices will be housed in modular carriageable units. The admeasurement of armpit appointment will be afflicted based on an archetype below:

Size Example:

Office for armpit abettor and abettor added an allowance for 3 visitors. Assume an centralized boilerplate acme of 2.400. Acquiesce 3.7m2 minimum per actuality and 11.5m3 minimum per person.

Minimum breadth = 5 x 3.7 = 18.5m2

Minimum aggregate = 5x 11.5 = 57.5m3

Assume appointment amplitude of 3.000 again minimum breadth adapted is

= 57.5/ (3×2.4) = 57.5/7.2 = 7.986 say 8.000

Area analysis 3×8 = 24m2 which is > 18.5m2; satisfactory (Chudley & Greeno, 2008, p.94)

2.4 General Armpit Facilities

General armpit accessories such as toilets, alteration facilities, canteen, as able-bodied as apartment from brutal acclimate will be provided on site. Able heating, lighting and blast are adapted in all toilet, washing, changing, and accommodation. The requirements of anniversary accessories are defined the Bloom and Assurance Executive (HSE) legislation (Griffith & Watson, 2004, p.192). The breadth of all the accessories charge be abutting calm for accessible access. The armpit adaptation will be amid in the arctic bend of the armpit so to accouterment armpit admission strategy. A row of distinct storey adaptation will be bare in the project. All the accessories barrio body in portable.

2.5 Armpit Enclosure – Angry and Hoarding

A minimum acme of 2.4m accession and angry will be erected about the ambit of the armpit for aegis (Griffith & Howarth, 2001, p.252). Assurance measures categorical by the Albert Architecture Code (ABC) charge be followed. An alien signposting will be installed about the accession to accredit the armpit to be added visible. Caution signs will additionally be displayed on fences and gates so that bodies will be acquainted aback casual through the site. There will be a assumption aboideau to the armpit forth with banal gates for access.

2.6 Assurance and Security

For both aegis and assurance reasons, site-bases aegis attendance will be provided during accustomed alive hours with a visiting convoying accoutrement nights and weekends to assure adjoin annexation and vandals of storage. Site-based aegis attendance with a abounding 24 hours will be in abode during the afterwards stages of the architecture works and fit out above-mentioned to activity (Griffith & Watson, 2004, p.391). All admission credibility will be acutely active with adapted admonishing notice. Flood lightings with 500 watts in 7.50m aerial are installed as a admeasurement of night security. (Chudley & Greeno, 2008, p.91)

Main Architecture Work

3.1 Substructure

Concrete band foundation will be acclimated as the foundation of the houses. Foundation works accommodate excavating, barricade support, concreting and bricklaying of the band foundation. Trenches are biconcave beneath the band of the walls and the clay at the basal of the trenches is compacted. Rough sawn balk as arrogant will be acting abutment for the abandon of blasting for band foundation. At atomic 150mm of accurate is placed at the bottom of the arroyo with a accurate pump and brick walls are again congenital up to the clammy affidavit advance (DPC) which will be at atomic 150mm aloft arena level. The DPC is bedded on a band of adhesive on anniversary blade of brick or block atrium foundation wall. (Osbourn & Greeno, 1997, p.199) The abyss of the band foundation of 1m – 1.2m is able to ensure the clay acting as the accustomed foundation cannot be afflicted by the acclimate and pale will be acclimated to actuate abyss of accurate foundation (Osbourn & Greeno, 1997, p.181 &186). The band foundation fabricated of a affiliated band of accurate with 1:3:6 mix. Hardcore will be compacted application a cavernous bowl or roller and the top of the hardcore is kept beneath the basement block assignment so that the slab can be casting central the walls. Accurate is able with a breadth of hessian or beach in algid acclimate and breadth of polythene in hot weather. (Marshall& Worthing, 2000, p.57) The accouterment of clammy affidavit film (DPM) for the absolute breadth on top is amid the over armpit accurate slab and it will be done on a bed of beach or ash of 12mm thickness.

3.2 Superstructure

3.2.1 Alien Wall

Cavity bank will be acclimated in this action as it has acceptable thermal insulation and acclimate attrition properties. Cement-lime adhesive mixes is acclimated to ensure able band of ties to wall. An able admeasurement of vertical agreement will be adapted for aperture and windows opening.

3.2.2 Scaffolding

In Mitchell’s Intro to Architecture (Osbourn & Greeno, 1997, p.207) states that, “As the assignment advance aloft a acme breadth it is absurd for the bricklayer to lift abstracts from arena level, it will be all-important to arrect axle to abutment aloft alive platform.”

The axle with aluminum admixture which affiliated by adapted applicative or couplings will be acclimated to lay the aerial attic wall.

3.2.3 Doors and Windows

Temporary backdrop will be erected until axle architecture has been complete. To affix the aperture frames with the wall, rigid-angled galvanized balmy animate lugs busted to their ancillary edges as the assignment proceeds. (Osbourn & Greeno, 1997, p.203) DPC will be bedded aback the assignment is agitated out.

3.2.4 Centralized Wall

Work arrangement will be agnate to alien bank but the centralized bank is in distinct leaf. The allotment bank will be positioned and acclimated to abstracted spaces aural the architecture into rooms. Insulated plasterboard will be installed through the bank to accretion thermal for the building. (EDP Energy, 2010)

3.2.5 Roof

Pitch roof which erected by balk trussed rafters amplitude about 600mm at abutting centres to accommodate absolute abutment for roof cladding and ceiling. (Osbourn & Greeno, 1997, p.221) Install the backbone lath on 2 end posts with acting animating and set it beeline and level. Anniversary rafters is nailed to the wall-plate which accessible placed on a adhesive bed on top of atrium block wall. (Osbourn & Greeno, 1997, p.221) Prefabricated ladder anchored to the end trussed rafter. Fascia lath anchored to the anxiety of axle and barge lath to the alien face of gable ladder. (Marshall& Worthing, 2006 p.94) Install collar ties, purlin and animating as bare for the rafters and backbone to anticipate billowing over time. Balk trusses with animating are bogus off-site. Clay tiles will be laid in continuously on the balk battens on sarking acquainted with 45 amount angled of pitched roof.


3.3.1 Centralized Bank Finishes

Plaster lath will be activated to centralized bank as finishes with wet adhesive method. Half-hour blaze attrition will be provided aback 5mm covering of wet adhesive and 9.5mm array wet adhesive activated on both abandon of allotment wall. A gap which is acclimated to accommodate added air admission is larboard amid the aback of adhesive lath and the face of the wall. Again the gap will be affiliated to the atrium to the centralized ambiance to acquiesce air leakage. (Emmitt & Gorse, 2005, p.535) Emulsion acrylic with Baptize Based Paints Balk will be corrective through the bank application the roller method. (Chudley & Greeno, 2008, p.669)Skirting lath with 19mm array will be nailed to the accurate acclimation blocks at the abject of walls afterwards plastering is completed. (Emmitt & Gorse, 2005, p.548-549)

3.3.2 Attic Finishes

Skim coats with mix of adhesive and baptize activated with a animate float to accomplish bland accomplishment on assize to acquiesce carpeting laid on it as attic finishes. Tackless band placed about the absolute ambit apartment and shoot masonry screws into the band and cut the band by tin snip. Underlayment will be cascade to authority the carpeting padding. (Beach,1999-2010)

3.3.3 Beam Finishes

Plasterboard beam fabricated with a amount of adhesive sandwiched amid face bedding of able abiding cardboard with 2.4 x 1.2 x 9.5 mm blubbery at centres and it anchored to axle by nailing. Then, 5mm distinct covering lath accomplishment adhesive over bonding brand undercoat. (Chudley & Greeno, 2008, p.664)

3.4 Existing Services

Existing casework assets will be acquired for the armpit area, which are applicative to the complete development and charge be referred to at all times. Above-mentioned to any automated blasting commencing, anniversary doubtable breadth will be duke dug to affirm the abyss and breadth of any account and acutely apparent on the surface. Extreme affliction will be taken aback planning to assignment in these vicinities i.e. bifold analysis with CAT and Genny and chase aloft procedures. (Marriott 2009)

4.0 Bloom and Safety

4.1 Significant Hazard


Hazard: Moving bulb or vehicles

Risk: Operative accept to be accomplished and competent to accomplish the bulb or equipment. They should accept the emergency and aborticide procedures. ( Prifysgol Bangor University, 2001-2010)

Control Measure: Isolating workers or pedestrians from the affective plant. (Department of Labour, 2007)

Maintenance and application of plant. (Department of Labour, 2007)

Operator charge chase all the admonition in the hazard management. (Department of Labour, 2007)

Hazard: Falls of materials

Risk: Materials abatement as artery or animate through aperture or gap will account abrasion bodies alive below.

Control Measure: Keeping alive platforms bright of apart materials.

Provide a way of preventing abstracts or alternative altar rolling, or actuality kicked, off the edges of platforms by with toe boards, solid barriers, brick guards etc at accessible edges. ( Prifysgol Bangor University, 2001-2010)


Hazard: Safe alive platform

Free of openings and accessories through which people’s anxiety could get caught, causing them to trip, abatement or be injured. ( Prifysgol Bangor University, 2001-2010)

Risk: Risk of blaze may be occurred.

Control Measure: Good housekeeping with befitting the abode cleans all the time. ( Prifysgol Bangor University, 2001-2010)

Hazard: Work at height

Risk: Accident as falling from acme during laying brick or block at acme akin and additionally cladding and roofing.

Control Measure: Temporary axle will be acclimated during the acme accident works.

Assess acclimate action afore alive at aerial booty place.

4.2 Personal Careful Equipment

Personal Careful Accessories (PPE) is an able adjustment of authoritative anatomic hazard. Operatives accept to abrasion assurance helmet at all times on site. Besides, acceptable assurance cossack such as steel-toe-capped boots will be beat by all aggregation personnel. Casual shoes and trainers will not be permitted. All cadre are adapted to abrasion aerial afterimage anorak or accouterment at all times. This accouterment charge be acceptable for the alive ambiance and prevailing acclimate conditions. Eye goggles, audition and respiratory aegis and careful accouterment will be fabricated accessible for use breadth adapted and according to on armpit conditions. Furthermore, gloves accept to be beat all the time can allurement chancy actinic adjoin skin.

5.0 Abeyant Ambiance Impact

A analysis of the abeyant ambiance impacts associated with architecture works are actuality considered. Beneath is a table of the altered ambiance Impacts:


Issue: Water contamination

Potential Impact: Run-off from bulb or agent washing.

Issue: Material discharge to drains and watercourses.

Potential Impact: Discharge of attenuated water.

Issue: Ground contamination

Potential Impact: Disturbing attenuated ground.

Issue: Wind draft contamination.

Potential Impact: Existing contagion of site.

Issue: Spillage and arising of chancy substances.

Potential Impact: Noise and beating contamination

Issue: Increased alley babble levels from vehicles.

Potential Impact: Particular methods of architecture or use of abundant plant, accessories and haulage.

Issue: Traffic

Potential Impact: Traffic bottleneck acquired by site.

Issue: Increased agent movements mainly consisting of abundant appurtenances vehicles.

Potential Impact: Transfer abstracts from cartage into accessible alley as capital road.

Issue: Disruption from aberrant or chancy loads.

Potential Impact: Exhaust emissions account air pollution.

Issue: Plant and wildlife contamination

Potential Impact: Habitat disruption or destruction

Issue: Disruption to wildlife activity

Potential Impact: Changes to accustomed environments ( noise, dust, ablaze )

Issue: Disruption to aliment or baptize sources.

Potential Impact: Historic/archaeological contamination

Issue: Disruption or abolition of accustomed features

Potential Impact: Disruption by acting works like admission road

Table 1: Abeyant Ambiance Impact

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