Being asked best bodies would name the twelve constellations of the zodiac and some added they accept heard of or alike apparent (most accepted is absolutely the Big Dipper, admitting it is not a afterlife but an asterism). In absolute there are 88 constellations, which can be disconnected into eight afterlife families (see Menzel, "A Field Guide to the Stars and Planetes"). Many names we use nowadays came from the age-old Greeks. They acclimated to accredit their gods and heroes to assertive abstracts in the sky. Due to their arctic area they alone gave names to those regions arresting from their countries. The regions about the angelic south pole got some of their names aback the astronomer Johan Bayer fabricated his addendum about the south regions of the sky. He followed the attitude of the names of the ancient, mainly affiliated to the sea and its creatures. Later on the french astronomer La Caille added the aftermost 13 to ample the star-poor regions amid the absolute groups. He assuredly bankrupt with the acceptable namegiving and acclimated accurate accessories or instruments (there is alone one exception, which is Mensa, the Table Mountain). It should be acclaimed that although now common, this is alone the western appearance of the brilliant patterns. Noone knows aback flesh alpha giving names to stars and alignment of stars. It is best acceptable that afterlife names were invented by aboriginal sailors for aeronautics purposes. But additionally in the chastening they ability accept been a acceptable advice for the bodies to acquisition their ways. Therefore its absolutely artlessly that anniversary ability aggregate the stars abnormally and gave them names from their accustomed and amusing enviroment. The constellations of the zodiac we apperceive nowadays ability aback to the canicule of the Babylonians and Chaldeans, 2000 to 3000 years ago. Aback again the sun passes through twelve constellations we still accredit to the zodiac. But back these old canicule there accept been several changes to the appointment of the stars. The sun is now casual through thirdteen constellations forth the ecliptic. After the sun larboard Scorpius in the aftermost anniversary of November it moves through Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder, in December afore extensive Sagittarius, the Archer, end of December.

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