Consequentiality and Deontology

CRG 520 ASSIGMENT THE MOVIE REVIEW ISTANBUL AKU DATANG PREPARED BY: NAME: NURUL HASIKIN BINTI NGAH MATRIC NO: 2011646112 GROUP: AC2204A Istanbul Aku Datang is a cine about a candied and aboveboard blogger called Dian who campaign to Istanbul in plan to accomplish her boyfriend, Azad, a medical student, to adduce to her. She enrols in accent advance in the aforementioned university as Azad and in the aeon of three months, she hopes that her plan on acceptable her admirer to adduce her will be success. Due to the abrupt accident that appear to her way, Dian accept to move out from Azad’s abode and hire out addition accommodation afterwards alive that the accommodation is already tenant. Despite of actuality cheating and runs out of money, Dian tries out her actual best to bright the bearings and body a acceptable accord with the applicable addressee of the house, Harris who is a arbitrary and shy artisan while tries to adumbrate from her admirer the accuracy that she is administration the accommodation with a guy. The stakeholders in this cine are Dian, Azad and Harris. Dian’s stakes is to ensure that Azad will be her husband. Azad’s stakes is to accumulate Dian as her adherent but not cogent her that he got addition abroad while Harris’s stakes is to break in the accommodation afterwards accept to allotment it with Dian. The capital villain in this cine is Azad while the hero and charlatan are Dian and Harris respectively. The ethical bind of the villain Azad is whether to actuality honest and tells the accuracy to Dian that he already accept addition girlfriend. The ethical bind of the hero, Harris is whether to let Dian break with him with the actuality that Dian accept been cheated and got no money larboard to hire addition house. The ethical bind of the heroine, Dian is whether to actuality honest to acquaint Azad that she is absolutely administration the aforementioned accommodation with Harris. Ethical or Moral Issues The ethical or moral affair in the cine is about honesty. The capital villain in this cine is not actuality honest aback he is cheating abaft his girlfriend, Dian who is absolutely actual loyal appear him. His arrogance accept abstain him from cogent the accuracy to Dian and makes excuses to accomplish abiding Dian do not break with him maybe because he is abashed that Dian will knows that he is not actuality loyal. Dian additionally do not actuality honest because she is not answer the accuracy is she is administration a abode to break with Harris. The alternative ethical affair is sympathy. This affair could be apparent by the appearance of Harris who feels accord appear Dian, who get cheated by Saleem. So, he let Dian stays with him alike admitting he do not brand her at aboriginal because of some misunderstandings. Harris additionally feels accord appear Dian aback Dian knows that Azad is cheating with addition woman. He keeps her accompanies and tries to accomplish her happy. The third affair is trustworthiness. This affair could be apparent by the appearance of addition Villain which is Saleem. Saleem is the actuality who cheats Dian to hire out the accommodation that already actuality busy by Harris. He did this for his arrogance to get money calmly Consequentalist Point of Appearance Consequentialism is the chic of normative ethical theories holding that the consequences of one's conduct are the ultimate base for any acumen about the rightness of that conduct. Thus, from a consequentialist standpoint, a about appropriate act is one that will aftermath a acceptable outcome, or consequence. From a consequentialist point of view, the activity of Azad who cheating abaft his adherent is bent because at the end we can see that because of that activity they assuredly bankrupt up. Furthermore, the aftereffect of his activity causing Dian to feel actual sad and bankrupt her pride afterwards an awkward activity with his addition girlfriend. The activity of Saleem is additionally amiss or bent because the aftereffect of his activity account Dian to be in such a acrid bearings area she accept no money larboard to hire out addition accommodation afterwards alive that the accommodation that Saleem hire to her already accept a tenant. Deontology Point of Appearance Deontological ethics is the normative ethical position that board the chastity of an activity based on the action's adherence to a aphorism or rules. Deontology derives the rightness or anger of one's conduct from the appearance of the behaviour itself rather than the outcomes of the conduct. From the deontology point of view, the activity of Dian who do not tells Azad that she is administration the aforementioned accommodation with Harris is a appropriate action. She did that because she does not appetite Azad to misunderstand her. Besides, she additionally wants to amuse Azad that she already gets a safe abode to stay. Plus, she has to do that because she is cheated and it’s not like she is agreeably blockage with a drifter abnormally a male. The activity of Harris who let someone’s adherent stays with him and helps her to hides the amount from her admirer is additionally a appropriate action. This is his activity is based on sympathizes and she aloof appetite to advice her who is abandoned that time. Golden Rule The Golden Aphorism is an ethical code or morality that about states either the absolute anatomy of Golden Aphorism or the abrogating anatomy Golden Rule. Absolute anatomy of Golden Aphorism states that one should amusement others as one would like others to amusement him while abrogating anatomy of Golden Aphorism states that one should not amusement others in means that one would not like to be treated. If I were in Azad’s shoes I would not at the aboriginal abode cheating abaft Dian. This is because Azad was actual affronted and balked aback she anticipation that Dian was cheating with Harris. In that case, I should accept actuality loyal and affectionate so that Dian will additionally do the aforementioned things to me because I accept if I bluff her, she charge be actual affronted and sad too. Plus, Dian is actual loyal and honest to me so there is no such affair that she is actuality unfaithful. As the villain, I anticipate Azad would be actual anguish because he had aria to Dian aback Dian assuredly not allotment him as her approaching husband. Alike admitting Dian wants to accord him additional adventitious Dian assuredly realised that she absolutely should accept accept Harris who seems to be added honest. As for Saleem, he additionally charge feels answerability for cheating on Dian’s money. He additionally charge be actual abashment aback the absolute freeholder brought him to accommodated Dian and Harris to explain the accuracy and acknowledgment the money aback to Dian for justice. Lessons From the cine Istanbul Aku Datang, I accept learnt that to body a acceptable accord with others, we charge be actual honest about our feeling. If we are honest and aboveboard in our relationship, the alternative could feel our sincerity. This is what happens amid Dian and Harris. How Harris could anytime win over Dian’s affection in a abbreviate time if it is not because of his bluntness and sincerity. By the time, aback he at aboriginal let Dian gives Azad the additional adventitious because he is altruistic and appetite to see Dian happy, he realised that Dian will be happier if Dian with him. So, he runs afterwards Dian and admitting his eyes, Dian could see the artlessness and causing her to accept Harris instead of Azad. In conclusion, bluntness is the best policy. The additional affair that I accept learnt is we should not booty advantages over addition else’s botheration for our own self-interest. This is because at the of the day we will get the punishment, either eventually or after because I accept that what goes about comes around.

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