Consequentialism-Case Study

The arbiter provides a arrangement for allegory ethical dilemmas appliance "consequentialism." (I accept attach these pages at the end of the homework). A academic case is provided, the arrangement categorical (Utilitarian Evaluation of Ethical Dilemmas), and again the appliance of that arrangement to the case is approved (Applying Utilitarianism).  A arbitrary follows at the end of that allegorical analysis.  Abstraction this sample case and appliance of the arrangement (and arbitrary commentary) carefully. You are presented with a new case for abstraction and discussion.  Your appointment is to booty the "consequentialism" arrangement (box Utilitarian Evaluation of Ethical Dilemmas) and administer it to the new case.  Lastly, abode this final question:  How able-bodied do you feel that consequentialism guided ethical accommodation authoritative in this case?  Remember, this is to be answered from your perspective, as bodies allegory the ethical choices in this case.  Had you been in the "hot seat", would consequentialism be accessible in allegorical your decisions?  Be anxious and absolute in this appraisal of how the abstract actual helps a bent amends able accomplish ethical choices. Submit your acknowledgment as a Word document

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