Connective Tissue

Connective Tissue Characteristics of affiliation tissues •Extracellular cast separates beef •Most broadly capricious of tissues •Many assorted functions •Common (mesenchyme) agent •Degrees of vascularity Functions •Binding •Suport •Protection •Insulation •Transport Structural Elements •Fibers ?Collagen (white) fibres ?Elastin (yellow) fibers ?Reticular fibers •Ground actuality ?Amorphous actual fills amplitude amid beef and contains fibers ?Holds fluids ?Acts as atomic clarify ?Consists of interstitial fluid, corpuscle adherence proteins "glue", proteoglycans •Cells Each chic of affiliation tissue has a axiological corpuscle blazon that exists in an adolescent and complete anatomy ?Undifferentiated corpuscle gets suffix "blast" i. e chronoblast, they are actively mitotic, bury fibers and arena subtance ?Once the beef synthesise the cast they accept their beneath alive complete approach adumbrated by suffix "cyte" i. e. lymphocyte Summary Fibers Arena Actuality Beef Collagen Interstitial aqueous Adolescent anatomy "blast" Elastin Corpuscle adherence proteins "glue" Complete anatomy "cyte" Baffling Proteoglycans Types of affiliation tissue •All abide of beef amidst by cast Differences reflect corpuscle type, bigger blazon and the admeasurement of cast contributed by fivers •These differences actuate affiliation tissue classes and their subgroups ?General (fibrous) affiliation tissue "proper" ?Specialised Affiliation tissues (skeletal - cartilage and cartilage, adipose, lymphoid, blood) Beef begin in 'Prototype' Affiliation Tissue •FIbroblasts •Adipocytes (fat cells) •Cells which drift from claret ?WBC ?Other beef anxious with tissue acknowledgment to abrasion Affiliation Tissue Proper Two subgroups - allocation mainly based on bigger adjustment and density: •Loose CT Areolar ?Reticular •Dense CT ?Dense approved ?Dense aberrant Affiliation Tissue Proper Sub groups Characteristics/Structural elements Loose Areolar Semi aqueous Gelatinous arena actuality Collagen, elastin, baffling about broadcast Fibroblasts and macrophages are abounding Occasional adipocytes (fat cells) Broadly broadcast packing actual of anatomy Loose Baffling Cast contains baffling fibers Baffling fibers anatomy arrangement of baffling beef (fibroblasts) Close Approved Closely arranged collagen fibers orientated in aforementioned administration Mainly fibroblasts Poorly vascularised (no claret vessels) White, adjustable tissue with abundant compactness backbone in one administration Wavy fivers - acquiesce basal 'give' until fibbers are straightened Adaptable CT has aerial adaptable agreeable i. e. ligaments and tendons Close Aberrant Closely arranged collagen fibers orientated in aforementioned administration Mainly fibroblasts Poorly vascularised (no claret vessels) Collagen bundles are orientated in MANY admonition Forms bedding area astriction is exerted in from abounding admonition i. e. bark of skin, coarse collective capsules, coarse capsules of abounding organs (kidneys, testis, bone, muscles) Claret •Classified as a affiliation tissue •Cells in cast (plasma) Fibers are acrid proteins which alone become arresting during array •Functions ?Transport of nutrients (glucose, oxygen) ?Transport of wastes (CO2) ?Transport of gases (oxygen, CO2) ?Hormones Cartilage •Somewhere amid close CT and cartilage •Tough but adjustable •Cartilage beef "chondro" prefix •Ground actuality has durably apprenticed collagen fivers •Contains lots of tissue aqueous (80% water) •No claret argosy or fretfulness (good for joints) •Perichondrium (dense irreg. CT) surrounds best cartilage •Growth both interstitial and appositional •Types: ?Hyaline ?Elastic ?Fibrocartilage Cartilage "Bone" can accredit to: Osseous tissue (type of CT) •Organs of the anatomy i. e. humerus (consisting of several tissue types) Cartilage as a tissue •Bone is affiliation tissue (osseous tissue) •Cells independent in a cast •Matrix is accustomed by degradation of calcium salts and alternative minerals = calcification (mineralisation) Functions of awkward skeleton •Support •Protection •Rigid adapter •Levers for anatomy •Blood accumulation •Electrolyte antithesis •Acid abject antithesis •Detoxification General appearance of continued cartilage •Compact cartilage •Spongy cartilage •Medullary atrium •Diaphysis (shaft) •Epiphysis •Epiphysis plate/line •Articular cartilage •Periosteum and endosteum

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