Confucius said

 Reply to anniversary column (Must be 150 words continued anniversary )  The minimum claim is four (4) bookish sources with at atomic one (1) antecedent a associate advised commodity appear in the aftermost 7 years. 1) The above man is aggravating to alive a activity of acceptable moral standards with account to flesh (Duvert, 2018). Also, he is saying as continued as you chase the aisle of good, and do not be afraid, the after-effects will about-face out to be what they are (Bai, 2010). And, to advertence the inferior man is to accept the compassionate he is not anxious with seeing or aggravating to change the abounding account but accepting his activity as cachet quo. A que sera sera type mentality. The accumulation of the law to the inferior man is not awkward for he alone cares about the after-effects for his actions.       To analyze the advice acquired during this course, and the article of Confucius, it would be an abuse to blitz to acumen until the action of answerability or chastity could be tried. In the Confucian apple view, the aphorism of law is activated alone to those who accept collapsed above the bound of affable behavior (Liu, 2003). In the abounding cases researched during this course, best of the defendants did abatement alfresco of the law. The assignment to accompany amends to flesh and the accompaniment is declared to be a band amid the actor and the amends system. If the actor is begin accusable again the abuse is clear, and afterwards the debt has been paid, man is able to be a allotment of the apple already more. If the diplomacy of altruism are in acceptable hands, again man can adore activity adrift about the world.    It seems there is added to say about the above man. He is as best strive to become. This man is fearless, he has composure, firmness, growth, and abounding alternative characteristics that are appealing. He is additionally one who identifies his own faults and fixes them for the apple to see. The above man is just. The inferior man is treading baptize through life.   References  Bai, T. (2010). What to do in an unjust state?: On Confucius’s and Socrates’s angle on political duty. Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, 9(4), 375–390.  Duvert, C. (2018). How is amends accepted in archetypal Confucianism? Asian Philosophy, 28(4), 295–315.  Liu, H. C. K. (2003). The abduction of modernity. Asia Times Online.    2)  Renowned age-old Chinese philosopher Confucius was primarily anxious with moral self-cultivation and the widespread  enactment of amusing adjustment (Huff, 2016). One of his acclaimed sayings, "The Master said, the junzi comprehends according to right, the baby man comprehends according to profit" can be translated as "The above man is anxious with virtue; the inferior man is anxious with law" (Eno, 2015). Basically, Confucius believed and accomplished that the above man, or junzi, focuses on active a blameless activity in every aspect.      Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines advantage as acquiescence to a accepted of right: morality. The definition additionally includes that advantage consists of audacious backbone and adventuresomeness ("Virtue", n.d.). A above man lives by a moral code. He controls his thoughts and actions, not actuality calmly affected as an inferior man. The above man sets absolute examples, and strives to do what is appropriate at all times for the advancement of himself and association as a whole.      On the alternative hand, a man that is anxious with alone law or profit, is advised inferior or beneath of a man by the article of Confucius. An inferior man is baby absent and focuses his attention on what he can accretion and what will be alone benign to him.      This accurate adduce relates mostly to what I abstruse in the aboriginal assemblage pertaining to accompaniment of mind. Mens rea is the specific brainy accompaniment of the actor at the time of the crime, additionally accepted a accusable apperception (Schmalleger & Hall, 2017). A blameless man is far beneath acceptable to alike acknowledge allowing himself to accede committing crimes, and absolutely carry them out. Yet, an inferior man possesses specific absorbed because of greed, selfishness, and lack of morals.      It is additionally accessible for an inferior man to find himself acting as a willing actor in bent cabal acts and/or bent solicitation, as mentioned in the third unit. A bent cabal is an acceding amid two or added bodies to accomplish or to aftereffect the agency of an actionable act, while bent address is encouraging or ambitious addition being to accomplish a crime (Schmalleger & Hall,  2017). Inferior men can cabal with together for assorted affidavit such as banking gain, or even to accompany abashment on others, abuse their names and character.      Those who abridgement behavior are additionally added acceptable to appoint in about aspersing acts that account a bank of accord to society which unlawfully and foolishly disrupts the peace in society (Schmalleger & Hall,  2017). With a affair primarily for self, inferior men accept little to no regards for public order, decency, and morality, clashing men of advantage and appropriateness who acknowledge a agreeable affection of activity for all mankind.                                                                                           References Eno, R. (2015). Book IV. The Analects  of Confucius. Huff, B.(2016). Putting the way into aftereffect (Xing Dao): Inward and apparent apropos in classical Confucianism. Philosophy East &      West, 66(2), 148-448. Schmalleger, F. & Hall, D. (2017). Bent Law Today. (6th ed.). Pearson/ Prentice Hall. Virtue. (n.d.). Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

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