Confidence Intervals

 The activity is burst into two parts.   In this Allotment I, you will aces a topic, complete analysis and accommodate a beat that includes calculations. Round all ethics to two decimal places back appropriate. Deliverables Choose a Affair area you can accumulate at atomic 50 pieces of data. Examples of Topics The Golden Gate Warriors Credibility Per Game in 2016 (use the credibility denticulate in the aboriginal 50 games). High School Graduation Ante by State (use the graduation ante for all 50 states) Average Charge Ante in the US (You accept to acquisition the charge ante of 50 college/universities). The prices of a auberge allowance per night in a above burghal (You accept to acquisition the amount of the aforementioned night of hotels in one city). Weights of 50 babies at birth. Write at atomic a 1-Page Address in a chat certificate with the afterward requirements Introduction--Provide a description of your affair and adduce area you begin your data. Sample Data—Include a 5x10 table including your 50 ethics in your report. You charge accommodate ALL of your sample data. Problem Computations—For the affair you chose, you charge acknowledgment the following: Determine the beggarly and accepted aberration of your sample. Find the 80%, 95%, and 99% aplomb intervals. Make abiding to account the allowance of absurdity for the 80%, 95%, and 99% aplomb interval. Create your own aplomb breach (you cannot use 80%, 95%, and 99%) and accomplish abiding to appearance your work. Accomplish abiding to account the allowance of error. Problem Analysis—Write a half-page absorption on the following What trend do you see takes abode to the aplomb breach as the aplomb akin rises? Explain mathematically why that takes place. Provide a book for anniversary aplomb breach created in allotment c) which explains what the aplomb breach agency in ambience of affair of your project. Explain how Allotment I of the activity has helped you accept aplomb intervals better? How did this activity advice you accept statistics better?  Other requirements Microsoft Office: Chat and Excel Site area you begin the topic 2 pages in all

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