Confidence Interval

   Initial Post: Assuming .05 as your alpha value, accomplish up a botheration agnate to this one below. (Make up 36 gas prices for your archetype - be abiding they are agnate to the prices you accept had in your area.)  List the ethics in your post. In your response, call what you did and accord the mean, accepted aberration and aplomb interval. Example below: First acquisition the      mean. List all 36 gas prices in beef A1 to A36 in your excel spreadsheet. On a altered      cell blazon in =average(A1:A36) and the hit access to acquisition the average Assume your      answer is 2.65 On a altered      cell blazon in =stdev.s(A1:A36) or =stdevA(A1:A36) and      enter to acquisition the accepted deviation Assume your      answer is .43 Then blazon this      in an excel corpuscle =confidence(.05,.43,36) and hit enter.      This is the E value So booty the beggarly      of 2.65 and you accept (2.65-E, 2.65+E) for your aplomb interval Formula you acclimated aloft for the aplomb interval: The blueprint is E= zsubc * sigma / sqrt n Where the left-hand endpoint is xbar - E and the right-hand endpoint is xbar + E The aloft is an example. Amuse appear up with article similar. Keep the acknowledgment abstracted please

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