CONCERT film guideline

You are to appear a concert or appearance an accustomed blur during your acceptance in MUS19: Music Appreciation. You are to analysis the concert or blur as a analyzer would. Questions to be answered in the ambience of your address are as follows: What drew you to this accurate concert/film? What was your admired agreeable allotment from the concert or film? Focus on as abounding aspects of assessment (technical & emotional) as possible.   What was your atomic admired agreeable allotment from the concert or film? (again, talking musically NOT artlessly change the artifice if watching a film). In conclusion, how was the all-embracing experience? TECHNICAL GUIDELINES All reviews charge be in branch form, typed and at atomic two pages in length. MLA architecture is preferred. It is appropriate to address your analysis anon afterwards accessory the concert or watching the cine so that it is beginning in your mind. You may alike appetite to booty addendum during it. Writing too abundant is far added appropriate than autograph too little. You are appropriate to do one report. The alone adequate genres for alive concerts are classical, jazz, or Musical Theatre. Also, the concert has to accept taken abode during the semester.  (For example, you can't analysis a concert that you saw over Winter breach afore we were in the class).  If you accept any agnosticism as to whether or not a accurate concert would qualify, aloof ask! The address is account 100 points. Check Due Dates! Late letters will not be accepted. You charge to abide your address through this appointment function.  Simply chase the prompts to attach your assignment application a accepted chat processing .doc or .pdf application. When you are ready, bang on the dejected "Submit Assignment" button on the high appropriate of the screen. In lieu of a concert, you may watch one of the accustomed films below.  If you adjudge to do this, amuse accomplish abiding to focus on the music, and not aloof the plot.  And alike admitting you will be watching in your active room, the requirements are the same...just pretend you are watching in a Broadway theater.... Dreamgirls (movie adjustment starring Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Eddie Murphy, and more)  (watch bivouac here (Links to an alien site.)) Amadeus (Academy Award acceptable cine about Mozart) (watch bivouac here (Links to an alien site.)) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street  (movie adjustment starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter) (watch bivouac here (Links to an alien site.)) Farinelli (disturbingly admirable cine about the aftermost abundant warned...not for children) (watch bivouac here (Links to an alien site.)) Bird (life about Be-Bop saxophonist Charlie Parker) (watch bivouac here (Links to an alien site.)) Lady Sings the Blues (biopic about Billie Holliday.  Diana Ross gives an Oscar-nominated performance) (watch bivouac here (Links to an alien site.)) Les Miserables (epic cine adjustment starring Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe) (watch bivouac here (Links to an alien site.)) Into the Woods (beautiful cine adjustment of Stephen Sondheim's archetypal musical. Stars Meryl Streep, James Cordon and more) (watch bivouac here (Links to an alien site.)) Rent (movie adjustment of Jonathan Larsen's Pulitzer-Prized acceptable musical) (watch bivouac here (Links to an alien site.))

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