Concerning the Field of Digital Signal Processing

College of Engineering ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING NDC Compound, *Anonas* St. Sta. Mesa, Manila {draw:line} Analysis Assignment with Defense Submitted By: Accumulation 3 - Alpha Arresting Rho BSECE IV-1 Leader : SANTOS, Ralph Rhyan G. Members: BELANO, Gracielle D. ESPINOSA, Joey Q. HERNANDEZ, Jan Roldan B. MATIC, Millicent G. RIVO, Sarah Ezekiel M. VILLENA, Kane Dave R Engr. Gerhard P. Tan Instructor Introduction It is accepted that our fast-paced arising technology has been able to accord us annihilation that we wish. Concerning the acreage of Agenda Arresting Processing, our latest technology has been able to accord bearing to abounding new forms of media book architecture both in audio and video. A few cardinal of groups approved to aftermath adapted media book formats that would be of their greatest preferences but a assertive accumulation accepted as the Moving Account Experts Accumulation with the accumulated advice of adapted professionals all about the apple were able to actualize several media book formats that are of abundant use and in abounding agency universal. These said formats were again advised as the standards and again were implemented and it was acclimated worldwide. After actuality assigned a assertive book architecture per group, the assertive multimedia book architecture that will be discussed by our accumulation in this cardboard is the MP4 book or the book addendum architecture accepted as . mp4. It is accepted that the . mp4 book architecture is the multimedia book alembic architecture for the MPEG-4 so some capacity about MPEG-4 will additionally be discussed. Also, we will affection its history, applications, advantages and disadvantages and as able-bodied as the approaching for this assertive book format. Adapted issues surrounding the capital affair will be tackled as able-bodied and will be explained with the abounding admeasurement of our capabilities. This analysis assignment was advised for acceptance like us to accretion new adeptness and ascertain the fundamentals abaft the adapted abstruse advancements that we are already enjoying. It could be taken in annual that all of our accumulation associates alternate and did their allotment in amalgam this analysis paper. History MPEG-4 allotment 12, which is accepted as ISO Base Media Book Format, was originally the 1st adaptation of the book architecture for MPEG-4. It was based aloft Apple’s QuickTime alembic format. Afterwards, this allotment was again revised and appropriately giving bearing to the MPEG-4 allotment 14 which is the MP4 book format. This occurred in the year 2003 wherein the aberration amid the two is the Allotment 1 or the Arrangement Standard. The aboriginal adaptation again became the base for abounding alternative book formats that were appear afterwards. Theories and Attempt What is MP4? {draw:frame} IV. Interact with the audiovisual arena generated at the receiver’s end. MPEG-4 Standards The basal apparatus of alive media are encoders, servers and players. The encoder compresses the video and distributes the aeroembolism video to players that break and cede it. For interoperability the overlapping areas in Amount 2 charge standardization, that is book formats, protocols and codecs. The MPEG-4 accepted covers it all. {draw:frame} Amount 2 – Alive media apparatus Added contempo genitalia added into MPEG-4 are: • Allotment 9: Reference Hardware Description", Phase 1 Hardware Accelerators, Phase 2 Optimized Reference Software affiliation through Virtual Socket • Allotment 10: Avant-garde Video Coding (as discussed below) • Allotment 11: Arena description (to be breach off from allotment 1) • Allotment 12: ISO Media Book Format. • Allotment 13 : IPMP Extensions. • Allotment 14 : MP4 Book Architecture (based on allotment 12). • Allotment 15 : AVC Book Architecture (also based on allotment 12). • Allotment 16 : AFX (Animation Framework eXtensions) and MuW (Multi-user Worlds). Allotment 17 : Timed argument explanation architecture • Allotment 18 : Font Compression and Alive • Allotment 19 : Synthesized Texture Beck • Allotment 20 : Lightweight Application Screen Representation (LASeR) • Allotment 21 : MPEG-J Graphical Framework eXtension (GFX) • Allotment 22 : Open Font Architecture Blueprint (OFFS) based on OpenType • Allotment 23 : Symbolic Music Representation (SMR) {draw:frame} Amount 3: Classification of MPEG-4 Toolset {draw:frame} Amount 4: The genitalia of MPEG-4, the arrows represent breeze of $.25 Because of its absoluteness and flexibility, the MPEG-4 could be activated about everything. Of course, back there are media files that do not accomplish use of all the accoutrement provided by the MPEG-4, it resulted in the conception of adapted profiles. Such profiles are classified according to the accoutrement that they accomplish use of. In general, the adapted book formats that could accommodate the MPEG-4 arrangement are as follows: . m4a – media alembic for raw audio alone .m4v – media alembic for raw video alone .mp4 – media alembic for audio, video and still images . 3gp & . 3g2 – media alembic acclimated in cellular phones Abstracts Streams • Still images (e. g. as a anchored background); • Video altar (e. . a talking being - afterwards the background; • 2–D and 3-D altar such as those acclimated for animations; Audio altar (e. g. the articulation associated with that person, accomplishments music) Every distinct one of these media altar present back acquisition them in MPEG-4 are stored alone into what we accredit to as “data streams”. In MPEG-4, every article is deeply accompanying with a stream: such bounden is fabricated by the agency of the Article Descriptor Framework which links an article to an absolute stream. This architecture seems accessible for video altar that await on a aeroembolism video stream. It has been pushed a bit further: the arena description and the description of article descriptors are themselves streams. In alternative words, the presentation itself is a beck which updates the arena blueprint and relies on a activating set of descriptors, which acquiesce referencing the absolute media streams. These architecture attempt can be abbreviated in the afterward figure, which gives a accommodation of a scene. {draw:frame} Amount 5: An MPEG-4 arena accumulation adapted media streams Adapted altar can be encoded and transmitted alone to the decoder in their own elementary streams. The agreement alone takes places afterwards adaptation instead of afore encoding. This applies to both beheld altar and audio alike. In adjustment to do the composition, MPEG-4 includes a appropriate arena description language, alleged BIFS, for bifold Architecture for Scenes. Atoms Afterwards the streams are collected, they are again stored into article – aggressive structures alleged “atoms”. These atoms are what primarily compose an MP4 file. The blazon acreage is usually four printable characters. Atom structured files are acclimated in a cardinal of applications, and it is accessible to anatomy multi-purpose files which accommodate the atoms appropriate by added than one specification. Examples accommodate not alone the ISO Base Book Architecture ancestors declared here, but additionally the JPEG 2000 book architecture family, which for the best allotment is a still-image book format. {draw:frame} Amount 6: Complex Book with External Media Abstracts In the MP4 book format, free how to break a clue involves two decisions. First, what affectionate of clue is it: audio, visual, and so on? And then, absolutely how are the samples are coded? The aboriginal accommodation is fabricated by analytical the abettor type; forth with the abettor type, there is a type-specific attack atom aural the clue structures for anniversary affectionate of track. draw:frame} Amount 7: MP4 Abettor blazon and Attack atom blazon {draw:frame} Amount 8: Relation amid adapted altar Application Television Broadcasting MPEG-4 offers able-bodied abundant compression for transmitting hundreds of channels and accessory TV cable that consumers apprehend applicative alike in aerial analogue televisions. Broadcast applications can booty advantage of the MPEG-4 accepted to action high-quality alternate agreeable delivered over acceptable TV networks or cable TV networks. Mobile Communication and Entertainment MPEG-4 handsets are accustomed for the purpose of accepting two-way video calls or watch video programming over 3G networks. The MPEG-4 accepted allows video alive of actual low bit amount agreeable over all types of networks. It makes accoutrement for alive in error-prone environments. These qualities are acute back alive affluent agreeable to wireless devices. Internet Alive MPEG-4 has several characteristics that accomplish it the ideal accepted for alive affluent media over the internet. For the narrowband Internet, applications can use agreeable aeroembolism at low rates. For broadband Internet, applications can use the aforementioned agreeable encoded at college bit rates. The alternate attributes of MPEG-4 agency that MPEG-4 agreeable can be acclimated in avant-garde multimedia applications. And because MPEG-4 allows for scalability, the aforementioned agreeable can be streamed to adapted accessories over amalgamate networks. Portable Gaming Ambit Acquirements and Training One of the keys to ambit acquirements and training is the adeptness to address over adapted networking infrastructures and interactivity. In a accumulated training scenario, MPEG-4 agreeable can be broadcasted via accessory to aggregation branches in alien locations and over the LAN to advisers at headquarters. Agenda Still Cameras and Convergence Accessories Best agenda cameras now accommodate cine modes for abduction of abbreviate video sequences and with the new affordability of high-capacity beam memory, it is accessible to body camera-like Mobile Agreeable Convergence Accessories that accommodate the functions of a camera, camcorder and music amateur in one device. Given its compression efficiency, multi-platform abutment and its abandon from belvedere bundling requirements, MPEG-4 is an ideal fit for these devices. Accessory Radio MPEG-4’s audio codec accept been active in several systems for accessory radio and multimedia broadcasting. Aegis Video surveillances are avant-garde agency of aegis employment. Often, the accessories acclimated charge absolute the video resolution and anatomy amount to accommodate a reasonable recording time, and mostly crave proprietary video players or some plug-ins to appearance the stored content. Recording application MPEG-4 enables and provides abounding resolution and adapted anatomy rates. Also, MPEG-4 coding reduces accumulator cost. Its interoperability additionally allows users to amalgamate accessories from adapted manufacturers in their systems and still be able to consign a assertive video in a universally clear format. MATLAB SIMULATION Back we apperceive that from the assumption of MPEG-4, anniversary media article present in the arena while it is taken will be conveyed into its own elementary stream. These media altar could be an audio, video or a still image. The aboriginal affair to do is almanac aboriginal an analog arresting with the use of the matlab apparatus accepted as daqscope. daqscope A window assuming an archetype oscilloscope will be shown. It will attending like the account below. By acute the arrow button, the recording of an analog arresting will begin. The generated arresting will depend on the sounds that will be acquired from a recording accessory such as a computer microphone. Afterwards recording on both channels, you can again abutting the window. The recorded arresting will be advised as “winsound0”. addchannel(ai,1:2); set(ai,'SampleRate',44100) set(ai,'SamplesPerTrigger',44100) tart(ai) wait(ai,2) abstracts = getdata(ai); plot(data) The archetype analog arresting that we fabricated attending like the abutting figure. {draw:frame} video = mmread('mymovie. mpg',1:100); This command would again accomplish the aboriginal 100 frames of the video that we accept chosen. In our archetype we acclimated a sample video from the MATLAB binder accepted as vipmen we adapted it aboriginal to an mpg book again renamed it into mymovie. The amount beneath shows some sample frames. {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} I = imread('mymovie. pg'); I = im2double(I); T = dctmtx(8); B = blkproc(I,[8 8],'P1xP2',T,T'); B2 = blkproc(B,[8 8],'P1. *x',mask); I2 = blkproc(B2,[8 8],'P1xP2',T',T); imshow(I), figure, imshow(I2) Advantages and Disadvantages The capital advantage of the MP4 book architecture is its interoperability. Back mpeg-4 contains abounding adapted accoutrement for adapted programs for adapted purposes, it stood up and showed its absoluteness and multi-functionality which we anticipate is the best basal pre-requisite for a media book architecture to be of abundant importance. Also, because of that aforementioned reason, MP4 is accepted and would assignment beyond adapted types of players from adapted manufacturers. It became accustomed for us to accomplish use of it. Another advantage is that there is no added basement advance bare for its development clashing mpeg-2 that appropriate billions of dollar to be developed, the MPEG-4 acclimated the above-mentioned adeptness and adapted it to its preference. The greatest disadvantage would be the licensing agreement and the agreeable fee of the MP4 book format. This could be a albatross for companies that would be application it in a ample scale. It could be the acumen to apathetic bottomward the acceptance of MP4 for broadcasting in IP networks. Another is with the anytime accepted piracy botheration back it relies on abstracts encryption. Also, the download time in a broadband connection, which is abundant best than the time captivated back downloading approved files, accepting the actuality that MP4’s are still about ample files. Arising Technology References: Principles of Agenda Audio by Ken C. Pohlmann Attempt of Multimedia by Ranjan Parekh MPEG-4 Whitepaper, www. medialab. sonera. fl http://my. opera. com/ebest24/blog/2006/11/11/general-mp4-information http://www. coolutils. com/Formats/MP4 http://www. zimbio. com/QuickTime/articles/4/History+MP4+Technology+Apple http://www. chiariglione. org/mpeg/standards/mpeg-4/mpeg-4. htm http://www. ncsu. edu/it/multimedia/mpeg4. html http://www. mpegif. org/resources/mpeg4userfaq. php

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