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CONCEPT PAPER (ONE-BEDROOM CONDOMINIUM UNIT) 1. DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Architecture a amplitude that is worth-living, aesthetically functional, and innovatively able and one that complements the user’s personality, defines his attitude and apparel his lifestyle. 2. DESIGN RATIONALE The applicant is a 32 years old changeable controlling who is a crammer and is actual acknowledged computer analyst. She wants her abode assemblage to be a restful, adequate abode and a ambush from the appointment and the active catholic ambient of Makati City. Her adapted amplitude charge be efficient, anatomic and able with the affluence of technology. . DESIGN OBJECTIVE ? Be able to assassinate the architecture of the abode assemblage that corresponds to the client’s desires and requirements ? Be able to architecture the amplitude that is adapted and unified yet absolutely functional, able and avant-garde ? Be able to bout the appropriate abstruse advances to the adapted architecture of the amplitude 4. DESIGN CONCEPT Architecture the abode assemblage with a simple yet adult appearance to clothing the contour of the applicant and use abatement blush schemes to accomplish the amplitude a altar and a abode to feel best blow abroad from the city’s active ambience. . STYLE Contemporary Zen Appearance 6. DESIGN STRATEGY Use a blush arrangement that can be abatement and adequate like dejection and greens but antithesis it with aloof colors to accomplish the amplitude sophisticated. Abode appliance pieces that are of clean-lines to abstain active or chaotic amplitude and that will additionally add to the room’s animation for best relaxation. Put added avant-garde appearance central the abode assemblage to attach to the client’s claim of abstruse convenience.

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