Computerized accounting closing entries

Farm Branch Rentals has appear to you and wants a assay of the accepted banking position of the aggregation as of December 31, 2015. Complete the following: Prepare the 4 closing entries. Discuss the closing action and explain why these accounts are bankrupt and assertive accounts abide accessible after announcement affairs to Quickbooks. Explain those accounts that abide accessible and why. In the assay of the financials, be abiding that you accommodate all of the account entries, adjustments, and advisers that accept been set up. Discuss the 3 capital banking statements and what advice is appear about the company’s accepted position and alternative accompanying financials that are acclimated during banking analysis. Include at atomic 5 accepted banking ratios that advice users of the financials accept the position of the company. Be abiding to appearance your appointment on these ratios and explain why you are application specific numbers. Include disclosures to accompany the December 31, 2015 banking statements. Be abiding to accommodate a abstracted agenda acclamation anniversary of the following: Maturity dates of above liabilities Depreciation policy Several examples of calculations of anniversary to accommodate a absolute understanding A announcement of 350–500 words answer the banking position of the company. The deliverables for this allotment of the appointment are as follows: PDF absolute the assets statement PDF absolute the antithesis sheet PDF absolute the account access for the 4 closing processes Memo of 350–500 words answer the banking position of the company

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