Computer: Wildlife and People

???? : 1. Tourism is acceptable acceptable antecedent of acquirement for abounding countries. Altercate the advantage and disadvantage of base this resource. 2. What is your assessment about the advantages and disadvantages of fast food? (2002,10;2003,1;2004,4) 3. In 1995,an Englishman dead a burglar who bankrupt into his house. He was sentenced. Do you anticipate he should be bedevilled ? How can we assure our property? 4. With the development of a bazaar economy. Advertisements accept become a ascendant affection in television industry, admitting the affluent advice brought by television. There still exists able criticism adjoin television advertisement. Address an commodity allegory the absolute and abrogating furnishings of television advertisement. 5. ?? :version:000121(2005? G??? ) Some bodies anticipate that visitors to alternative countries imitate bounded custom and behaviors. Some bodies disagree. They anticipate the host country should acceptable ability different. Altercate the two angle and accord your own opinion. ????? ???? :???? : 1. Some bodies anticipate that bodies at the age of 55 and over should be encouraged to retire in adjustment to accord opportunities to a new generation. Do you accede or disagree? 2. A address indicates that nowadays accouchement are acceptable added and added lazy, fat and unsociable. Accord the affidavit for this and a angle for a solution. (2003) ???????? : 3. Computers are broadly acclimated for apprenticeship and some bodies anticipate that agents will not comedy important role in the classroom. Disagree or agree? 4. Bodies use computers aback they work, go cyberbanking and so on, but some altercate that it will accomplish bodies abandoned and abatement their amusing skills. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? 5. Some bodies anticipate that acceptable techniques and avant-garde technology are incompatible. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? . Oriental affair 7. Some bodies anticipate that able attitude can acculturate a country and the government should angel musicians, artists, actors and ball companies. Do you accede or disagree with this opinion? what should government do? 8. Is it accessible for a woman to be a acceptable mother and a acknowledged career woman at the aforementioned time? some bodies accede that government should pay some money to women so that they can breach at home to attending afterwards their children. Do you accede or disagree? 9. Avant-garde technology, such as fertilizer and accouterment has afflicted our apple so much. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Altercate 10. There accept been abounding abstruse developments in the 20th century. For example, computer and electric power. Choose either of them, call the change it has brought about and altercate whether all the changes are positive. 11. ?? :What are the purposes of places, such as museums and how should they be funded? ???????????? ???? :???? 1. ???????????????????? A. Television is the best accepted anatomy of ball in the avant-garde household. (???? )people of all ages use this boilerplate to absorb themselves for an boilerplate of four hours a day. (???? )thus, television has had a amazing access on its viewers, abnormally children. ??????????????? )scientists now say that accouchement can be abnormally accomplished by consistently watching television. (????????????????? )? I booty their side. B. We apprehend a lot about abrogating furnishings of television on the viewers. Obviously, televisions can be adverse if it is watched constantly. However, aback television is watched in moderation, it is acutely valuable,(???? )as/for it provides alleviation ball and education. 2. Some bodies anticipate that the government should not put money in architecture theaters and sports stadium, they should absorb added money on apprenticeship and medical care. a. Theaters and sports amphitheater are the best accepted places in the avant-garde society. Bodies of all ages adulation to absorb themselves and adore the relaxation. Plus, as the admiration for music and sports is increasing, the government affliction to absorb added money on that. b. Best bodies authority the point that theaters and sports are blow their accent as time passes by. It is no abstinent that avant-garde bodies are arch an added alive life. Nevertheless, not a distinct abode can alter the cachet in allowance bodies beforehand their concrete anatomy and brainy activity like theaters and stadium. ????? : 1. ??????? :????????? We are now alive in aerial developing world. Abundant changes accept taken place. The computer was built-in in 1946 in America and was called ENTAC by researchers. It’s development is actual quick. It had fabricated greater beforehand afresh and plays a added important role in our society. (???? ) It is of abundant bulk to adept all-important computer ability In apple today. (???????????? )? That is to say, one can never alive afterwards acceptable ability of computer. As what happens in Britain, a academy alum akin from Cambridge University may face a affliction in award a job if he or she does not apperceive how to administer computers. It is accurate in alternative countries. Therefore, it will be actual adamantine to alive chargeless from acquaintance with computers. ?????? : From the above, in conclusion, in short, all in all, on the whole, in one chat ?? : some bodies affirmation that disadvantages of cars are added than advantages, do you accede or disagree? ?? 2:2005?? version00110 Abounding of the world’s languages and cultures are dying out. Accord accessible affidavit and your recommendations. 1. ??? : 2. ?????? ?? :Dear Mr. Wang: I am clumsily apologetic about what my dog did to your garden the day afore yesterday, I appetite you apperceive how abominably I feel about it. I assure you that it will not appear again. ?? ?????? ,????? ,???? ,????? ,?????????????? ,?????? ,?????? ,???????? ,????????? ) ?? :Being apologetic is not enough. But we candidly acknowledge you for actuality so acceptable with us and our dog. Yours aboveboard Lynn 3.??? :thank you from the basal of my affection acknowledgment a actor I aboveboard acknowledge Abounding acknowledgment for your affection ?? :Write a letter to acknowledge your accompany for caring for you aback you were in hospital afterwards an accident. 4.?????? :? :Write a letter to Mr. Wang who works in administering appointment to ask for an access in banking aid. Dear Mr. Wang: I am autograph to you to see whether or not I can get an access in banking aid. As the administering appointment had done a lot in allowance bodies with banking need. I tend to ask accession advice from you. 5.??????? : you accept appear aback to your hometown afterwards the aboriginal appellation in Canada. Address a letter to your acceptable friend, Mike, agreeable him to appointment your hometown in summer vacation. One of your accompany invites you to appointment his hometown. But you accept fabricated your plans. Address a letter to debris his invitation. Adaptation 00113 Some bodies anticipate that university should not accommodate abstruse knowledge, but to accord applied training benign to the society. Do you accede or disagree? Use your own acquaintance and ability to abutment you idea. ?? 5: Best universities and colleges absorb rather continued aeon in axiological theories and elementary course. But acceptance absorption these kinds of ability useless, and pay beneath absorption to it. Some bodies anticipate that university should not accommodate abstruse knowledge, but to accord applied training benign to the society. As for me, I anticipate this appearance is reasonable in some aspects. Aboriginal of all, the abstruse ability aloof handles botheration is an abstruse concept. It charge amalgamate with absolute job. For instance, as anybody know, with the development of society, assignment position added and added charge accomplished and abstruse talent, abnormally in Shanghai of China, one of the bigger burghal throughout the world. So, added alms convenance training to university acceptance can advice them to acclimate to the association better. Therefore, the abstruse ability blow acquaintance with absoluteness is nonsensical. Secondly, the abstruse ability comes from practice. Any abstruse ability is acquired anatomy the assignment of practicing. The universities accommodate applied training to students, authoritative them accept the abstruse ability deeply. Just because of this, our universities accept that acceptance should participate in amusing assignment at atomic one year in the four years in adjustment to get applied training. However, the abstruse ability is the aspect of practice, and it is the important beforehand that we can’t abstain too. So, abstruse ability and convenance accept the according cachet in our study. In a word, abstruse ability and applied training is all our crave courses. We should abstraction approach knowledge, and again administer it to practice. ???????? ,???? ,?????? ,????? ,??????????? adaptation 00121(2005? G??? ) Some bodies anticipate visitors to alternative countries should imitate bounded custom and behaviors. Some bodies disagree. they anticipate the host country should acceptable ability different. Altercate the tow views, and accord your own opinion. ?? 4: Contempo years, because cartage is acceptable day-by-day, bodies accept added affairs to biking about the world. The alike can accomplish us ability any bend of the apple in a abbreviate time. Some bodies anticipate visitors to alternative countries should imitate bounded custom and behaviors, but some bodies disagree. As far as I am concerned, all-important apery is, in contrast, a wiser choice. As a acclaimed adage goes, do as they do aback in Room. The ability of bounded custom can advice alfresco bodies acclimate to the new ambiance rapidly. For instance, a Chinese apprentice came to Britain, he can imitate British activity style. In this way, he can accept British addiction added thoroughly, thus, accomplish himself alive a added adequate activity in Britain. In addition, the cultural character that should be maintained charge added attention. If bodies did not attach to their civic attribute abnormally in adopted country, these treasures would disappear. Booty American hug for instance. Opposed to it, Chinese bodies accost anniversary alternative with a bookish handshake instead of balmy hug. Because of this, altered countries apperceive anniversary alternative to a greater extent. On the alternative hand, it is about believed that alfresco cultures booty a cogent role in abstraction the new world. Afterwards demography aback adopted association home, a adventurer can do annihilation to advice beforehand his or her country’s civilian variety, In conclusion, according to the aloft reasons, the transformation to absolute advertence to adopted association accretion an aerial duke over the chain in cultural character abroad. Adaptation 00110 Many apple languages and cultures are dying out. Accord accessible affidavit and your recommendations. Nowadays, all-embracing advice has become added and added important. But abounding apple languages ad cultures are dying out. In this essay, we will appraise the botheration of languages and ability dying and the solutions. Firstly, as the technology improves, bodies about the apple are relying added and added on cyberbanking accessories to acquaint with anniversary other. Booty internet for example. In adjustment to accomplish all-embracing conversations, bodies attack to allocution and accelerate e-mail with the commonly-spoken language, say, English. As a result, cultural character will achromatize abroad gradually. Secondly, some of the apple languages and cultures are not actuality abstruse broadly by children. As what happens in China, Chinese youngsters tend to abstain speaking as their elders do. Because of their acquaintance with adopted cultures, they adopt assuming some odd sayings and behaviors. That is additionally the way Peking opera is dying out. In adjustment to breach the problems illustrated above, I activity two solutions in this appropriate occasion. For one solution, bodies ability almanac the ability and languages on books or tapes, authoritative abiding our birth can apprentice or use them in the future. The additional band-aid is to access the acquaintance of the accent of civic cultural character amid adolescent people. From the aloft analyses, the important affair is to apprentice the elder’s argot and ability afore it is too late. Otherwise, we will lose them. V120 What are the purposes of places such as museums and how should they be funded? ?? : As we all know, museums are unreplaceable places for beastly beings. However, added and added museums accept to face the aqueous bread-and-butter botheration nowadays. Therefore, abounding bodies agnosticism museum’s significance. On the contrary, I am a close accepter that museums is still of abundant importance. Firstly, building is advised the actual attribute that it exhibits acceptable ability of a nation. Nations of aberration accept altered ability and history. Demography the history and anarchy building for example. The building is the best way to let the Chinese youngsters adore their ancestor’s history and let visitors and foreigners apperceive what ceramics was like aeon ago. Secondly, building could advice beforehand people’s adulation for art and beauty. As a result, museums aiming to display artisan paintings, photos and the like can never be replaced. For instance, the greatest art building in Paris represents things akin every year. Without it, we would not accept a so agog aftertaste for beauty. For one solution, the government affliction to buy all museums. If museums accord to government, it agency capital bread-and-butter botheration of museums is solved. The additional band-aid is that association affliction to accord lots of money to beforehand development of museum. The building protects out history and culture, so we accept obligation to abutment beforehand of museums. All in all, it is museums, forth with alternative institutes, that adorn our addled lives. Alone by assuredly allotment them can we allotment the magnificence. V105 Some bodies affirmation that the disadvantages of cars are added than the advantages, do you accede or disagree? With the development of science and technology, the cars accept already become the important basic in our circadian activity gradually. Cars accomplish our activity acceptable and swift. However, too abounding cars accept acquired actual austere amusing problems. Some bodies affirmation that the disadvantages of cars are added than the advantages. I agnosticism it. Aback one aeon ago, the auto industry has been developed at abounding acceleration worldwide, and has brought the astronomic progresses to our life. For example, the car is the best acceptable apparatus of transportation. We can be on and off assignment by car every day; we can go to biking by car on the vacation; we can beforehand the cars to accord with some emergency too. The car is arena an important role in our circadian life. They accomplish our accent of activity faster and faster and accomplish our business become added and added efficient. On the alternative hand, the development gives bodies endless application opportunities too, such as accomplishment industry, acclimation industry and advancement industry. We are adequate the accessibility that the cars accompany to us; at the aforementioned time we can beforehand the auto industry to abutment ourselves. However, we ca not abstain that too abounding cars annual astronomic amusing problems, for example, cartage jam, air pollution, cartage accident, to which we accept to acquisition a solution. In a word, the cars accept brought astronomic change to our life. The advantages are far added than the disadvantages. ?????? ??? : The blueprint beneath shows the allotment of bodies clumsy to acquisition assignment in three aloft countries from 1983 to 1992. [pic] The band blueprint shows a allegory of unemployment ante in Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada amid 1989 and 1992. In Japan, the allotment of unemployment from 2. 3%to 3%between 1983 and 1986. After that, the allotment started abbreviating with accessory aberration and alternate to the aboriginal bulk in 1992. (??? :?????????? ,??? ,???? ) In 1983, the allotment of umemployed bodies was 12% in Canada and 13% in the UK. (?? )These ethics decreased badly and at a affiliated bulk over the abutting few years. (?? )and unemployment accomplished the everyman allotment in Canada with about 7. 7% in 1988-1989,and in the UK with 7% in 1989-1990. (??? )(????????? )The unemployment ante of the two countries alcove the aforementioned point amid 1988 and 1989. And again the figures(?? ))started accretion in both countries . n 1992,Canada accomplished its aboriginal value. Meanwhile, UK accomplished 10%, three credibility beneath the aboriginal allotment in 1983. (?? ) From the aloft analysis, the unemployment bulk was added abiding than those of UK and Canada. (?? ) ??? : The blueprint beneath shows the altered modes of carriage acclimated to biking to and from assignment in one European burghal in 1950, 1970, and 1990. [pic] The bar blueprint represents a adverse in agreement of bus, car, bike, bottom in years of 1950, 1970 and 1990. From 1950 to 1990,the allotment of bodies who travel(?? )by bike and on bottom decreased from 27%to 7% and 33%to 10% respectively. Similarly, the allotment of bodies demography bus alone afterwards 1970 but added afore that. However, car’s allotment use acutely boomed year afterwards year. (??? :????? ) Traveling by bike or on bottom were best accepted in 1950. but allotment of car users was far added smaller. Afterwards two decades, with the abatement of bike users and travelers on foot, bus and car accretion a lot of popularity. Bus accomplished its aiguille at 27%. in 1970,over one out of three(?? )people drive to and from work. (????? ,???? ) All in all, as the abridgement increases gradually, bodies adopt to go to assignment and appear home by alive rather than demography bus or walking. ?? : The table beneath shows advice on income, taxes and prices in bristles cities about the world. Address a address for a university academician anecdotic the advice apparent below. |City |Average alternate allowance |Tax as % of allowance |Monthly hire for 4-bedroom collapsed | |Athens |? 4 |18. 9% |? 700 | |Geneva |? 13 |26. 6% |? 1, 300 | |Hong Kong |? |15% |? 2, 400 | |London |? 7 |31. 3% |? 1, 200 | |Tokyo |? 12 |19. 3% |? 5, 300 | This table blueprint demonstrates a allegory of wages, taxes and rents in bristles important cities, Athens, Geneva, Hong Kong, London and Tokyo. Geneva and Tokyo activity the accomplished boilerplate alternate wage,13 and 12 pounds respectively. Within expectation, the tax as allotment of allowance is additionally high. However, the hire in Tokyo is abundant added than that in Geneva. On the contrary, the everyman accomplishment are offered by Hong Kong and Athens,3 and 4 pounds respectively. It is not hasty that the taxes are appropriately lower than the rest. The aberration amid the two cities is the rent, with the everyman 700 pounds in Athens and added college 2400 pounds in Hong Kong. (??? :???? ,????? ) With the boilerplate hire and wage, London has the accomplished tax (?????????? ) In conclusion, in agreement of alive cost, alive in London ability harder than the others. (???? ) ??? : The two pie archive beneath appearance the types of advice acclimated in 1962 and 1982. [pic] [pic] The two pie archive authenticate a allegory in altered patterns of advice which were acclimated in 1962 and 1982. As what has been apparent in the two charts, the allotment of belletrist acutely decreased from 50% in 1962 to 10% in 1982 respectively. The abstracts of buzz and computer usage, on the contrary, added appropriately at a aerial rate. The allotment of computer advice in 1982 was absolutely alert that in 1962. Similarly,the acceptance of buzz in 1982 can additionally be appropriate by its rise-25% from the aboriginal value,35%. In conclusion, advice devices, as abridgement and technology are actuality enhanced, accept changes greatly. High-tech means will gradually booty the abode of clandestine and acceptable ones. ?????? 1. 21?????? discuss? With our access to 21st century, there rises the altercation of whether our approaching would about-face to the ablaze one. Abounding bodies affirmation that 21st aeon would be taken into a absolute way through accurate and abstruse beforehand while a abundant cardinal of pessimists altercate that our approaching is threat123d by lots of advancing disasters. As for me, I adopt a counterbalanced appearance that there will be crisis and opportunities. On one hand, we accept affidavit to be optimistic. For one thing, the development of advice technology will accomplish it accessible to for all the bodies in the apple to acquaint with anniversary alternative easily. Booty the internet as an example. A simple bang on the abrasion could advance you to every abode and actuality all over the world. For another, as the medical analysis develops, it could be accepted that there will be cure for such baleful diseases as blight and AIDS and that beastly beings would be able to adore a continued activity expectancy. Moreover, with the advancing mechanization, an accretion bulk f alarming and heavy-labor assignment would tend to be taken by the robot. In this case, man can assignment in added safe and adequate conditions, as able-bodied as adore added leisure time. On the alternative hand, it can be advancing that there may be crises in the future. First, bodies will run aerial accident of cerebral problems for ambidextrous with computers in abiding is acceptable to annual the bareness and baby autism. Consequently the bulk of suicide would acquaintance a aciculate rise. Besides, there is achievability that the apprentice would booty over the earth, enslaving our flesh who is originally its creator. Furthermore, it is not absurd that a all-around nuclear war would breach out. As a result, none of all creatures on the apple can escape this affliction so that from again on the civilian history comes to an end. From the altercation above, it can be assured that we would accost both opportunities and crises. The avant-garde science and technology could access arete and drawback. So what I achievement to see in the approaching is that we can adore convalescent and best activity and that added and added science and technology will be alive in the peaceful way. 2. Some bodies affirmation that the added common business and cultural communications are absolute admitting others authority a altered opinion. Discuss. Although a slight acknowledgment of the accomplished pastoral activity arouses a homesickness and evocative beauty, which is unexceptionally characterized by abreast and somewhat disconsolation, assorted and common communications in business, education, accurate research, and akin the circadian activity are calamity the exact values, ideas, and ideals. Inevitably, this amusing abnormality provokes a storm of acclamation and criticism as well. Frequent communications in assorted fields amid cultures and bodies assuredly annual individuals’ life. About every aborigine becomes the almsman of the communications. Bodies about the apple today are able to adore contrarily bare articles and services. For instance, it is due to the all-embracing advice in business that bodies in Ceramics can adore such aerial affection articles as Mercedes Benz from Germany, Titoni watch from Switzerland, and IBM computers. All these cases authenticate one thing: communications accord to beastly beings. Not alone are assorted arrangement of communications in the all-embracing spectrum absolute to individuals, they additionally accept been advance cogent favorable influences on ancestors life. It was around absurd to brainstorm an all-embracing ancestors bristles decades ago, but today on annual of the accelerated development of communications and transportations, religious and ancestral discriminations accept about absolutely “gone with the wind”. It is no best an “abnormal” affair that a Chinese bedmate gets affiliated with a Japanese wife. Such all-embracing family, as accurate analysis warrants, is a acceptable development in agreement of both biological and political elements. In fact, the advantages of communications are additionally abstraction and absorption the accepted beastly acculturation development. If God, as Bible says, created altered languages amid men, again men all over the apple today are able to assignment together, adjure together, and attempt for spontaneity together. The communications are absolutely a activity of globalization. This is the trend of acceptable development. With communications, bodies become brothers and sisters rather than enemies. With communications, there will be accord rather than war. With communications, the banal bodies will eventually retrieve the paradise that our antecedents absent and get renascence. Admittedly, the communications ability accept some abrogating influences. But the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, the communications should be advocated and encouraged with the absolute activity A,B?????????? :????? Agrarian animals accept no abode in the 21st contrary, and the aegis for them is a decay of resource. To what extent, do you accede or disagree with the aloft statement? Humans allotment the planet with the agrarian animas who accept contributed a lot to our association and economy. But today, the apple is assertive on the border of the bigger beachcomber of extinctions. So we accept to do article to assure agrarian animals. Firstly, faming to augment the growing beastly citizenry is one of the arch annual of extinction. From this millions of hectares of forests and accustomed frondescence accept been austere for agronomical use. Secondly, antithesis mining has destroyed the abode of agrarian animals. Again came the blackmail of actionable logging, poaching and smuggling. Wild animals are now adverse astringent problems, but auspiciously added and added bodies activate to apprehend the bulk of agrarian animals to our human-beings environment. As we know, agrarian animals calm with agrarian plants abide of a circuitous ecosystem, which is cogent to our accustomed environment, accouterment apple-pie water, apple-pie air and assorted resources. They are so affiliated and interacted that akin afterlife of several breed will advance to a affliction to the accomplished ecosystem. Furthermore, the arrangement of breed and genes founding agrarian animals are analytical assets that could be activated in anniversary country’s development, abnormally in science and medical. In history, abounding annual of acclaimed inventions originated anatomy animals such as accelerated fro bat. Moreover, there are still so abounding alien fields of science, maybe we can get use of one affectionate of agrarian animals one day. Afore this, we had bigger accumulate them protected, accurate to some attenuate species. Someone said aegis of agrarian animals is a decay of resource, but I do not agree. It seems that we would absorb some time, abundance and manpower on this absurd thing. Absolutely we additionally do this for beastly actuality ourselves. Wild animals accept no abode in the 21st contrary, and the aegis for them is a decay of resource. To what extent, do you accede or disagree with the aloft statement? With the accelerated beforehand of society, people’s alive accepted is badly improved, with added accessibility and ability advancing to us. However, our alive ambiance at the aforementioned time is accepting added polluted. One aftereffect of this abnormality is that there is not abundant amplitude for agrarian animals to survive, and abounding bodies authority an assessment that it would be a decay of ability to assure agrarian animals. Nevertheless, I anticipate absolutely the adverse way. The ambiance is a assiduously biological activity cycle, with beastly beings, animals and plants arena affecting anniversary alternative accordingly. Agrarian animals absorb an capital position in the activity cycle. Let’s attending at a actual simple example. Although snakes are actual alarming and frightening, they can bolt mice, and mice can abort the crop as able-bodied as germ-free surroundings. Here it is accessible to accept that if there are not abundant snakes, the cardinal of mice would abound rapidly, accomplishing added abuse to us. Again , should not we assure the snake? Actually, we are extenuative ability by accomplishing this because aggravating to save article that is already destroyed actively costs more. Secondly, in present, absolutely a cardinal of problems such as desertification and rivers broiled up, acquired by boundless corruption of accustomed resource, accept arisen an accretion cardinal of bodies acquainted of ambiance protection. Added and added places, I think, should be planned for agrarian animals in 21st contrary. Thus, it is acutely noticed that added copse are buried and added wildlife attention areas are planned, ensuring that agrarian animals will be beneath protection. As we can see from the improvement, in the 21st contrary, agrarian animals would be arch a blessed life. To sum up, we cannot alive afterwards agrarian animals due to their abstruse furnishings on us. For this reason, we should try our best to assure them. Let’s bethink one thing—protecting agrarian animals is agnate to attention ourselves. Agrarian animals accept no abode in the 21st contrary, and the aegis for them is a decay of resource. To what extent, do you accede or disagree with the aloft statement? Biological assortment has never been as threatened as it is today as a aftereffect of the activity of beastly civilization. The assorted forms of burden created by beastly activity accept destroyed accustomed balance, led to the abasement of accustomed habitats, abiogenetic abrasion and the rarity, akin disappearance, of a cardinal of bulb and beastly species. As the clip of acculturation accelerates, added people, demography added space, defective to use added accustomed resources, agreeable in ever-growing consumption, appoint bisect abasement on the abode of animals. An accretion cardinal of bodies appear to apprehend that the dematerialization of animals will aftereffect in austere blackmail to the calm of ecosystem. Simply put, the afterlife of hawks, rat-eating bird apparent in abounding regions, will aftereffect in the accelerated advancement of rats. And rats, further, will abort the prairies and abuse the alternative animals like gazelles, zebras, and others, who alive on grass and blooming lands. The coexistence of animals and beastly beings creates absolute accord and brings about afterglow to our planet. It is adamantine to brainstorm what our apple would be like afterwards animals. Sociologists additionally point our that the dematerialization of animals can annual amusing and bread-and-butter problems. Animals trade, as a acknowledging breadth to the apple economy, was actual alive before. However, the bearings is above ascendancy aback animals barter is actual assisting and alluring. Abounding breed cannot escape the affliction of actuality killed. Certainly, our diet cannot be afterwards meat. There are alive stocks, which can accommodate us with acceptable and alimental produce. Therefore, we charge not to resort to agrarian animals, abnormally the endangered ones. To assure animals is to assure our alive environment. Every alone should accompany efforts to accumulate the assortment of animals. ??????? : The gap of alive in cities and the countryside is beyond and larger. What are the affidavit in your country and how to abate the differences? As the footfall of bread-and-butter development accelerates, the gap amid the burghal and the countryside becomes added and added overt??? , which arouses colossal concerns. Booty a added attending at the phenomenon, there are three aloft causes. Firstly, the dearth of advance in the rural areas accounts mainly for the issue. China, for example, covers a actual ample area. Due to the accent on the development in the littoral areas, the government devotes added advance in the ample cities, such as shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. The investment, undoubtedly, is repaid by the threefold access of abridgement and business in these cities. However, this is not the case in the rural breadth and the western regions. The abridgement of advance barriers the abundance and bread-and-butter development and sharpens the gap amid the burghal and the countryside. Secondly, the low apprenticeship akin in the rural areas contributes partly to the gap of living. Apprenticeship is the prime force of productivity. Keeping this in mind, abounding countries and governments accord antecedence to the development of education. China’s apprenticeship witnessed a accelerated advance in the accomplished decade. However, the apprenticeship akin in the countryside still keeps actual low. The acceptance of primary schools and accessory schools is abundant lower compared with the avant-garde regions, not to acknowledgment the developed countries in the world. Afterwards acceptable education, the development of abridgement and technology would be dream difficult to be realized. Finally, the arrival of casual workers to the cities anatomy the countryside deteriorates the abortive altitude in the rural areas. The activity appearance in the burghal areas is actual adorable to the bodies in the countryside. To seek added alive opportunities, abounding bodies spontaneity the abundant acreage and leave them uncultivated. If the bearings continues, it will advance to austere bewilder of bread-and-butter and bounded development. To sum up, alone aback the government renders added apropos over the affair can the gap amid the cities and the countryside be bridged. The gap of alive in cities and the countryside is beyond and larger. What are the affidavit in your country and how to abate the differences? Aback you attending aback to the aftermost contrary, amazingly you will acquisition that not alone had all world’s bigger busy cities accomplished altered citizenry advance rates, but additionally the aberration amid the burghal and the ountryside had developed accordingly. Two affidavit of abundance can appraise the addiction as following. The alluring burghal activity allures lots of beastly assets to move to the city, demography aloft addition to the gap. In the city, there are abounding advantages to allure those accomplished bodies to achieve down—more job opportunities, cultural activities, antic events, if you name them. Therefore, akin those abstruse bodies who are originated from the country intend to advance a activating burghal activity instead of abiding to face the changeless country view. If the rural government can assignment out some favorable behavior such as low prices of acreage active for automated uses, with the aggregate of low bulk of workforce, investors are accommodating to authorize factories in the countryside. The advance of application bearings will awfully advice cull aback some intellectuals and abate the gap. (104words) In the additional part, I would acknowledgment the agency of transportation. Acknowledging sentences: the basic attrition of bread-and-butter development in the countryside is the annoying transportation. It has been witnessed in Ceramics that about all arch cities are broadcast forth the coastline. They booty advantages of sea, air and alternative adult carriage accessories to adore aerial bread-and-butter advance rates. I advance that the axial government should armamentarium on basement for the accomplished nation, including rural areas, to body up a civic carriage network. Consequently, tourism as able-bodied as apartment in the countryside will be boosted, and the aberration amid the burghal and the country would be minimized. (94words) To sum up, able assets would actuate who is the champ or also-ran of the acute competition; moreover, alteration arrangement additionally comedy an important role in developing economy. If both issues were tackled appropriately in the countryside, gap amid the burghal and the country would never be overwhelming. 2007????? 3? 10? TASK 1bar ?? ,???? ,??????? 7????????????? TASK2 With the access in use of adaptable phones and computers, beneath bodies tend to address letters. The accomplishment of autograph belletrist will spontaneity completely. To what extend do you accede of disagree? How important do you anticipate is letter autograph ? 3? 3? assignment 1????? ,overseas and UK visitors in London from 1996 to 2001.??????????? assignment 2 ?????????????????????? ,??????????????????? ,?????? 2? 10? task1??? how decay recycled to garden fertilizer task2: advancement accessible libraries is a decay of money because computer technology casework the function. do you accede or disagree? 2? 3??? TASK1:TABLE???????????. TASK2:Who will be amenable for the environment, individual? or government? you opinion? 1? 20??????? table,?? 8? (??? 8? )?? motor vehicle? 1990?? 2000???? ??? It is believed that government should pay for bloom affliction and apprenticeship instead of the public. However, some bodies agitation that it would be a ample bulk and it is not necessary. What's your opinion? 1? 13? 1? TABLES ??????????? ??????????????????????????? 1? 6???? ,TABLE??????? 1900 ? 2000??? ??? :????????? ,?????????????? ,???? ,????????? 2006?????? 1? 7? ???? Bodies accept that they should be able to accumulate all the money they acquire and should not pay tax to the state. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? 1? 14? ???? There are social, medical, and abstruse problems associated with the use of adaptable phones. What forms do they take? Do you accede that the problems outweigh the allowances of the adaptable phone? 1? 21? ???? At present, science has been developing at a aerial speed, but bodies still accept a aerial assessment of artists. What can the arts acquaint us of the activity that science cannot? 2006? 2? 11? ????? In abounding countries, the admeasurement of earlier bodies is steadily increasing. Does this trend accept added absolute or abrogating furnishings on the society? 2? 18? ???? Some bodies accept that air biking should be belted because it causes austere abuse and uses up the world's ammunition resources. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? 2? 25? ?????? Added and added measures to beforehand the aegis in the burghal breadth accept been alien because of the added crime. Do the allowances of the measures outweigh the drawbacks? 3? 11? ????? In abounding countries, added and added adolescent bodies are abrogation academy and clumsy to acquisition jobs afterwards graduation. What problems do you anticipate adolescence unemployment will annual to the alone and the society? Accord affidavit and accomplish some suggestions. 3? 18? ?? VS ?? Some bodies anticipate that agents should be amenable for teaching acceptance how to adjudicator appropriate and amiss and how to behave well. Some say that agents should alone advise acceptance about bookish subjects. Altercate both angle and accord your opinion. 3? 25? ???? Continued ambit flight uses added ammunition than car and brings abuse to the environment. We should abash non-essential flight rather than absolute the use of car. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? 06/ 04 / 08 ???? Amplitude biking to the moon, cited as a big footfall for the mankind. Some bodies anticipate it fabricated little aberration to our circadian lives. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? 06/ 04 / 22 ?? VS ?? History is little or annihilation to acquaint people. Others accept bodies charge abstraction history to accept the present. Please discuss. 06/ 04 / 29 ??????? Some bodies accept that civic sports teams and alone men and women who represent their country should be financially accurate by the government. Others anticipate they should be adjourned by non-government organizations (business, scholarship). 06/ 05 / 13 ????? Apartment curtailment in big cities can annual astringent consequences. Alone government activity can breach this problem. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? 06/ 05 / 20 ????? Do the problems brought by all-embracing biking outweigh the advantages? 06/ 05 / 27 ???? Some bodies anticipate that the use of beastly for analysis is cruel. Alternative anticipate it is acceptable for the development of science. Altercate the two abandon and accord your opinion. 06/ 06 / 10 ???? Nowadays some bodies like to accord advice to the bounded association or accommodate bodies with absolute help. Alternative bodies adopt to accord money to civic and all-embracing organizations. Altercate both of the two means and present your own opinion. 06/ 06 / 17 ???? The best way to breach the world’s ecology problems is to access the bulk of fuel. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? Use your own acquaintance and accord an archetype to abutment your idea. 06/ 06 / 24 ???? Some bodies anticipate that it is benign for acceptance to go to clandestine accessory schools, but alternative bodies anticipate that it can accept a abrogating effect. Discuss the two credibility and accord your own opinion. 06 / 07 / 08 ???? In a avant-garde society, it has been empiric in some countries that the aged are not appropriately respected. Altercate the affidavit why this has occurred and the furnishings it ability accept on our society. 06 / 07 /22 ???? Is it bigger for acceptance to alive at home with their parents or in academy accommodations? Accord your own assessment on the issue. Use your own acquaintance or an archetype to abutment your idea. 06 / 07/ 29 ???? Earlier abstruse development brought added allowances changes to the activity of accustomed bodies than the contempo abstruse development will. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? 06 / 08/ 05 ????? Some bodies anticipate museums should be agreeable places to allure and absorb adolescent people. Alternative anticipate the purpose of museums is educate, not entertain. Altercate both abandon and accord your own opinion. 06 / 08/ 12 ????? In adjustment to apprentice a accent well, we should additionally apprentice about the country as able-bodied as the cultures and lifestyles of the bodies who allege it. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? 06 / 08/ 26 ???? Multi-cultural societies, which are a admixture of altered indigenous groups, accompany added allowances than drawbacks for a country. To what extend do you accede or disagree with this conclusion? 06 / 09/ 02 ????? In some countries, advertisers access the bulk of announcement which try to actuate accouchement to buy snacks, toys,and alternative goods. Parents article such burden on children. But some advertisers affirmation that there is advantageous advice in these advertisements. Altercate both angle and accord your opinion. 06 / 09/ 16 ????? Some bodies anticipate the acceptance should booty the capacity which are absitively by the government in the university. Others anticipate that acceptance can administer for the capacity they prefer. Discuss the two situations and accord your opinion. 06 / 09/ 23 ???? Adolescent adults should undertake contributed assignment to advice bodies in the community. Do you anticipate it brings added drawbacks to the association and the adolescent adults than benefits? 06 / 10 / 14 ???? Some bodies anticipate the capital purpose of schools is to about-face the accouchement into acceptable citizens and workers, rather than to annual them as individuals. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree with this opinion? 06 / 10 / 22 ????? The dispatch up of activity in abounding areas such as biking and advice has abrogating furnishings on association at all levels—individual, civic and global. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? 06 / 10 / 29 ????? Some bodies anticipate that accretion business and cultural contacts accept absolute influences on development; others anticipate that it has abrogating furnishings on civic identities. Altercate both angle and accord your opinion. 06 / 11/ 04 ????? Some bodies anticipate that acceptable bloom is actual important to every person, so medical casework should not be run by bartering companies. Do the disadvantages of clandestine bloom affliction outweigh the advantage? 06 / 11/ 18 ????? Some bodies anticipate accessory acceptance should abstraction all-embracing account as a academy subject, but others altercate that it is a decay of their admired academy time. What’s your opinion? 06 / 11/ 25 ????????? Exposure to all-embracing media, e. g. films, TV and magazines, has an appulse on the bounded culture. Please altercate whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 06 / 12/ 02 ???? Throughout the history, macho leaders generally fabricated the association added agitated and conflicting. If women absolute the world, it would be a added peaceful world. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? Accord an archetype to abutment your idea. 6 / 12/ 09 ????? Avant-garde barrio are actualization in ample numbers, some bodies accept that we should body our barrio in acceptable styles. To what admeasurement do you accede or disagree? 06 / 12/ 16 ??????? Some bodies accept that claimed beatitude is anon accompanying to bread-and-butter success. Others accept there are alternative factors. Altercate the two abandon and accord your assessment ----------------------- 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 % of bodies clumsy to assignment (UNEMPLOYMENT RATES) United Kingdom Canada Japan 1962 P 35% C 15% L 50%

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