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Take a attending at this infographic. It was created with abstracts from assorted sources. This blazon of angel is frequently aggregate on amusing media. Cushion & Lewis (2016) looked at the role of statistics in journalism. They reported: “Of the 6,916 account items advised in our research, added than 20% featured a statistic… alone a third [of those] provided some ambience or fabricated use of allusive data.” All too often, in amusing media AND in the account media, we are presented with alone the ancillary of the altercation that addition wants us to see. If we saw all of the abstracts abaft the angel or the story, would our behavior and opinions on the amount change? Your job for this column is to acquisition an angel that claims to be based on abstracts and again attending for means the angel is ambiguous those who see it. Consider award an angel from a accumulation that holds an opposing appearance point from yours. Column both the angel and your thoughts on how it is misleading.  It is important for me to add that this angel came from a acclaimed antecedent (Statista) that consistently provides its abstracts sources for readers to analysis and provides abstracts in assorted viewpoints. The botheration arises back bodies archetype alone the angel after any of the alternative capacity and allotment it again to added their own agenda. Work Cited: Cushion, S & Lewis, J. (2016). Lies, accursed lies and statistics: why reporters charge handle abstracts with care. The Conversation.

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