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Hello, I accept this computer science analysis about "Media Streaming" I already accept all the informations in i aloof charge the analysis to be added able and there are some addendum from my assistant if you can amuse add these to the research.  It should be about 5 pages I accept about 4 pages already I charge it by Tuesday  Jun/26/18 at 5pm Los Angeles time zone Please If you use any sources accommodate them in the paper  My Assistant Addendum About The Research: 1-  You charge to ascertain these agreement and as the cardboard progresses you may advance the definitions. The clairvoyant needs a alive analogue of what these are and how to appraise what these agreement mean.  2-  Draw a diagram to accomplish it bright what's activity on. Is alive consistently done over the Internet or can alive action on the aforementioned computer?  3-  The analogue is acceptable if the admirers isn't an admirers of computer science students. I anticipate you charge to accord a analogue that is added adapted for the admirers that you are autograph for.  4-  This appears to be a analytical appellation that you haven't alien or authentic yet.  5-  The agreement itself is added important that who owns it.  6-  Benefit how? Ascertain what is meant by account and why alive is a bigger abstruse band-aid to alternatives.   7- Amuse address the "How alive works"  section in such a way that demonstrates that you accept what 'streaming' is and the basal science & engineering of 'streaming.' 8-  You charge to strategize how you ambition to acquaint and assay the topic. The antecedent area appears to be allegory the alive affair from a altered band of the OSI archetypal than this section. Additionally, analogue such as 'some issues' is ambiguous and not adapted for a abstruse certificate that is exploring this topic.  9-  Again, you accept confused to "codec" addition aspect of the alive affair that appears broken from your antecedent sections. Here you are answer how the abstracts is encoded and decoded. Does this chronicle in any way to the antecedent sections?  Thank You

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