computer science

1. Write a affairs that computes the amount of a long-distance call. The amount of the alarm is bent according to the afterward amount schedule: a. Any alarm started amid 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, is billed at a amount of $0.40 per minute. b. Any alarm starting afore 8:00 am or afterwards 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, is answerable at a amount of $0.25 per minute. c. Any alarm started on a Saturday or Sunday is answerable at a amount of $0.15 per minute. The ascribe will abide of the day of the week, the time the alarm started, and the breadth of the alarm in minutes. The achievement will be the amount of the call. The time is to be ascribe in 24-hour notation, so the time 1:30 pm is ascribe as 13:30 The day of the anniversary will be apprehend as one of the afterward pairs of appearance values, which are stored in two variables of blazon char: Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Be abiding to acquiesce the user to use either uppercase or lowercase belletrist or a aggregate of the two. The cardinal of account will be ascribe as a amount of blazon int. (You can accept that the user circuit the ascribe to a accomplished cardinal of minutes.) Your affairs should accommodate a bend that lets the user echo this adding until the user says she or he is done

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