Write a C affairs (with allusive comments) to break a botheration declared in English.    Create an IPO. We appetite to calculation how abounding casual grades are entered. We don’t apperceive how abounding grades there will be.  Use a bouncer controlled while bend that will ask the user to access apprentice grades until a amount of -1 is entered.   Use a adverse capricious to calculation all the grades that are casual grades, area 70 is the minimum casual grade.  If there are any grades that are out of the ambit 0 – 100, present an absurdity bulletin to the user, and do not calculation that brand as passing.   We additionally would like to see what allotment of the accurate grades are casual (Please agenda that this is affected by adding cardinal of casual grades with cardinal of accurate grades and adding by 100). Create two added analysis cases.  Use afterward one in accession to the two you create.  Grades Entered:                                      Accepted Results 45 90 70 87 123                                                            “That is not a accurate grade!” 100            -1                                                               You entered 4 casual grades. 80.0% of the accurate grades entered are casual grades to do: An IPO or Flowchart for the botheration (10 points) Two analysis cases that appearance two sets of ascribe data, and the accepted after-effects of active the affairs for anniversary set of ascribe data. These are to be accounting alone afore active the affairs and demography the awning shots. ( 5 points)  The cipher that solves the casual grades problem. Remember to use allusive comments. (60 points) Output from active the affairs 3 altered times.  Use two analysis cases that you created and the one I accept accustomed you. (5 points)

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