Computer Ethics PowerPoint

  eview your antecedent column from this week’s altercation action on computer ethics. Use Microsoft PowerPoint to actualize a presentation based on your antecedent computer belief altercation and associated research. To appearance a abrupt 'How To' video for creating a PowerPoint book for this assignment, bang on the video in your advance shell: Creating a PowerPoint (access this articulation through your online course) Your presentation Should: Identify the key credibility you appetite to highlight. Contain a minimum of three slides in the anatomy of the presentation. Each accelerate in the anatomy of the presentation should accept no added than three ammo points. Each accelerate charge accommodate animation. Include graphics, audio, video or anchored links as bare to abutment and enhance your topics. In addition: Create a appellation accelerate that that includes a Appellation of PowerPoint, Students Name, Advance Number & Title, Instructor's Name, and Date, in that order. Create a advertence accelerate that identifies all sources acclimated aural the presentation (including cartoon or alternative multimedia) Format your references according to APA appearance as outline in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site., and use in-text citations area all-important throughout the anatomy of your presentation.

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