computer and internet

  Answer two classmates altercation column 100 -200 words 1.As the apple conforms to newer technology, we accept to be able to acclimate in an ambiance that is avant-garde and scary.  As a teacher, I can see both allowances and disadvantages in what technology and the Internet accept to offer.  Accouchement can apprentice so abundant by aloof beat a mouse. As a parent, I am abashed of the Internet and technology because it is not monitored and acclimated appropriately by abounding people.  I accept ample out that too abundant technology over stimulates accouchement and it restricts accouchement to a awning there ahead they are not affianced in lots of things that affect their development such as, social, fine, and gross motor skills. The Internet and technology arrest accouchement in accepted because they are not complex in conversations with alternative accouchement and adults.  They become captivated by these accessories and it influences them in a abnormally rather than positively. “15Do not adulation the apple or annihilation in the world. If anyone loves the world, adulation for the Father is notin them. 16For aggregate in the world-the animalism of the flesh, the animalism of the eyes, and thepride oflife-comes not from the Father but from the world. 17Theworldand its desires canyon away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.” (1 John 2 15-17, NIV) Accouchement should be monitored at all times and belted on the time spent application it.   Monitoring and restrictions will cut aback on so abounding abrogating aspects on technology and the Internet but parents accept to be accommodating to accomplish those rules.  Unfortunately, I accept accomplished that it is abundant easier for a active ancestor to sit their adolescent bottomward with a book so they can accept time to themselves.  Addition way that parents, churches, and alike schools can advice is to advise the dangers of the Internet to their accouchement and to alternative adults.  If we angle aback and not allocution about the issues at duke again we are accomplishing annihilation to stop the problems that can appear from the Internet.  2.  Internet use aural adolescence is an important amount of discussion. As addition alive to become a academy advice counselor, the affair is applicable; abnormally to safety.             Internet advice (email, babble rooms, messaging, etc.) affects adolescents specifically. It’s afflicted the way they acquaint (Martorell et at., 2014). Studies announce that adolescence who absorb a lot of Internet time absorb beneath time with friends, accept beneath friends, and abate amusing connectedness and abundance (Martorell et at., 2014). This goes to appearance how Internet advice affects relationships with others.             Internet predators is addition important affair pertaining to online communication. The internet grants abundant freedom. Adolescence are about chargeless to acquaint with whomever they appetite on the Internet (Louge, 2006). This poses a crisis back others may affectation their character while communicating with children, adolescents, etc. Fake identities are accessible to aftermath and to advertise on the Internet. Adolescence will generally actualize claimed pages area they can accomplish up or column their absolute identities, claimed profiles, and pictures on websites such as Myspace and the Facebook. This poses a assurance accident back it is difficult to anticipate someone’s “real” character over the Internet (Louge, 2006, p.3).             However, there are agency to aegis adolescence on the Internet. First, parents and churches can adjure for assurance and the authoritative of acceptable Internet-use choices. “…The adoration of a angelic actuality has abundant ability as it is working” (James 5:16, ESV). Finally, actuality acquainted of the child/adolescent’s life/being present is an important agency of safeguarding. In this, measures can be taken to restrict, monitor, etc. if needed. It additionally shows the adolescent you affliction for them and their safety. “You are a ambuscade abode for me; you bottle me from trouble; you beleaguer me with shouts of deliverance. Selah” (Psalm 32:7, ESV).     

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