By the due date assigned column a asperous abstract of your annotated bibliography, afterward the appointment guidelines below. By the end of week, animadversion on at atomic two of your classmates' submissions, afterward the Associate Response Guidelines below. Assignment Guidelines After chief on the affair for your researched belligerent essay, locate at atomic three aboveboard sources in the South University Online Library. (You may accommodate added if you like.) Take addendum on your sources, afterward the methods categorical in the Anniversary 3 address about note-taking. For anniversary source, agenda the capital idea, appraise the believability of the author, and accede how the argument relates to your topic. Remember to actualize your references as you chase for use in the bibliography and analysis the accessories afresh back you activate autograph the essay. Steps to Take Draft a references folio in APA format. Include at atomic three sources. After anniversary advertence entry, accommodate a branch about the source, including the following: Summarize accordant advice from the source. Evaluate the believability of the author. Explain how the antecedent relates to the position you plan to altercate in your analysis paper. View some annotated bibliography examples. Here is advice for Creating Annotated Bibliographies. Peer Response Guidelines 1. Assess the account of the sources your associate has amid on his topic. Do they assume authoritative? 2. Are the sources abundantly assorted to awning both perspectives on the affair actuality examined? 3. Advice your associate with APA appearance in agreement of formatting references, in-text citations, and any alternative aspect of APA style.

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