Comparison Of The Modern And Early Church Religion Essay

Explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the aboriginal church, and how they analyze to the abbey today; it is a actual absorbing affair aback it involves the history of what aboriginal Christians did for the enactment of the Christian movement today. Attractive into the Acts of the Apostles, so abundant can be abstruse on how bodies committed their lives to the abbey during that time.

A catechism arises again asking, what is the church? Abounding interpretations accept been said apropos the acceptation of the Church. These interpretations can be traced aback aback Jesus declared to anatomy his Abbey aloft the adumbration by Simon Peter that, aback he said Jesus is the Son of God (Matt 16:18). Montefiore believes; ‘the abbey can be advised beneath than two aspects; as an animal and as an organisation, afterwards organization, bacilli die’1. Therefore, what is this animal and how is it affiliated with the organisation to accomplish a church.

To access at the bigger cessation of this matter, I will be because the book of Acts to get the a) accomplishments of the aboriginal abbey in Acts; and the b) account of what is the Church; c); backbone and weaknesses of both the Aboriginal and Modern Church.


The analogue by Webster’s editors says: ‘A audible anatomy of Christians accepting a accustomed acceptance and discipline’. In Greek accent the chat is translated as ekklesia, which agency ‘called out’. Therefore, there are brace of things to attending for, for the abbey to be established. Faith, discipline, and continuing out from the rest. These account of what the Abbey is, gives an abstraction that, there are assertive elements complex for a abbey to be established. Arguably, it agency it should be fabricated of bodies who chase Christ, accepting one acceptance and actuality disciplined, already set themselves altered from the blow of accustomed people.


‘All of them were abounding with the Holy Spirit and began to allege in alternative tongues as the Spirit enabled them’ (Acts 2:4). It was during the day of Pentecost which is believed the New Testament abbey was established. The Bible added explains that, those who were aggregate during the day of anniversary of Pentecost could not accept what they heard advancing from the Christians who were abounding with the Holy Spirit and speaking in alien tongues. But those who were aggregate accustomed them, because they batten in the languages. Unger animadversion that: ‘the new age of the Abbey was foretold by our Lord Himself and was ushered in at Pentecost, aback the Holy Spirit was given, accustomed and deposited in the new bodies of God’.

Chapter two of Acts verses (42-47), they explains what happened afterwards Apostle Peter preached the acceptable account about Jesus and the cardinal of bodies who gave their lives to Christ, and repented from their angry ways. So this is the animal and the organisation, Montefiore was apropos to, the Holy Spirit, which is all-powerful and the bodies abounding with this Holy Spirit to be organisation.

The acts of the risen Christ by the Holy Spirit through the Apostles are arresting in the book of Acts. Evidence from this book shows able biblical aesthetics captivated by the believers of the association in Jerusalem, additionally in the surrounding areas. This is how the aboriginal abbey began marshalled by the Apostles and I will attending into details, measures taken by this committed individuals in Acts alive calm to authorize a abbey and analyze them with the abbey of today.



‘Those who accustomed his bulletin area baptised, and about three thousand were added to their cardinal (Acts 2:41). Jesus himself belted his Apostles to go to all nations and baptise those who accept the acceptable account about his commonwealth in water. This was taken austere by the Apostles, as it was a brand for new believers for acceptance to Christ; they did it in faith, alike thou added teaching came afterwards baptism, it was their accept that any Christian solider has the appropriate be accustomed abounding able uniform.

The Apostles did all this because bodies repented, showed faith, they accustomed the Holy Spirit and it accustomed to affiliate them acerb and accompany them afterpiece to anniversary alternative which was what they wanted.

It is a altered affair with the abbey today as best accept in ecology the means of those who has accustomed their activity to Christ. The time absorb aggravating to mould a new accepter into a complete Christian is the aforementioned time absent to accord the new accepter the albatross to recognise the important regiment he abutting in Christ. Ablution it a allowance to those who accustomed Christ and it was done by the abbey in Acts to stabiliser new converts, but today it is not practised at the appropriate time. Therefore, the new believers are not affiliated with alternative and they end up actuality absent aback to the world.


According to the accounts of Acts, there is prove that, the bodies obeyed the Holy Spirit added than anything, and it gave them the accord as a community. Holy Spirit batten (Acts 8:29, 10:19) and actual acknowledgment from those who were assigned by the Spirit to do article went on and able the tasks as believers. Jews and Gentiles those who trusted in Christ were all accustomed the Holy Spirit. This was so cogent aback at anchor Jew’s banned the Gentiles as God’s people; but now because the Spirit dwelt in those who believed both are affiliated and they were all alleged from alienation into accord to serve God by the Holy Spirit.

The abbey of today aback attractive aback on how the abbey in Acts responded to the Holy Spirit it has some eye brows raised. This is so because there are so abounding denominations beneath Christianity and they all accept their own beliefs. So they all accept altered estimation of the Holy Spirit appulse in the abbey and some alike do not pay absorption to it at all. He promised to accelerate a comforter to alive amidst Christians and he will adviser them in their accustomed living. This is what captivated the abbey in Acts stronger aback they believed Holy Spirit and God are one. But that is actuality absent aural altered Christian faiths today. Abbey associates are controlled by their own compassionate and intelligence, and those who affirmation to be controlled by the Spirit they consistently acquisition themselves in bind of applied activity and Spiritual life.


Examining the Acts of the Apostles, it is axiomatic that a actual able acquaintance was accustomed amid Christian believers in Jerusalem because of the adulation they had for anniversary alternative (Acts 2:42). In John 1: 6-7, explains the acquaintance assumption of Christian active and it the aforementioned acquaintance the abbey in Jerusalem practised. They aggregate possessions, awash backdrop to affliction for one another’s needs.

The acquaintance of the aboriginal abbey consisted altered forms to accomplish abiding that anybody was complex in accumulation the church. Personal absorption which complex advance and admonition from alternative abbey members, one on one with those they brought to church. Furthermore, they met in homes so that others acclimatize to the new society. This led to a bigger and a affable abbey aggregation fellowship, which anybody was acclimated to one addition and that adequate the church.

Comparing what the aboriginal abbey practised in acquaintance with the abbey today, not abundant aberration but there is abridgement of commitment. Hardly associates aural the abbey acquaintance in homes and if they do the cardinal is consistently actual small. No activity in auspicious and allowance new converts to achieve in with the new society.


Major abashing affair with the abbey in Acts is the affair of favouritism. It is apparent by none Palestinian Jews who batten adjoin bent of circadian allotment which was accustomed out to abbey members. This acquired arguments and analysis aural abbey associates who were affiliated by acceptance in Jesus. Alike today favouritism is apparent in the churches across, either because bodies appear from aforementioned country, abstemious or aforementioned denomination, and all this accompany weakness in the anatomy of Christ.

Another abbreviate abatement from the archaic abbey is the addendum of adulation that Jesus summoned his followers to appearance to their neighbours. It seems altered with the abbey in Acts as the alternate adulation was aboriginal apparent to those aural the acquaintance of the church. This in alternative way chased those who were accommodating to appear to the abbey for the aboriginal time as it fabricated them feel unwelcomed.


Explaining the strengths and weakness of the aboriginal church, compared to the abbey today is a actual advisory affair as it allows Christians to reflect on their purpose in the world. Afterwards consulting altered sources apropos the topic, I accept appear to realisation that the aboriginal abbey was added abstruse in authoritative abiding that the acceptable account about Jesus was advance afterwards compromise.

The teaching of the chat about who Jesus is was so affluent that, added and added bodies abutting the abbey everyday. The acquaintance of abbey associates brought ablaze to the association as it afflicted their way of living. The abbey in the New Testament played their role to alarm out those who were in black to accompany them to ablaze which Jesus promised them if they adulation one another.

Comparing both the aboriginal and the abbey today, actual important affair that should be abstruse is that the aboriginal abbey was so aflame to be followers of Jesus and they were spiritually motivated. Christians today charge that action to absorb their circadian activity to acclaim Jesus because he is the antecedent of activity and the apple needs him at this age.

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