Comparison Essay on Fall of the Roman Empire

Comparative Article – Footfall By Footfall STEP 1 - Diagnosis • Read the Catechism and breach it bottomward in for what it is allurement • In the Margin, actuate all of the advice that you apperceive about it o Start from abounding to specific (time period, location, concepts, events, etc. . . ) STEP 2 - Organization and Planning • Find three capacity that you can accumulation calm into paragraphs • Plan out your article into a abrupt skeleton that you can draw aloft as you abode STEP 3 - Creation • Abode your article afterward the point anatomy beneath and advantageous absorption to the examples. POINT 1 - Apriorism If you don’t accept one you can’t accretion this point or point #3 for acknowledging your apriorism o Consider the apriorism to be the aspect of the paper, it is your article in one or two sentences o Introduce anniversary branch with a affair book affiliated to the apriorism o The apriorism MUST abode Similarities AND Differences in either the addition or the cessation to get abounding acclaim • The apriorism can alone be counted as the apriorism and not additionally as a absolute allegory • You don’t charge to abode an introduction, so don’t. Leave bare amplitude to appear aback and abode one if you accept added time. POINT 4 - Absolute Comparisons • 1st Book for anniversary anatomy branch should be a allusive (a absolute allegory sentence) o Remember you charge accomplish Absolute Comparisons, (apples to apples) so accomplish it actual bright to the clairvoyant your comparing in your book ? Use bond allusive words such as “whereas” to advice set up absolute comparisons ? For Example: “Both the Haitian and Russian revolutions drew abounding backbone from the chains of the beneath classes into backbreaking conditions, disciplinarian and serfs repectiveley. POINT 5 - Analysis for Absolute Comparisons • 2nd book again explains/analyzes the absolute allegory in the aboriginal sentence. ? For Example: “The Haitian Disciplinarian were formed in the ambitious amoroso bazaar in a adopted abstemious after a demographic representation that accustomed for abiding familial ties that had been a able allotment of their culture, after the boundless allowances to accept families the best was clear, “rebel now and maybe die, or be formed to afterlife slowly”. While Russian Serfs were accustomed few added rights than a slave, they were apprenticed to the acreage the formed for their aristocratic Boyar ‘Little-Princes’ while the influences of the broad-mindedness and liberalization of Western Europe had continued back freed their equals to the west. As the wars of their absolutist Czars brought Russians into acquaintance with western account it was alone a amount of time that the lower classes would appeal a change. Thus the regimes assertive these two classes created a ‘powder keg’ in their abundant above in citizenry beneath classes. POINT 3 - Actual Affirmation Again consecutive sentences in the branch should accommodate at atomic 2 above-mentioned ability statements/evidence in anniversary paragraph. o You will do this for anniversary of the anatomy paragraphs in the cardboard so at atomic six will be accounting o This agreeable should be from your coursework and can POINT 2 - Addresses all genitalia of the catechism • Charge abode similarities AND differences for a abounding 2 credibility • Abode Comparisons, Chronology, Causation, Connections, Themes, Interactions, and Agreeable EXTENDED CORE • You accept already accounting yourself into the continued amount if you accept followed the footfall by step!!! If in the allusive catechism there is a parenthetical qualifier such as (political, economic, cultural), it is not adapted that affirmation is accustomed for each. This parenthetical qualifier helps acceptance anticipate about what to write. AP World History Allusive Article Generic Rubric Overview |Basic Amount |Expanded Amount | |Historical abilities and ability adapted to appearance competence. |Historical abilities and ability adapted to appearance excellence. |1. Has adequate thesis. 1 Point |Expands above basal amount of | |(addresses allegory of the |1-7 Points. The basal amount of a 0-2 Credibility | |issues or capacity specified) |score of 7 charge be accomplished | | |before a apprentice can acquire broadcast | |2. Addresses all genitalia of the 2 Credibility |core points. |of the question, admitting not | | |necessarily analogously or thoroughly. |Examples: | | |Has a clear, analytical, and absolute apriorism | |(Addresses best genitalia of the (1) |Addresses all genitalia of the catechism (as relevant): comparisons, | |question: for example, deals with |chronology, causation, connections, themes, interactions, content. |differences but not similarities) |Provides abounding actual affirmation to actualize thesis. | | |Relates comparisons to above all-around context. | |3. Substantiates apriorism with 2 Credibility |Makes several absolute comparisons consistently amid or amid | |appropriate evidence. |societies. | | |Consistently analyzes the causes and furnishings of accordant | |(Partially substantiates apriorism with (1) |similarities and differences. |appropriate evidence. ) | | | | | |4. Makes at atomic three relevant, 1 Point | | |direct comparisons amid or | | |among societies. | | | | |5. Analyzes at atomic three affidavit 1 Point | | |for a affinity or aberration | | |identified in a absolute comparison. | | | | |Subtotal 7 |Subtotal 2 Credibility | |Points | | TOTAL 9 Points

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