comparison-contrast essay

    ASSIGNMENT 05 EN130 English Composition II Directions: Be abiding to save an cyberbanking archetype of your acknowledgment afore appointment it to for grading. Unless contrarily stated, acknowledgment in complete sentences, and be abiding to use actual English, spelling and grammar. Sources charge be cited in APA format. Your acknowledgment should be a minimum of two (2) double-spaced pages to a best of three (3) pages in length; accredit to the "Assignment Format" folio amid on the Advance Home folio for specific architecture requirements. Using what you’ve abstruse throughout this course, but abnormally in Lesson 5, address a well-developed comparison-contrast article on one of the afterward topics:  4 Research and analyze two online games. 4 Compare/contrast two computer programs. 4 Determine the best accord amid two altered computers. 4 Compare/contrast two business tactics. 4 Compare/contrast arcade online with acceptable shopping. 4 Compare/contrast two music groups or two teams. You may use alfresco sources if you certificate them application APA format, or you may address this article based absolutely on your knowledge/experience.

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