Comparison/Contrast Essay

Touchstone 2: Comparison/Contrast Essay ASSIGNMENT: Abstract a 3-4 folio (approximately 700-1000 words) comparison/contrast article in the advisory mode. In addition, you charge acknowledgment the "Think About Your Writing" questions, declared below, beneath your essay.  A. Instructions Begin by allotment a affair for your comparison/contrast essay. You are chargeless to baddest your own topic, or you may use one of the sample capacity listed below. However, you should accept a affair that you accept ability of so that you accept adequate credibility of allegory or adverse to altercate in your essay. You will charge to analyze or adverse two or three primary credibility about the two capacity you accept to address about, constant in an article with either four or six anatomy paragraphs, an anterior paragraph, and a conclusion. In adjustment to advance acquirements and growth, all essays you abide charge be anew accounting accurately for this course. Any recycled appointment will be beatific aback with a 0, and you will be accustomed one attack to accommodate the touchstone. Sample Affair Ideas: Compare or adverse two cities you’ve visited or that you’ve lived in Compare or adverse two associates of your family Compare or adverse two sources of news  Compare or adverse two singers in altered music genres Compare or adverse two actual figures Compare or adverse two artists (for example, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso or Keith Haring and Andy Warhol) Compare or adverse two eras in time  Compare or adverse two television series Compare or adverse two types of technologies (for example, Android and Apple phones or PlayStation and Xbox) Compare or adverse two medical capacity (for example, adequate anesthetic and avant-garde anesthetic or doctors and midwives) Remember that the two capacity you accept should accept a allusive affiliation so that you can draw comparisons or contrasts amid the two.  Your apriorism should back the capital abstraction of the article and acutely bright what two capacity you are comparing/contrasting. Because you are autograph in the advisory approach for this essay, you should use cold language. Remember that for this essay, you are not aggravating to actuate or argue the admirers that one affair is bigger or worse than the other; you are instead allegorical the clairvoyant about the similarities or differences amid the two capacity in an cold manner. Please agenda that if you use advice from any alfresco sources, you will charge to adduce them. Plagiarism is not adequate in bookish writing. B. Think About Your Writing After you’ve drafted your essay, acknowledgment the afterward questions about your writing. Accommodate answers to all of the questions beneath your essay.   1. Did you use the point-by-point or block adjustment to adapt your anatomy paragraphs? What fabricated you adjudge to adapt your article in this way (3-4 sentences)? Sophia says: Consider the means a comparison/contrast article can be organized. Which alignment did you accept and why? 2. In what means did autograph a comparison/contrast article alter from the Narrative article you wrote in Criterion 1? Give specific examples (3-4 sentences). Sophia says: Consider how the structure, point of view, and purpose of the two essays differ. 3. Remember that the autograph action is a recursive process, and your aboriginal abstract of an article is rarely your last. What allotment of the abstract did you attempt with (3-4 sentences)? Sophia says: Think about how you could advance the abstract if you connected the autograph action with afterlight and editing. C. Comparison/Contrast Guidelines Refer to the account beneath throughout the autograph process. Do not abide your Criterion until your abstract meets all of the guidelines. Print this checklist! Elements of a Comparison/Contrast Essay ❒ Are there cogent credibility of allegory or adverse amid the two capacity you accept selected? ❒ Do you accomplish bright comparisons or contrasts amid the two capacity aural the anatomy paragraphs of the essay? ❒ Are the anatomy paragraphs organized either by point or by subject? ❒ Accept you acclimated capricious words or phrases to announce credibility actuality compared or contrasted? ❒ Does the article accept a bright and constant focus of comparing and allegory two subjects? Thesis Statement ❒ Accept you included a clear, focused, and abundant apriorism statement? ❒ Does your apriorism accompaniment the capacity to be compared or assorted and accommodate the two or three credibility of allegory or contrast? ❒ Is your apriorism a distinct book amid in the anterior paragraph? Organization ❒ Is there an anterior branch that contains your apriorism statement? ❒ Are there four or six absolute anatomy paragraphs, anniversary with a bright affair sentence? ❒ Is there a cessation branch with a absolute statement? ❒ Accept you acclimated transitions to affix account amid sentences and paragraphs? Style and Tone ❒ Is the accent of the article cold and informative? ❒ Accept you anxiously advised your chat choices? ❒ Is the purpose of your article acutely to acquaint the clairvoyant about the similarities or differences amid the two subjects? Conventions ❒ Accept you arrested your article for grammatical and automated errors? ❒ Accept you acclimated spell analysis or addition adjustment to analysis spelling? Before you Submit ❒ Accept you included your name, date, and advance at the top larboard of the page? ❒ Accept you completed the “Think About Your Writing” questions? ❒ Is your article amid 3-4 pages (approximately 700-1000 words)? Requirements Your abstract charge be 3-4 folio (approximately 700-1000 words) Guidelines charge be followed or acquiescence will not be graded  Double-space your abstract and use one-inch margins. Use an easily-readable 12-point font. All autograph charge be adapted for an bookish context. Your abstract charge be aboriginal and accounting for this assignment.  Plagiarism of any affectionate is carefully prohibited.  Your acquiescence charge accommodate your name, the name of the course, the date, and the appellation of your draft. Your acquiescence charge accommodate your answers to the “Think About Your Writing” questions  Submit a distinct book that contains all of the appointment components. Acceptable book formats accommodate .doc and .docx.

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