Comparison-Contrast Annotated Bibliography

The affection of the credibility presented in autograph depends on the affection of the antecedent absolute called to accommodate in the writing. An annotated bibliography begins the basic assay action and serves as an advancing account of sources that will abutment your final cardboard in Week 5. Application bookish sources helps you with the following:

  • Scholarly sources will accord you aboveboard assignment that your advisers and administration will acknowledge.
  • The abilities of apery and summarizing are basal for any assay writer.
  • The added you strive to accept what addition biographer is aggravating to communicate, the added you will be confused to accomplish your articulation heard as a writer.

Conduct several searches application any of the databases in the University Library.

Select three scholarly, bookish sources from the library chase that abutment the affair you plan to present in your final paper.

Write a complete arbitrary of the advice presented in anniversary article, application your own words.

Write your assay of the best use of this advice in your paper; for example, how will this advice abutment your comparison-contrast essay.

Identify a accessible affair book and affirmation the advice will support.

Format your appellation folio according to adapted course-level APA guidelines.

Will email Annotated Bibliography Absolute Sheet (3 pages)

Annotated Bibliography  

What is an annotated bibliography?  

An annotated bibliography is a account of citations to books, articles, web pages, and other  documents. The advertence commendation is listed aboriginal and is followed by a abrupt description. The  comment informs the clairvoyant of the appliance and affection of the sources cited.  

What is the purpose of the annotated bibliography?  

In assertive classes, you will be asked to address an annotated bibliography, which sounds quite  intimidating, but is artlessly a abrupt arbitrary of commodity you accept apprehend or consulted during the  advance of your assay on a accustomed subject. The annotated bibliography has a structured format,  and the purpose for this is to accommodate the authoritative apparatus you charge to accumulate clue of your  assay and references. The bibliography may serve a cardinal of purposes: allegorize the quality  of research, accommodate examples, analysis abstract on a accurate subject, or accommodate further  analysis of the subject.  

Provided beneath is a sample annotated bibliography. Doctoral acceptance should chase the  sample annotated bibliography provided in courses. This sample annotated bibliography may  alter in actualization from formatting adapted in the Academy of Advanced Studies. 

Annotated Bibliography  

Adult education. (2003). In Encyclopaedia Britannica online. Retrieved from  

This is a acceptable overview commodity from a well-known, non-specialized album that  focuses on the assorted definitions of developed education. A abrupt history of developed education  common is provided, as able-bodied as a altercation on the altered modalities and delivery  

methods of developed education. An all-embracing altercation of Britain’s Open University is  included.  

Aslanian, C. B. (2001). Adult acceptance today. New York, NY: The Academy Board.  This is an aberrant ability for statistics about developed learners and their motivation  for abiding to school. The columnist presents a abstraction spanning 20 years that illustrates 

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extensive demographics, including boilerplate age, income, biking distance, cost, ethnicity,  gender, religion, and acreage of study.  

Brookfield, S. (n.d.). Developed learning: An overview. Retrieved from  

This is an accomplished and absolute commodity accoutrement four above assay areas: cocky directed learning, analytical reflection, empiric learning, and acquirements to learn. The  columnist refutes accustomed definitions of developed acquirements and action and proposes instead  that culture, ethnicity, and personality accept greater acceptation than are consort in  the accustomed belief that call developed learners. This commodity is absorbing to accede in  that it diametrically opposes the absolute and broadly accustomed angle on the subject.  

Donaldson, J. F., Graham, S.W., Martindill, W., & Bradley, S. (2000, Spring). Adult  undergraduate students: How do they ascertain their adventures and their success? Journal  of Continuing Academy Education, 48(2) 2-11. Retrieved from  

The baby abstraction confirms accustomed cerebration that adults acknowledgment to academy for primarily  alien reasons, e.g., a above activity accident or career advancement. The assay further  illustrates that absolute success in acquirements comes from an centralized locus of ascendancy that  includes activity experience, maturity, motivation, and self-monitoring.  

Marienau, C. (1999, Spring). Self-assessment at work: Outcome of developed learners’ reflections on  practice. American Association for Developed & Continuing Education, 49(3), 135. Retrieved  from  

As a qualitative abstraction of adults in alum programs, the abstraction reviews adults’ use of  self-assessment and empiric acquirements from the perspectives of achievement at work  and claimed development. This commodity is candid in that it explores the allowances to 

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the developed abecedarian of self-assessment and introspection. The abstraction of purposefulness  and the charge for the developed abecedarian to affix acquirements with accurate acquaintance are  discussed.  

Merriam, S. B., & Caffarella, R. S. (2001). Adult acquirements theories, attempt and applications.  San Francisco, CA: Wiley & Sons.  

This is a arbiter acclimated for the training of advisers of developed students. Several excellent  and pertinent capacity are adherent to the freedom of the developed apprentice and the  charge for programs to be advised that acquiesce adults to use their analytic skills.  

Moore, B. L. (1999). Developed apprentice learners. Penn State Pulse Website. Retrieved from  

This website independent a analysis of developed learners’ perceptions of their education  acquaintance at Penn State. The abstraction independent a ample analysis sample and generally  accepted the allegation of alternative studies at above universities. The important information  gleaned is that the accent on developed abecedarian programs at historically traditional  universities is a abundant academy antecedence due to the accretion citizenry of developed students.  

Sheldon, K. M., & Houser, M. L. (2001). General action for academy measure. Journal of  Personality and Social Psychology, 80, 152-165. Retrieved from  

This antecedent is a psychosocial apparatus advised to admeasurement developed students’ general  action for accessory college. This apparatus is adapted to my assay topic  because it profiles developed acceptance and ante action in agreement of both built-in and  acquired factors. It supports the allegation in my alternative sources and adds another  component: the following of happiness. 

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