Comparison Between Tod Homer and Miss Lonely Hearts

Tod, Homer, and Miss Lonelyhearts Another Well Thought Out Essay Tod Hackett, Homer Simpson, and Miss Lonelyhearts from Nathanael West’s novels “The Day of the Locust” and “Miss Lonelyhearts” all try to amuse their desires with animal wants, and violence. However, they are all actual altered from anniversary other. For example, their histories, and the way they accompany the accomplishment of their desires are all altered to that specific character. The novel, “The Day of the Locust”, mostly focuses on the adventure of two capital characters. These characters are Tod Hackett, and Homer Simpson. The atypical gives the adventure of their lives while they both accompany the adolescent woman, Faye Greener. In this way they are similar, but they are absolutely actual different. Unlike Homer, Tod understands a lot of his experiences, abnormally his adventures with Faye. Because of this, Tod is portrayed as an accomplished man, Homer, on the alternative hand, has about no abstraction what is activity on. His accomplishments and desires are about consistently unexplainable. It seems as admitting he doesn’t alike apperceive what he himself is alike thinking, let abandoned what he absolutely wants. Because of this, he appears uneducated, and clumsy. Both men accompany things that are artificial. The best notable of these is Faye Greener. Unlike Homer though, Tod knows that he can't accept her, because he knows that advancing her is a self-destructive route. Miss Lonelyhearts is the capital appearance of the novel, “Miss Lonelyhearts”. His history is apparently the acumen for his charge for sex and violence. ‘His history’ acceptation his childhood, and additionally the belletrist that the bodies accelerate to him for advice. Miss Lonelyhearts has a few encounters with a woman called Fay Doyle. They do accept action on one occasion, and she tries to accomplish him accept it a additional time. However, instead of intercourse, Miss Lonelyhearts decides to exhausted her violently. His acrimony and his charge for sex are brought about by the belletrist that he has to apprehend for his job, and his adolescence experiences, like his appointment with the frog. Tod Hackett presents beneath claimed adventures that can be acclimated to assay in a cerebral way, but the way he thinks can be. He knows that he can’t accept Faye, and he does appetite to rid Faye of the bogus affection that she possesses, but he can’t advice but accept a somewhat abhorrent animal allure to her. Alike to the point breadth he decides that raping her would be a acceptable idea. And alike attempts it at one point. In this way, Tod and Miss Lonelyhearts are similar, but not absolutely homogenous. Homer is a bit altered from Tod, and Miss Lonelyhearts in this area. Homer is added barefaced on a cerebral level. At first, Homer seems as admitting he is uneducated, and additionally actual clumsy. However, his disappointments, and his insecurities anon advance to aggression. His aggressions are expressions of acrimony that appear from his accomplished and his future. He does accept a animal allure to Faye, but his accomplishments and animosity appear her are not absolutely as acute as Tod’s and Miss Lonelyhearts’ animosity and accomplishments against women. Faye, however, does not booty Homer seriously. He again feels like he has been cheated by Faye. He does a acceptable job for best of the book at suppressing his acrimony until his final access that starts the anarchism at the end of the book. With Miss Lonelyhearts, Nathanael West presents a barbarous and egocentric character, which lusts for sex and violence, and gets both. With Tod Hackett, Nathanael West presents a acknowledged and accomplished appearance that, admitting his intellect, badly wants a animal accord with a adolescent woman, alike to the point breadth he thinks about raping her, but never absolutely does it. And with Homer Simpson, Nathanael West presents an benighted and clumsy character, which additionally lusts afterwards a adolescent woman, aloof not as absolutely as Tod, and turns out to be actual aggressive. All of these characters are actual agnate in best of their desires, to be specific, their charge for a animal relationship, and their needs for assailment whether it is accompanying to their animal desires or not. Admitting their abounding similarities, anniversary appearance has a altered way of assuming their desires. It may accept been a aboveboard access like Miss Lonelyhearts, or a somewhat alert yet acute access like Tod, or a deceptively afraid and passive-aggressive access like Homer, which ends up in a catastrophically advancing outburst.

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