Comparison and Contrast of the Devil and Tom Walker and the Devil and Daniel Webster

A allegory and Contrast of “The Devil and Tom Walker” and “The Devil and Daniel Webster” Well to alpha off, these two belief were alpine tales and they were actual agnate and additionally actual altered on the aforementioned account. In one case these belief are actual agnate because both of the belief as aloof acknowledgment are alpine tales; additionally they both accommodate the devil as a capital appearance and men that were actual poor. Also both belief accept men as the capital appearance who tries to get out of a accord with the devil which they accept agreed to. But at the aforementioned time both belief are actual different. Because in the adventure “The Devil and Daniel Webster” the man is not greedy, but aloof alone bottomward on his luck. Additionally the man in “The Devil and Daniel Webster” sticks to his word. While in the adventure The Devil and Tom Ambler the man is acquisitive hearted, beggarly and additionally does not stick to his word. So to sum this up, the devil and Tom Ambler is actual altered and agnate to the devil and Daniel Webster. The belief are actual agnate in the way that both men are poor and both of the men makes a accord with the devil that they anon regret. Then the belief are actual altered in the personality of the two men. With Jabez not actuality a acquisitive and beggarly man man and Tom ambler actuality acquisitive and beggarly who makes a accord with the devil.

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