Comparer shopping Saudi Arabia

The United States and Saudi Arabia both accept their own different way of shopping. It is not accepted that we in AKA are spending an hour or added in advanced of the computer awning attractive for clothes, shoes and alternative claimed items like furniture, cars, and audio systems. However, in the United States I anticipate that abounding bodies like to boutique online from Amazon or others companies online. First of all, based on this simple fact, I accept hat there is a aberration amid Saudi Arabia and the United States about how bodies like to shop. For instance, in Saudi Arabia there are added than ten malls in anniversary burghal that has added than 10,000 people. Rather than in America, Saudi Arabia has abounding added abode for you to buy these items like abounding added accouterment stores, food for shoes etc. On the alternative hand, I accept lived in three states which accommodate Kentucky, Texas and New York. Anniversary burghal has added than 10. 000 people, but all of the cities accept no added than two malls. So to me, Saudi bodies like to go out for arcade rather than arcade online like Americans. Secondly, there is a lot of web sites that abounding bodies in America use to acquisition vehicles. For Instance, Internet browser sites like 'cars. Amend scraggliest can advice bodies boutique about and chase for assertive cars, such as Honda, Toyota and Ionians, but In Saudi Arabia there are no web sites like that at all. So In conclusion, to me America spends abundant added time accomplishing online arcade than our country area bodies would absorb time In the malls with our ancestors and friends. Finally, I anticipate that anybody has their own way of arcade and which way they would Like to shop. Aimed Littoral, September, 25 14

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