Compare Two Theories Of Learning Education Essay

This article is activity to be discussing two altered theories of acquirements aural the Early Years Foundation Stage. The two theories that are activity to be compared are the approach of Operant Conditioning which was conducted by Skinner and the additional was the Amusing Acquirements Approach which was conducted by Bandura. The aboriginal approach that will be discussed is Operant Conditioning.

B F Skinner was a behaviourist who advised children’s behaviour and from this he developed the approach of Operant Conditioning. Skinner developed the abstraction of Operant Conditioning the assignment of Edward Thorndike. One analogue of Operant Conditioning is: “behaviour that is followed by affable after-effects tend to be afresh and appropriately learned. Behaviour that is followed by abhorrent after-effects tends not to be afresh and appropriately not learned.” (Alberto and Troutman, 2006; pg. 12). Operant Conditioning consists of two altered types of reinforcement. The aboriginal blazon of accretion is absolute reinforcement. Absolute accretion is a way of reinforcing a adapted behaviour in accouchement through absolute acknowledgment or rewards. For example, in agreement of learning, a practitioner may acclaim a adolescent for giving the actual acknowledgment to a question. There are two altered types of absolute reinforcement. These are absolute reinforcers and abrogating reinforcers. Absolute reinforcers are back a absolute aftereffect is acclimated as a reward. So for example, if a adolescent is behaving a sticker will be accustomed to them at the end of the day. Abrogating reinforcers are back article abrogating is taken abroad back the adolescent does article good. So for example, if a adolescent has not behaved and accept been told that they are activity to be missing some of their comedy and the adolescent does article acceptable afterwards on the adolescent will accept their comedy returned. The additional blazon of accretion is abrogating reinforcement. This is additionally accepted as punishment. Abrogating accretion can be explained by the abatement of a abrogating bang to access the likelihood of the adolescent acting in the adapted way. For example, if two accouchement are consistently talking to anniversary alternative abrogating accretion would absorb amid the two accouchement so that they cannot allocution to anniversary other. There are two altered types of abrogating reinforcement. These are abrogating abuse and absolute punishment. Abrogating abuse is area article absolute the adolescent has been accustomed is taken abroad from them afterwards bad behaviour. If the academy uses a blueprint arrangement such as a bubble blueprint to appearance children’s behaviour and a adolescent has behaved throughout the day and had their name put on the rainbow, if they afresh misbehave they will be confused lower bottomward the blueprint appear the cloud. Absolute abuse is area the adolescent is disobedient and they accept a abrogating acknowledgment for it. An archetype of this is area the adolescent a adolescent gets scolded for poor behaviour. Addition archetype of this is area a adolescent rocks on their and are told off for it. If they do it afresh and abatement off of the armchair and aching themselves they will apprentice not to do it again. Accouchement aural the Early Years Foundation Stage are still acquirements the aberration amid what is adapted and what is wrong. Operant Conditioning Approach is accordant to accouchement of this age accumulation due to the actuality that the key abstraction of this approach is accolade and punishment. If accouchement are adored for acceptable behaviour and punished for bad behaviour consistently, they are added acceptable to apprentice the actual way to behave.

Skinner’s Operant Conditioning Approach can acutely be apparent aural my setting. Throughout my ambience anniversary of the classes use Operant Conditioning a lot with the children. In my accurate classroom, the abecedary uses a arrangement accepted as the bubble system. The children’s names alpha off on the sun at the alpha of the day and if they behave absolutely able-bodied and assignment absolutely adamantine afresh there name will be confused up to the bubble and if they abide to assignment adamantine afresh their names move up to the pot of gold. At the end of the day if there are accouchement whose names are still on the pot of gold afresh they accept a sticker. However, if the accouchement are actuality disruptive, they are accustomed a admonishing by the abecedary and if they backpack on afresh their names and confused bottomward to the blurred sky angel and afresh if they still backpack on their names will be confused bottomward to the rain cloud. I feel that Operant Conditioning approach is accordant in my ambience as it is acclimated consistently throughout the school. Firstly, it is not aloof in the EYFS it is used, it is additionally acclimated in all of the alternative classes through a arete system. The arete arrangement is actual acceptable as if the accouchement get abundant claim throughout the year and their time in the academy they accept a reward. Also, on Sports Day, they academy is breach into six altered groups and if the claim anniversary adolescent gets throughout the year for their accumulation is added to the absolute they accept on Sports Day and the accumulation that wins is accustomed the House Cup. Addition acumen why I feel that Operant Conditioning is accordant in my ambience is due to the actuality that it is constant throughout the accomplished school. It is not aloof acclimated in the classroom, they additionally use it in assemblies. For example, throughout the assemblies the practitioners airing about and beam the accouchement and those that are behaving throughout the accomplished of the accumulation will accept arete credibility to duke to their teacher. However, there are some weaknesses in the means in which this arrangement in acclimated aural my setting. For example, although it is a acceptable idea, I feel that not all of the accouchement are recognised for their acceptable behaviour. Although I accept that it may be difficult for the practitioners to recognise all of the accouchement that are behaving well, some of the accouchement may feel that they are not noticed for behaving appropriately.

The additional approach in which is activity to be discussed aural this article is Albert Bandura’s Amusing Acquirements Theory. Albert Bandura is a behaviourist theorist. Amusing Acquirements Approach is based mainly on Behaviourism and Cognitive Theory. The capital account abaft the Amusing Acquirements Approach are modelling and observation. An archetype of Amusing Acquirements Approach aural a academy ambience is back a adolescent is disobedient and addition adolescent who is actual accustomed with adolescent imitates their behaviour. Amusing Acquirements Approach is accordant to the Early Years Foundation Stage due to the actuality that the key abstraction of this accurate approach is apery and modelling. Accouchement of this akin and age tend to archetype others in agreement of how they behave. They additionally tend to archetype those that are role models to them.

Bandura’s Amusing Acquirements Approach is additionally axiomatic aural my placement. Throughout the academy the agents act as acceptable role models for the accouchement and they try to get accouchement to carbon acceptable behaviour. For archetype in my adjustment the agents try to get the accouchement to carbon acceptable behaviour that they see aural the classroom setting. So if a adolescent is not sitting agilely and addition adolescent is the abecedary is acceptable to animadversion on the child’s acceptable behaviour. Afresh the abecedary will acquaint the adolescent disobedient that should act how the alternative adolescent is acting. The approach is additionally axiomatic aural my adjustment through the practitioners themselves. For example, accouchement tend to imitate the means in which their agents behave, so the practitioners aural my ambience behave in means in which they appetite the accouchement to behave so that the accouchement will carbon acceptable behaviour. I feel that this approach is additionally accordant in my placement. There are some strengths and weaknesses to this approach actuality acclimated in the EYFS. Aboriginal of all the strengths of application this approach in my adjustment are that if a adolescent is behaving able-bodied in the classroom, alternative accouchement about them are added acceptable to archetype this behaviour. However, a weakness of this approach actuality acclimated aural my adjustment is that accouchement who are not behaving and are not addressed by the practitioner are additionally acceptable to accept that behaviour apish by alternative accouchement in the chic which could advance to abounding of the accouchement behaving in this way.

Operant Conditioning and Amusing Acquirements Approach are altered in abounding altered ways. Aboriginal of all; in Operant Conditioning the capital focus is on advantageous acceptable behaviour and backbreaking bad behaviour, but in Amusing Acquirements Approach the capital focus is on accouchement replicating behaviours that they accept empiric and witnessed from their role models. Addition way in which operant conditioning and amusing acquirements approach alter from anniversary alternative is in agreement of back accouchement learn. Aboriginal of all, in operant conditioning, accouchement apprentice how to behave from what they accept accomplished previously, admitting with amusing acquirements theory, accouchement apprentice from anniversary acquaintance back they imitate a behaviour from the practitioner or their classmates.

Both of these theories are additionally agnate in abounding altered ways. Aboriginal of all, both of the theories focus on accouchement celebratory behaviour and behaving in a way that they accept learnt is the adapted way. So for archetype in operant conditioning the accouchement beam alternative accouchement about them behaving to get rewards or they themselves accept behaved in adjustment to get rewards and they accept learnt that to get the accolade they charge to behave the aforementioned way in which they did before. In amusing acquirements approach the accouchement beam alternative bodies about them behaving in a accurate way and they imitate this behaviour, abnormally if it is addition they accede a role archetypal or it is addition who they are actual acceptable accompany with.

To conclude, both of these theories are actual advantageous to use in a classroom ambience back alive with adolescent children. However, from my acquaintance I feel that Bandura’s Amusing Acquirements Theory, may not be the best approach to use back alive with the EYFS due to the actuality that the accouchement are actual adolescent and do not absolutely accept the abstraction of acceptable and bad behaviour and they do tend to imitate the behaviour of those about them that they are accompany with. Overall, I do feel that although there are limitations back application Amusing Acquirements Approach both Operant Conditioning and Amusing Acquirements Approach do assignment able-bodied calm in acceptable practitioners in educating the accouchement aural the EYFS.

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