Compare independent variables, dependent variables, and extraneous variables.

 : Topic 4 DQ 1 Schmidt (2018) states that the absolute capricious is, “The alpha or augur variable. It is manipulated in the analysis to beam the aftereffect on the abased variable.” The abased capricious is what is afflicted by the absolute variable. It can change in acknowledgment to the absolute capricious (Schmidt, 2018). The commodity “Experimental abstraction with nursing agents accompanying to the ability about burden ulcers” uses a abundant archetype of absolute variables and abased variables. The cold of the abstraction was to analyze burden abrasion (PI) ability with a sample of nurses afore and again afterwards accepting a absolute of 10 hours of apprenticeship on PI classification, prevention, and treatment. The educational interventions were captivated for one hour, already a week, for 10 weeks. The apprenticeship acquired from the interventions was the absolute variable. The educational assets were a mix of resources; PowerPoint presentations, accumulation discussions, hands-on convenance and printed handouts were all used. The advisers could dispense these assets or change the breadth of the educational sessions which could affect the bulk of ability acquired (the abased variable).  Schmidt (2018) defines accidental variables as “A capricious that can access the accord amid the absolute and abased variables; can be controlled either through analysis architecture or statistical procedures; were not advancing or accepted at the alpha of the study.” Influencing the absolute and abased variables will affect the aftereffect of the study. Accidental ascendancy trials (RCTs) are one adjustment for authoritative accidental variables. Riccardo et al. stated, “RCTs are advised to abbreviate accidental variables so that a absolute cause-and-effect accord can be discerned amid an action and an empiric outcome. For these affidavit they are advised the gold accepted for evaluating analysis ability according to allotment requirements” (2021). Another way to abbreviate accidental variables is through accidental sampling. This won’t annihilate accidental variables, but it ensures adequation amid all groups. using 200-300 words APA architecture with at atomic two references to abutment the discussion.  Compare absolute variables, abased variables, and accidental variables. Describe two means that advisers attack to ascendancy accidental variables. Abutment your acknowledgment with peer-reviewed articles. 

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