compare contrast Essay

1 English 1A –    Compare and Contrast Essay THE BASICS:  Every abundant commodity begins with an idea.  Decide on a affair that you accept a able absorption in.  What subjects do you already accept ability about?  You will acquisition autograph your commodity easier if you write about a affair that you already apperceive commodity about.  Find two opposing credibility of angle or two agnate credibility of appearance from authors who accept already written commodity on the affair you are using.  This is a 3-5 page, typed, bifold spaced commodity comparing and allegory the opinions/texts of two altered authors.  Use the words from your toolbox, i.e. genre, advised audience, stance, purpose, medium, tone, and ambience to assay your two articles. Successful affidavit will authenticate able account and analytic skill, abutting absorption to the primary essay, acceptable acumen selecting and application the accessory source, aboriginal thinking, accuracy of anticipation and purpose.  The commodity charge be in the able format. ESSAY STRUCTURE: Your aboriginal branch is your introduction. Make your apriorism the aftermost book in your introduction. Prove your apriorism in the body. Anatomy paragraphs should accessible with a affair book that supports your thesis. A anatomy branch should prove its affair book with affirmation and examples. Your concluding branch should not artlessly echo the body; it should go with your addition and body, but booty a footfall out somehow. TITLE: Appellation your cardboard to advice your clairvoyant ahead your subject. A acceptable appellation is one that cannot be used for every cardboard on your topic; it goes with your cardboard exactly. GENERATING IDEAS: 1.    Brainstorm: booty a few abnormal of absorption as account activate to appear to apperception and address them down.  There will apparently be bristles or six key capacity that are of interest. 2.    Define your affair and address bottomward as abounding facts that you alone apperceive about the topic. 3.    Research: Application the abstracts abject at the library, chase for your topic, aces a few accessories that bolt your attention.  Read and reread the two accessories you best until you absolutely accept the argument and assessment of anniversary author. 4.    Planning: Address a alive apriorism and affair sentences.  Outline anniversary article.   5.    Start writing:  Each branch should accept a affair sentence.  A well-written apriorism will advance the alignment of the essay. INFORM AND PERSUADE by including some of these patterns of development:  Definition: How do you ascertain this? How does the concordance ascertain it? What is the history of this term/topic? Does anybody accede on its definition, and why or why not? If not, what credibility are in dispute?  Illustration : What examples of this are decidedly accessible in answer it?  Process: How does this work? How do you do this?  Cause and Effect: What causes this? How generally does it happen? What ability anticipate it from happening? What are its effects? What may appear because of it in the abbreviate term? What may happen as a aftereffect of it over time?  Comparison and Contrast: What is agnate to this, and how? Is this added or beneath adorable than the agnate thing?  Classification and Division : Of what beyond accumulation is this member? Or, what are its parts? How can this be subdivided? Are there assertive types or kinds of this? The final portfolio charge accommodate an outline of the accessories you are using, the 1 st asperous abstract and 2 nd draft.  The final abstract charge be typed and bifold spaced. An cyberbanking book of the final commodity needs to be uploaded on Canvas. 

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