Compare and Contrast Two Countries Using Hofstede’s Six Dimensions

  Option #1: Analyze and Adverse Two Countries Application Hofstede’s Six Dimensions Follow the accomplish beneath to address a analyze and adverse cardboard on Hofstede’s six dimensions: Review the advice provided on Hofstede’s Six Ambit of Culture in this week’s lecture. Choose two countries to analyze application Hofstede’s Six Ambit of Culture.  To analyze the countries, admission the Country Allegory area of The Hofstede Center  website. Baddest one country in the dropdown card to see that country’s  values for the six dimensions. After you accept called that country, you  can again baddest a added country to see a allegory of their scores. Consider how the cultural differences amid these two countries appulse assignment relationships. Your cardboard should be 3-4 pages in length. Use the analyze and  contrast article guidelines presented in this week’s lecture.  Be abiding to  conform to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.  Include at atomic two added references in accession to those in your  required readings.  The CSU-Global Library is a acceptable abode to acquisition  these references.

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