compare and contrast the government and political system of the United States with that of another country of your choice

  For your portfolio project, analyze and adverse the government and political arrangement of the United States with that of accession country of your choice.  Required Elements: Introduction with a apriorism statement Type of government (i.e. adumbrative democracy, monarchy, theocracy, dictatorship, etc.) Source of the government's ability (i.e. Constitution or alternative accounting certificate or documents) Branches or apparatus of government Structure Function Powers How leaders/major admiral are chosen Political parties Role in all-around politics, such as associates in all-embracing organizations (United Nations, NATO, etc.) Citizens Requirements for citizenship Rights of citizens Requirements to vote Voter assembly in best contempo election Relationship amid the United States and the alternative country, including any accepted conflicts or disagreements Your appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of anniversary country's government and political system Summarizing conclusion Your cardboard should be 8-10 pages in breadth and accommodate to CSU All-around Writing Center (Links to an alien site.). Include at atomic 10 bookish references in accession to the advance textbook.  The CSU All-around Library is a acceptable abode to acquisition these references. 

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