Compare and contrast the attractions and facilities for visitors

Weston-Super-Mare and Brean Leisure Park are two altered day-tripper sites abreast anniversary other. * Analyze and adverse the attractions and accessories for visitors to these areas * What appulse does tourism accept on the surrounding area? * Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Weston-Super-Mare Brean Leisure Park Introduction This activity is based about tourism, we accept been asked to acknowledgment a catechism that is about tourism in the two areas abreast to anniversary other. These two areas are Weston-Super-Mare bank and Brean Leisure Park. The catechism is first, to analyze and adverse the attractions and accessories for visitors to these areas. Two, what appulse does tourism accept on the surrounding area? And three, do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? The aboriginal catechism is the capital question, I anticipate that it is allurement me to acquisition out which breadth is the best breadth for tourism, ecology issues, residential issues (what the locals think) and which breadth is the best to go to? The locations we are to investigate are; Weston Super Mare bank and Brean Leisure Park, both of these locations are abreast anniversary alternative on the south west bank of England, the areas we are accoutrement are about the aforementioned admeasurement and are both about the aforementioned ambit from any motorway or above road, this alley is the M5 motorway. This will accomplish the analysis hardly fairer amid the two locations. Maps of the Arena and Local Area The filigree references for the two locations are: Weston-Super-Mare Bank (Pier): 51�20`51.50"N + 2�58`54.97"W Brean Leisure Park (Main Entrance): 51�17`07.28"N + 3�00`40.79"W Main Cities The capital cities abreast to the two locations are Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Southampton, big towns would accommodate Bridgewater, Minehead, Clevedon, Artery and maybe Frome. Major Carriage Link The best above carriage articulation that is abutting to Weston and Brean is the M5 active south accomplished Bristol, Weston, Brean and Lympsham. Best tourists would use this avenue to get to the two areas. Additionally the M4 is affiliated to the M5. This is our apple of influence, the breadth in which our tourism and advertisement will be best benign and listened to. The accomplishments of tourism in Weston is an old record, the aboriginal acumen that Weston became a day-tripper boondocks goes aback to Victorian times, this is back British bank holidays became absolutely popular, and accordingly it has been a day-tripper centre for years and is still on top as one of the best places to go for a British holiday. It has abounding attractions such as a aerial artery for shopping, an arcade boondocks for gaming and the admirable berth for added gaming; this makes it actual accepted for bodies to appear to accept a acceptable time, either over the weekend or for a week. There are ablaze amenities such as a hospital, toilets, bins, restaurants and accommodation. On the alternative duke Brean has altered types of attractions and amenities such as a Leisure Park and the beach, the amenities are about the aforementioned as Weston except the adaptation is set up as band parks instead of hotels, Weston has no caravans but it has abounding hotels lining the bank which I anticipate may about-face out to be a above aberration in how abundant and what blazon of tourism anniversary breadth gets. Brean in accepted started as a accustomed breadth abounding of actual value. The civic assurance took buying and adequate the Down (The Capital Headland) from any building, although others started architecture about it, it allegedly started absorption back bodies began to appear to the armpit for holidays and again begin out about the Neapolitan Fort (also acclimated in World War 2) and additionally the alluring history of the headland. Overall bodies get admiring to this accepted arena not alone because of the beaches, alike admitting it's the capital acceptance acumen but additionally all about the breadth there are above arcade center's, ball in Bristol and additionally surrounding Weston and Brean are the Mendip hills, absolute for a walking and camping holidays.

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