Compare And Contrast Essay Ideas

Jamar Jenkins Comp 1-003 K. Bennett 10 Nov. 2012 Compare and Contrast Accouterment has abounding altered styles and sizes, but it is additionally akin in abounding ways. For one, accouterment is bare by everyone. Accouterment has acquired a lot aback if aboriginal became used. A aberration would be that not anybody wears the aforementioned blazon of clothing. For instance, American Eagle and Hollister are two types of accouterment brands which accept abounding similarities and differences. Aboriginal of all, American Eagle has some things that Hollister dosage not. The accouterment is abundant cheaper in American Eagle than in Hollister. With cheaper clothing, they draw in added customers, which gives them an befalling to accomplish sales. They additionally backpack a few added colors than Hollister does. For instance, American Eagle sells black, but Hollister does not instead they accept fleet blue. With them accepting a added array of accouterment colors, they are accustomed to fit the needs of added customers. Addition acceptable affair about American Eagle is the music, it is upbeat and not so loud like Hollister. This is acceptable because aback earlier bodies appear in they will not get a headache, like they would in Hollister. This in about-face would accomplish bodies break best and do added shopping. Addition acceptable affair is the lighting in the store. The lights are ablaze which allows bodies to see the accouterment abundant better. This will lower the acknowledgment amount because they will be able to see the account well, and will not get home and apprehend it is the amiss blush or something. One aftermost affection is they accept bigger sizes in clothing. This additionally allows them to advice abounding bodies including the bodies that Hollister can not, because they do not accept abounding sizes. The sizes are one of the bigger affidavit they get a lot of customers. A con about American Eagle is that the accouterment they advertise is actual thin. Them accepting attenuate accouterment does not accomplish American Eagle a acceptable best for winter clothing, clashing Hollister. That is why during the winter Hollister gets a lot added customers. American additionally does not accept a lot of altered styles. Best of their accouterment is alike; there absolutely is not a big aberration in the way they look. On the alternative duke Hollister has abounding altered types of clothing. Hollister has abounding things that American Eagle does not. Clashing American Eagle, Hollister has abounding altered types of clothing. The accouterment in Hollister ranges from cardigans to sandals. A lot of bodies go to Hollister for clothes that are nice, but at the aforementioned time absolutely comfortable. Best of the bodies that appear in already apperceive what they want. Hollister additionally has abundant bigger chump account than American Eagle does. The workers at Hollister are actual accessible and friendly. Addition pro is that the accouterment is actual blubbery in Hollister, way thicker than American Eagle. The blubbery accouterment makes Hollister a actual acceptable abode to buy winter clothing. One of the cons about Hollister is the aerial prices. Although they accept way bigger clothing, Hollister’s prices about bifold some of American Eagles prices. This can be a big con, because the prices are what best barter attending at. Addition bad affair about Hollister is that the abundance is absolutely dark. With the abundance actuality so aphotic the barter can not absolutely see all of the items that the abundance has to offer. Bodies tend to ask area things are a lot, added than they would in addition store. Abounding bodies additionally acknowledgment things a lot, because they did not see it able-bodied with the aphotic lights in the store. One of the best complained about things in Hollister is the acutely loud music. The music in Hollister is so loud; bodies can apprehend it no amount area they are in the mall. With the music actuality so loud a lot of the costumers do not break long. American Eagle and Hollister may accept a lot of differences, but they do accept some things in common. The bigger affair that they accept in accepted is that they are both actual acknowledged brands. These two brands are accretion added and added every day. They both abide at the top of today’s appearance amid adolescence and adolescent adults. Both food are able-bodied accepted about the U. S. as able-bodied as alternative countries. Another affair that these two food accept in accepted is the locations. Hollister and American Eagle are in about every capital in the U. S. Addition one of the qualities the two food allotment is comfort. These two food accept congenital their names off comfort, and it keeps the barter advancing back. Although both food accept their pros and cons, they are actual accepted brands. Hollister and American Eagle we be about for a continued time to come. They both accept appear a continued way aback they originated, and are both actual successful. Even admitting these food accept their differences, they allotment some able qualities and are abundant stores.

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