Compare and Contrast A Raisin in the Sun.

Compare/Contrast Paper on “Raisin in the Sun, “by Lorraine Hansberry. The comedy “A Raisin in the Sun,” was a radically new representation of atramentous life, advisedly authentic, angrily unsentimental, and brave in its eyes of what happens to bodies whose dreams are consistently deferred. I compared Act One, Arena 2, in the comedy and the film. The ambience in the comedy is on a Saturday morning, and abode charwoman is in action at the Youngers. In the film, the ambience is the aforementioned as play, with lighting and costumes. The artifice in the comedy is aback Mrs. Younger gets the allowance analysis of $10,000. In the film, the artifice is the same, but includes music not mentioned in the play. The chat in the blur has some deletions from the aboriginal text, with new chat added throughout the scene. Some blur techniques acclimated are: the blur cuts aback and alternating to altered characters, the allowance is able-bodied lit with the sunshine advancing in through the window, and music is added throughout some genitalia of this scene. Perhaps the bigger aberration amid the comedy and the blur in this arena involves dialogue. Much of the chat is deleted; however, new chat is added through some genitalia of this scene. Also, in the play, the mailman comes up to their accommodation and rings the doorbell clashing the film, Travis runs up to him alfresco the architecture and gets the mail from him appropriate abroad and runs aback to accord it to Mrs. Younger (his grandma). Racism was aggressive during the 1950’s and this generally hindered African American dreams. What is the American dream? In the play, A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, Walter is depicted as actuality a actual aggressive and bent man. He generally had dreams of authoritative a bigger activity for his ancestors and himself. One way of authoritative a extensive his dream was to accessible a liquor store. “I got a dream…. I got to booty authority of this actuality world; I’m activity to accessible a liquor store. ” (p. 701). This is all Walter dreams about. A way for him to accomplish this dream is to advance the $10,000 allowance money from his father’s death. Walter’s dream conflicts with his mother’s, Lena’s (mama’s), dream. Lena, accepted as mama, is a strong, caring, and actual religious woman. She works actual adamantine to try and advice her ancestors accept the best. She dreams of owning a abode for the ancestors “You should apperceive the dream I accept of owning a abode and acclimation it up and authoritative me a little garden” (p. 707). This brings about battle with the alternative ancestors members, decidedly Walter who is already set on aperture his own liquor store.

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