Comparative Literary Analysis

If you were placed assimilate a abandoned island in the average of boilerplate with no achievement of actuality rescued, alike the best affable being would about-face to abomination by the end. This is a actuality about animal nature, and at one point bodies lose their behavior and values. In The Crucible and the Lord of the Flies, both authors, Miller and Golding, appearance the angry in nature, the action for truth, and mob mentality in assertive situations. Abigail Williams and Jack both become actual ability athirst by the end and appearance the angry in nature, while John Proctor and Simon are attractive for the truth, and Mary Warren and SamnEric chase the mob mentality that is activity around. In The Crucible, Abigail Williams is aboriginal apparent as a adolescent speaking the accuracy and pointing out the bodies in the boondocks who are “witches”. Anybody in the boondocks believes her and her accumulation of friends. But as she realizes that she has the ability to adjudge anyone as a witch, she overuses that power. Since Abigail desires to be with John Proctor, but he is not accommodating to be with her due to his wife, Abigail decides to adjudge Elizabeth Proctor as a witch, so that she would be able to be with John. This acutely shows how bodies can use their ability that they ability accept for their own acceptable and use it for evil. This occurs in The Lord of the Flies aback Jack boring becomes added and added ability hungry. Throughout the novel, Jack consistently wants to become arch but Ralph is alleged as arch and this did not amuse Jack. But as the atypical progresses, Jack boring turns to savagery, and the others chase Jack with his savagery. An archetype is his agrarian hunts for pigs, and his crazy dances afterwards killing the pig. He feels abundant added able as added bodies alpha to adore killings pigs with him and he starts to anatomy a blazon of mob. “His apperception was awash with memories: memories of the ability that had appear to them aback they bankrupt in on the disturbing pig, ability that they had outwitted a active thing, imposed their will aloft it, taken abroad its activity like a continued acceptable drink. ”(Golding 70) This adduce explores Jack’s brainy accompaniment in the after-effects of killing his aboriginal pig. This hardly shows the abatement into aboriginal behavior. This adduce shows Jack’s animosity of ability and ahead he adventures afterwards killing the pig. This ability boring transitions into creating his mob and accepting added ability from anybody about him, which causes him to become the chief. With this ability he gains, Jack now controls best of the island, which allows him to do about annihilation he wants, including to set the island on blaze aloof to annihilate Ralph. At the aforementioned time in both The Crucible and The Lord of the Flies, John Proctor and Simon are attractive for the accuracy for the abhorrence in which anybody was activity crazy in the boondocks or island. In The Crucible, John Proctor looks for the accuracy as he questions the bluntness of the girls calling out the witches in the town. John anxiously looks for affirmation to prove that the girls aren’t cogent the truth. Fortunately Mary Warren admits to John that they are all arena forth alone because of Abigail. But at the courthouse, no one believes Mary Warren, and she is additionally alleged a witch, so to save herself, she blames John Proctor in aggressive Mary to lie. As abundant as John tries to action for the truth, he fails at assuming anybody because of the ability anybody abroad has over him. Simon in The Lord of the Flies additionally fails to appearance the accuracy over the “beast” that anybody feared. “‘As if’, said Simon, ‘the beastie, the barbarian or snake thing, was real. Remember?’” (Golding 50) From the alpha Simon doubts the accuracy about this barbarian in the island and tries to assure the adolescent kids that there is no beast. Simon is the alone appearance who absolutely looks out to acquisition the accuracy about the beast. But in the end, he is apparent as the barbarian and is asleep by the boys who change into savages. Aback Simon allotment to the bivouac to acquaint anybody what the barbarian that anybody has feared of, he is mistaken as the barbarian and never gets to explain the truth. This is aloof like John Proctor in which he is additionally asleep afore the accuracy gets out. This allegory is agnate because both Simon and John were the alone bodies to acknowledge the accuracy to the accessible but no one listens to them, and they end up asleep afore they say anything. During all of this in The Crucible and The Lord of the Flies, there are the leaders, Abigail and Jack, and again there are the followers, Mary Warren and SamnEric. In The Crucible, Mary Warren follows the mob mentality because of Abigail, and the abhorrence of accepting caught. If Mary did not chase what Abigail had said in the alpha to comedy forth with her, Abigail abuse to annihilate them all, or at atomic aching them. Due to this Mary went forth with the mob. Although Mary tries to acknowledge in the courtroom, in the end she still retreats aback to the mob mentality and blames John Proctor. This additionally happens in The Lord of the Flies aback SamnEric accompany Jack’s mob. “Now the corrective accumulation acquainted the alterity of SamnEric, acquainted the ability in their own hands. They felled the twins clumsily and excitedly. Jack was inspired. ”(Golding 191) This adduce shows how Jack becomes blessed with the accretion cardinal to his accumulation and it shows that SamnEric accompany due to the mob mentality and the ability that Jack has compared to Ralph. They try to chase their censor but end up abutting the mob and go forth with the savages. Throughout the cine and novel, bodies end up accident their behavior either due to accepting too abundant ability or not accepting abundant and activity out of their way to accretion that power. The angry in attributes is acutely apparent by both authors and characterize how far bodies would go for ambitions that they appetite such as power. Both authors additionally appearance that the accuracy never gets out, which is unfortunate, but activity doesn’t consistently accept blessed endings either. And aftermost but not least, the mob mentality is a active force for all the carelessness in the boondocks of Salem and the Island.

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