Comparative Advantages , Poverty, and Trade : A Socio -Economic Argumentative Essay

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000492 EndHTML:000066150 StartFragment:000001318 EndFragment:000066094 StartSelection:000001497 EndSelection:000066076 SourceURL:  PDF.js eyewitness        Project Link: • • Content: The All-embracing Barter Statistics Yearbook 2017 • Publisher: United Nations' Statistics Division - Department of Bread-and-butter and Amusing Affairs. How to apprehend the report : • Open the aloft link, and download the PDF book to your computer. • When you brush account the address you will apprehension the following: o Starting page cardinal “ 1” you acquisition “Part 1”, which shows the commodity barter profiles for the apple (regional and selected barter or bread-and-butter groupings). o Starting  page  31 (index  of  countries)  until  page 371,  the  report  provides  a  country  by  country  trade profile, alphabetically , for best countries in the world. o In each country’s barter profile, there abide arbitrary contour on the aboriginal page, and at the end of the folio you can see “Table 1” which shows anniversary country’s “ top 10 consign commodities ” for the altered  periods   between 2015 and 2017. Project File: • In D2L (under Content), you can acquisition tab alleged “Project”, beneath this “Project” tab you can acquisition a book called “UN Table 1.” This PDF book includes abstracts on called countries with altered percentages of poverties (poverty gap) for the year 2015. The Proj ect: • You  will  have  to  write  a  socio -economic  essay  on  the  link  between  different  poverty  levels  of  different  countries  and  the   countries’ allusive advantages of altered products, or accumulation of products. Step -by -Step Instructions (Mandatory): ( required to canyon the project ). • Compare at atomic 1 0 countries of your choice with altered abjection gaps (preferred: accommodate both developed and developing countries). • Investigate  whether   there exists a  trend  between  the  change  in the  poverty  gaps  (%)  and  the specific  products  that  the   country exports the best (In this activity you consistently accept that countries consign best the accessories in which they adore comparative advantages in bearing them. • Conduct an bookish abstruse assay on your analysis (required : at atomic three bookish articles). • Using your own conducted literature review, explain why such trends abide or do -not -exist. • Use your assay to investigate which are the best cogent accessories that high -poverty countries export? which are the most cogent accessories that low -poverty countries export, which are the best cogent accessories that medium -poverty countries export, and try to investigate if there is a trend. Compare your assay by your allegation from the abstruse review. • Do not use the “top 10 imported commodities” in the All-embracing Barter Statistics Yearbook 2017 (usually table 4 at the end  of  the  country- by- country  profiles),  as  some  countries  may  still  import  products  with  high  rate  of  comparative   advantages du e to alternative reasons. • You will accept to accommodate table(s) and/or chart(s) that appearance your arbitrary of the countries you accept selected. Be creative. • Close to the end of the project, explain how your assay depended on your compassionate of the textbook’s abstracts (only required capacity of affiliate 2 and affiliate 1 5).    Textbook: Principles of M icroeconomics , 7th edition, by Robert H. Frank, Ben Bernanke, Kate Antonovics, and Ori Heffetz. McGraw- Hill Education, 2018. • Minimum of 2500 words is required , excluding the abstract, titles , charts, and tables . An abstruse is optional. • In  your  writing,  presume  that  the  reader  never  took  an  economics  class.  When  talking  about  certain  definition  or  topic,   assume the clairvoyant accept never learn ed about it before, therefore, do not balloon to ascertain your terms, explain them (at atomic briefly), and never accept that the clairvoyant knows! Required Format: • Strictly use the aforementioned architecture of one of your advised studies. Important Hints: 1. Read online about how to conduct an "argumentative essay ." 2. Every assay has a assay problem, so s tart by identifying the assay problem. The assay botheration is telling the clairvoyant why this article is important to read. You can use contempo trends in barter to absolve the assay problem, or maybe a contempo change in all-around competitiveness that has above impacts on the economies you are analyzing, in which your article is arty important assay and cogent findings. In the actual alpha of your introduc tion, try to get the clairvoyant alert to your assay problem. 3. You  can  choose  your  own  essay’s  title  that  relates  to  the  rule  of  socio -economic  measures  in  global   competitiveness,  or  simply  use  the  title  of  the  project  as  your  essay’s  title.  The  tile  of  the  project  is   " Comparative Advantages, Poverty, and Trade: A Socio- Economic Argumentative Essay. " 4. " If application your own topic, accomplish your affair as focused as possible, and abstain application ample or far- reaching topics. 5. You charge to attending at abounding appear academic  articles,  not  articles  published  in  journals  like  The  New  York   Times,  or  similar  journals.  Then  review  the  articles  that  are  as  close  to  your  topic  as  it  can  get.  To  find  the   published bookish articles, use bookish chase engines such as: 6. Use the anatomy of the commendation absolutely analogous the cardboard or account you called to chase its format. For example, either “Sa m  et  al.,  2000”  or  “Sam,  David,  and  Tom,  2000”,  or  any  other  known  academic  citation   used in amusing sciences. 7. Do not use able claims afterwards able citation, alike if it makes a lot of argumentation to you. 8. Do  not  claim  accuracy  of  a  statement  or  an  idea  simply  b ecause  it  was  mentioned,  or  even  proven,  by  the   literature. 9. Do  not  forget  about  the  rules  of  assumptions,  where  you  can  observe  concepts  varying  when  changing  the   model assumptions. 10. Do not anytime balloon to adduce in adventurous altercation back you retype a account from of a reference. For example; Sam et  el.,  2000  define  this  word  as   “social  and  behavioral  aspect  of  any  topic.”  As  you  see,  the  statement  is   quoted in adventurous text. 11. You accept to use the aphorism of microeconomics by not allegory the absolute barter of all appurtenances and s ervices amid the  economies,  you  will  have  to  select  few  products  or  specific  type  of  products.  For  example,  the   international bazaar for ice cream, or all-embracing bazaar arctic desserts in general. 12. You do not accept to use the best contempo abstracts or articl es, but try to chronicle your assignment to added contempo abstracts (such as bookish accessories appear afterwards the year 2012) . 13. Make abiding to use bright wordings, abstain syntax errors, and use actual punctuations. 14. Do not retype aforementioned account over and over afresh in different structures. 15. Revise  your  work  more  than  one  time,  as  many  times  as  possible.  You  will  always  see  something  to  adjust   every time you alter your work. This is a connected action in applied research, and the added alteration you do, the bigger the assignment you will produced. 16. Draw an outline in the beginning, and end up with a abstract afore accounting the project. 17. Use prime times of the day to assignment in your essay. 18. It is acceptable to have subtitles in your essay .   19. While  working  on  the  project,  avoid  printing/considering  the  whole  report.  Only  print/consider  required   pages. For example, alone book the alone advanced contour pages for the called countries (one front -page for each country). 20. Read the allocation rubrics to apperceive how your activity will be evaluated. Maximum credibility for the activity according 100 points. Specific Objective(s): • Read online about how to conduct an "argumentative essay." • Analyze a narrowed affair accompanying to "the aphorism of socio -economic measures in international trade . " • Collect references of at atomic three appear bookish studies on the topic. • Identify the capital argument(s) of the essay. • Discuss whether the argument(s) actuality the aforementioned and/or altered amid the calm literature. • Recognize the aphorism of assumptions in clay and a rgumentative perceptions. • Discuss how the argument(s) may change beneath altered assumptions/environments. • Use the acquirements form Chapters 2 and 1 5 to assay allusive advantages and international trade. Foundational Component Area (FCA) : • "Social & Behavioral Sciences" – ECO N 2302 – Microeconomics Core Objective(s): • Critical Cerebration (CT H) – This is a sub -objective of the Intellectual and Applied Objective - Critical cerebration is a addiction of apperception characterized by the absolute analysis of issues, ideas, artifacts, and contest afore accepting or formulating an assessment or conclusion. Definition Source: -thinking • Written  Communication (WRC) –  This  is  a  sub -objective  of  the   Intellectual  and  Practical  Objective   -  Written communication is the development and announcement of account in writing. Written advice invo lves acquirements to assignment in many genres and styles. It can absorb alive with abounding altered autograph technologies, and bond texts, data, and images. Written advice abilities advance through accepted adventures beyond the curriculum . Definition Source : -communication • Quantitative  Literacy  (QL ) –  This  is  a  sub -objective  of  the   Intellectual  and  Practical  Objective   - also  known  as   Numeracy or Quantitative Reasoning (QR) – is a "habit of mind," competency, and abundance in alive with after data. Individuals with able QL abilities acquire the adeptness to acumen and break quantitat ive problems from a advanced arrangement of accurate contexts  and  everyday  life  situations.  They  understand  and  can  create  sophisticated  arguments  supported  by  quantitative   evidence  and  they  can  clearly  communicate  those  arguments  in  a  variety  of  formats  (using  wor ds,  tables,  graphs,   mathematical equations, etc., as appropriate). Definition Source : -literacy • Intercultural Knowledge and Competence (IKC) – This is a sub -objective of the Social Responsibility Objective - Intercultural Knowledge and Competence is "a set of cognitive, affective, and behavioral abilities and characteristics that abutment effective  and  appropriate  interaction  in  a  variety  of  cultural  contexts.”  (Bennett,  J.  M.  2008.  Transformative  training:   Designing  programs  for  culture  learning.  In Contemporary  leadership and intercultural  competence:  Understanding and utilizing cultural assortment to build successful organizations , ed. M. A. Moodian, 95 -110. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.) Definition Source: -knowledge

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