Community Service reflection essay

Okere in one of his quotes wrote: “Man is not aloof an individual, an island, larboard to himself and acceptable to himself, on his own. Man is about community.” I grew up in a association that upheld a acceptance that it is alone in the association that the activity of an alone acquires accurate meaning, not in active as an abandoned actuality but in mutually interacting with alternative associates of the community. I accept had two avenues through which I volunteered: as a teacher, and as a bloom affliction worker. Both were adorning and admired in the development of my career, lifestyle, and personality. The best arduous but accomplishing of them was actuality a bloom affliction volunteer. In 2014, Nigeria was accustomed for accepting the second-largest cardinal of bodies active with HIV. The prevalence amount of HIV amid adults amid the ages of 15–49 stood at 3.17 percent of the country’s population. The admiration to abbreviate this catching afire my absorption in abutting a bloom Campaign Group in Plateau State, Nigeria; a non-profit authoritative alignment with the mission of ensuring that every individual with HIV/AIDS accept admission to analysis and to equitable, accommodating affliction and empowerment. As a volunteer, I was delegated responsibilities to appoint the association in educational and training activities to access acquaintance and arrest the advance of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. I am beholden I had the time and adeptness to accord to my community. It absolutely makes me acknowledge aggregate I accept been accustomed and it makes me added accommodating to accord aback to those who are ‘less’ advantageous than I am. Volunteering has provided me with a new angle in my life, by seeing the trials and struggles of others that I am able to advice them affected through my service.

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