Community Module 2 #3

M2.A4 - Assignment

Women's Health

  1. Read the book below.
  2. Respond to the questions in abounding sentences. Be abiding to use accepted English grammar and spelling
    1. What are the biophysical, psychological, sociocultural, behavioral and bloom arrangement factors operating in this situation?
    2. What accomplishments would you booty to accommodate added acute and able affliction for women who are lesbian, bisexual, or transgender?
    3. Describe the above bloom apropos of this woman and what role the association bloom assistant ability comedy in this situation?
Scenario:Betty is 45 years old, self-employed, afar three times, and mother of three boys and one daughter. Two years ago, her aftermost bedmate died of lung blight at age 54.She was referred to the bounded dispensary because she has been feeling depressed. During the interview, Betty informs the association bloom assistant that she is annoyed of active the old way, and she is now complex with a woman and considers herself a lesbian. She admits that she has been sexually complex with both men and women during the accomplished three years. She indicates that she is abashed she ability accept blight because her mother died of breast blight bristles years ago at the age of 67. She does not accept bloom insurance. Betty declared that she is ashamed to get a pap apply because she heard that to gay women do not need get a pap apply back they are not accepting “real sex” vaginally. 

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