Community Level Interventions

  Community Akin Interventions  The windshield assay arbitrary will crave you to administer what you accept abstruse through your basal windshield assay of Sentinel City® to a ambition citizenry of your choosing. You will complete your activity by comparing abstracts from Sentinel City® with agnate abstracts from the burghal area your ambition citizenry lives. Your presentation will include 9 parts, which are declared in detail beneath and accommodate capacity in the apostle notes. I. Introduction Provide a abrupt accession that identifies the demographics for the burghal area your ambition citizenry lives. II. Description of Your Ambition Population Compose a abundant description of your called ambition population. In this section, you will call the demographic characteristics of your called ambition population, including the population’s socioeconomic status, basic statistics, apprenticeship level, religion, and occupations. Accommodate a table, graph, and/or amount affectation that includes accordant demographic abstracts for your ambition population.  III. Comparison of Sentinel Burghal Demographic Data Compare the demographic abstracts of Sentinel City® with the demographic abstracts from the burghal area your ambition citizenry is located. You should present this advice in a bright to accept table. IV. Key Bloom Apropos or Issues Present a account of the top 3 bloom apropos for your ambition population. Provide a abrupt description of these apropos and accommodate abstracts from your ambition citizenry burghal that supports the account for selecting these bloom concerns. Baddest one of the 3 bloom apropos you articular and accompaniment why you absitively to advance an action that addresses these accurate bloom concerns/issues. Accommodate the Healthy People 2020 cold that relates to your articular bloom concerns.  V. Association Bloom Nursing Diagnosis Develop a association bloom nursing assay based on your assay of the demographic and bloom cachet abstracts that you gathered. Your association bloom nursing assay should be accounting application the afterward architecture (Nies & McEwen, 2011, p. 101): Increased accident of (disability, disease, etc.) among (community or population) accompanying to (disability, disease, etc.) as approved in or by (health cachet indicator, or etiological/causal statement). Examples: Increased accident of obesity among school age children related to lack of safe alfresco comedy areas for children as approved by above boilerplate BMI rates.  Increased accident of depression among persons with a concrete disability related to the lack of affliction attainable accessories and amusing isolation as approved by high suicide rate VI. A & B. Action to Abode the Diagnosis Describe your proposed action that will abode the association bloom nursing assay for your ambition population. You may accept to advance your own action or adapt one that was recommended by the Task Force on Association Preventive Casework (TFCPS). To appearance recommended interventions, appointment the TFCPS website and baddest the affair you plan on acclamation for your intervention. (Note: at the basal of best affair pages on the TFCPS website there is a sample on how to adduce the webpage. After reviewing the topics, bang the “Resources” tab again bang “Fact Sheets”. Here you may acquisition actuality bedding to allotment with your coach at your convenance acquirements site.) Whether you adapt an absolute action or advance one of your own, you charge altercate why this action will or why you bare to adapt it because it would not assignment for your ambition population. Accommodate advantages, citizenry fit, and barriers in use of the intervention. You should accommodate the abiding goals, two assessable objectives, and the appropriate assets such as: time, equipment, finances, etc. [Note: you are not appropriate to backpack out your intervention] VII. Evaluation Plan Describe your adjustment for evaluating the objectives of your action (for example, pre/post-test, survey, questionnaire, buzz interview).  Accommodate one continued appellation ambition and two concise assessable objectives. Example of goals and assessable objectives: Goal - To access my abeyant for advance at my abode of employment Objective - Complete all undergraduate nursing courses with a B+ or higher Objective - Complete the American Sentinel University BSN affairs afore 2020 Goal - To apprentice about accessible bloom nursing Objective - Call association bloom levels of prevention Objective - Account the 8 subsystems of a community VIII. Arbitrary of Sentinel City® Summarize the assets (strengths) in Sentinel City® pertaining to the 8 association subsystems. In accession to the "people" (the core) of the community, there are eight subsystems that appear calm to anatomy the appraisal abstracts for your windshield survey, which will accord to your all-embracing association appraisal of Sentinel City®. The eight subsystems aural every association include: 1) concrete environment, 2) assurance and transportation, 3) bloom and amusing services, 4) education, 5) recreation, 6) backroom and government, 7) communication, and 8) economics. Include your recommendations for improving/strengthening specific subsystems in Sentinel City®.  Altercate alternative recommended changes or additions bare to advance the bloom of the citizenry active in Sentinel City®. IX. Advertence List Include references that were acclimated as you developed your plan. For the purpose of this appraisal adduce the Sentinel City® demographic abstracts as follows: U. S. Demography Bureau. (2010). American FactFinder actuality sheet:  Sentinel City, USA Retrieved January 31, 2014, from Reading and Resources Harkness & DeMarco (2016) Read Chapter 9 (p. 154-161, 163-168) Visit the Task Force on Association Preventive Casework (TFCPS). The Association Guide. Additional Instructions: All submissions should accept a appellation folio and advertence page. Utilize a minimum of two bookish resources. Adhere to grammar, spelling and punctuation criteria. Adhere to APA acquiescence guidelines. Adhere to the called Submission Option for Delivery of Activity guidelines. Submission Options Instructions: Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation 14 to 20 slides. Add appellation and advertence slides. Follow Rules of 7.

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