Community Health Problem:Miami;Assess The Health Needs Of Individuals, Families, Aggregates, And Communities Using Demographic And Epidemiological Data To Identify Population Health Risks. (PO 4)

Guidelines for Caring for Populations Anniversary 2:

Assessment and Diagnosis


The purpose of this cardboard is to accommodate an befalling to advance association appraisal strategies, bare a association bloom problem, and analyze the apparatus of one association bloom nursing botheration accompanying to the association dynamics.

Course Outcomes

This appointment enables the apprentice to accommodated the afterward advance outcomes.

CO2: Assess the bloom needs of individuals, families, aggregates, and communities application demographic and epidemiological abstracts to analyze citizenry bloom risks. (PO 4)

CO6: Advance a systems-based and collaborative access to abode factors that access the bloom of a association and citizenry bloom problems. (PO 2)

Due Date

Submit to the adapted bassinet in the Dropboxby 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday of Week 4.

Points: 225 points


Watch the Anniversary 2 tutorial by beat this link. This tutorial is additionally attainable on Advance Activity folio beneath Advance Home as able-bodied as Week 4 Assignments page.

This cardboard is accepted to be no added than four pages in breadth (not including the appellation folio and advertence list). Beneath are the requirements for acknowledged achievement of this paper.Please use the afterward categories as the aboriginal akin headings on your paper. See the abstracts in the APA class in Advance Assets for abetment with APA formatting.

·         [Introduction:]This alpha of your cardboard should bolt the reader’s absorption with absorbing facts about your association and should include the purpose account of the paper. This should be one paragraph.APA states that you should not appellation this as introduction; however, you are still accepted to address a abstracted introduction. The appellation of the cardboard should be again at the top of folio two and centered.

·         Community Overview: Analyze the association that you are assessing by name and accompaniment and accommodate a accepted description of the community. ( I LIVE IN SOUTH MIAMI FLORIDA, USA)  What is the accepted actualization of the community? Statistics should not be included here. Your association should be the breadth you alive or workin and should accommodate a residential area. It should be a ample abundant breadth to acknowledgment the questions in the text. This should be one paragraph.

·         Demographic Data: Compile a ambit of demographic (population description) abstracts for your association by analytical U.S. Demography Bureau reports. Application this data, call your community. Compare your association abstracts to accompaniment or civic data. A arbitrary of this abstracts should be no added than two paragraphs.

·         Epidemiological Data: Compile and abridge a ambit of epidemiological (illness, morbidity, and mortality) abstracts for your association by analytical abstracts from sources such as burghal or canton bloom administration reports, Canton Bloom Rankings (, or the Centers for Disease Control to call antecedence bloom problems in your area. See the Webliography for applicative sites to search. Compare your association to accompaniment or civic data. This allegory will advice to analyze a antecedence association bloom botheration specific to your community. A arbitrary of this abstracts should be no added than two paragraphs.

·         Windshield Survey: Accommodate a summary of your observations from your aboriginal milestone. Accomplish abiding to altercate observations accompanying to your articular problem. This should be one to two paragraphs.

·                           WINDSHIELD SURVEY  PROJECT I already did ( Anniversary 1)

CriteriaYour response
1. Accession of Association (20 points)Identify the burghal and accompaniment of your association and briefly call the association you will be application for this assignment. It should be the breadth breadth you alive or the breadth surrounding your appointment ambience but charge accommodate a residential area. Demographic abstracts are not needed.I currently abide in the burghal of Miami in Florida.  Miami has a citizenry of 417,650, and Florida 19,600,311 based on the 2013 census. The boilerplate age is 36.2 years.  72.6% of the citizenry is white.  70.0% of the citizenry is Hispanic. (I'm not abiding how the absolute allotment comes out to greater than 100%, unless some of the Hispanics counted themselves as white, or carnality versa....) 19.2% of the citizenry is African American. 1.0% of the citizenry is Asian. In addition, 70.9% of bodies over the age of 25 accept a aerial academy authority and 23.1% of bodies accept a bachelors amount or higher.  32.8% of the citizenry owns their homes; the average abode assets is $30,375. Retrieve from
2. Windshield Analysis (100 points)a. Vitality:Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your argument to call your observations about the association vitality.The majority of the bodies who lives in my adjacency are Hispanic. The best accepted ethnicity or chase in Miami, Florida is white and Hispanic. The accepted actualization of the resident’s burghal is advantageous and actual fit bodies. I additionally apprehension association that are adapted dress and apple-pie outfits. Actuality in Miami, Florida bodies booty affliction actual able-bodied of their actualization and look. Miami is a burghal of the entertainment, abounding places to visits and admirable beaches, because of that abounding visitors and tourists appear to appointment our community.  Bodies of assorted ages are arresting in the mid town, during the day, there are abounding bodies of both genders and ages walking while accustomed laundry accoutrements or blame carts with groceries. There is a home for the brainy attenuate and some of the association can be apparent walking outside. I additionally noticed aged application ambler and wheelchair, others accepting out of their clandestine bus for aged people. During the night, abnormally during weekends and abreast the beach, I apprehension abounding bodies beneath the access of booze or drugs. 
b. Indicators of amusing and bread-and-butter conditions: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your argument to call your observations about the amusing and bread-and-butter conditions.In Miami, Florida there are abounding distinct and multifamily residences. The action of these homes and apartments varies with the neighborhood. We additionally accept attainable houses, abnormally for distinct mothers, and abandoned bodies that don’t accept breadth to go or live.   The best accepted adjustment of busline is by car, buses, and train. You can additionally apprehension adolescent adults benumbed motorcycles at aerial acceleration in highways. In the burghal of Miami we accommodate programs for elderly, like chargeless transportation, aliment stamps, and activities reunions. Miami allow job opportunities; we accept factories, baby businesses, but no aggressive installations. There are unemployed bodies such as homeless, abnormally in Downtown, active in the artery beneath bridges. Even admitting we action again attainable houses, best of them adopt to alive in the street.  
c. Bloom Resources: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your argument to call your observations about the bloom resources.In Miami, Florida we accept abounding bounded hospitals, which the majorities are actual big that provides assorted services. We additionally accept Dialysis centers, pharmacies, and surgical accumulation stores. There are Nursing/Rehab Centers as able-bodied as developed day affliction services. There are Urgent Care, and several medical, dental, and chiropractic offices. We accept a Miami-Dade Canton Bloom Department, which action assorted casework like STD treatments, abandoned or abused shelters, ancestors planning casework and more. There are adaptable bloom cartage and claret donation centers.  
d. Ecology altitude accompanying to health: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your argument to call your observations about the ecology conditions.The action of the anchorage and streets of the burghal of Miami are actual good. With all the arising systems in abode and alive well. There are able cartage lights, signs and bedridden attainable sidewalks throughout the town. Even anticipation Miami is a heavily trafficked city, all streets are actual able-bodied organized with the able signs. There are abounding restaurants. Usually, we don’t see bodies affairs aliment in the streets, neither bodies bistro in attainable areas. We accept attainable bathroom attainable in everywhere.
e. Amusing functioning: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your argument to call your observations about the amusing functioning.The bearing aural the adjacency ranges from aged to infants. There are families observed, and families are apparent with either a mom or dad actuality present with their children. Families are caring for the children. Abounding of the families in the adjacency abide to their selves and their family, the bodies alive aural their backyard is not aggravation their neighbors. I did not beam annihilation that would accomplish me apprehensive of amusing problems, neither assemblage activity, adolescent crime or biologic or booze abuse.
f. Attitude against healthcare: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your argument to call your observations about the attitudes against healthcare.The attainable bloom and Planned Parenthood clinics accommodate antitoxin and wellness affliction to the uninsured people. Frequently, volunteers from bounded hospitals action a chargeless anniversary Association Bloom Fair which provides education, cholesterol testing, claret pressure, diabetic testing, achievement accident and HIV screening casework for Miami residents. There are abounding botanical and herbal anesthetic stores. I see announcement announcement a advantageous lifestyle, exercise, how to abdicate smoking, not argument and drive, neither booze nor drive.  
3. Conclusion: (20 pts)Provide a arbitrary of your allegation and your conclusion. What problems did you identify?In conclusion, the burghal of Miami provides abundant casework and educational assets for its association apropos means to break healthy. Additionally the boondocks aims to advance cohesiveness anticipation organized association service. Overall, the association has apple-pie houses and active conditions. Abounding of the bodies are begin walking the streets during the day and adequate what the association has to offer. The association has abounding of options aural the bloom system. Abounding hospitals that provides abundant affliction to the patients. For abandoned or bodies who accept a biologic or booze problem, we accept locations that accommodate advice for them.

·         Problem Diagnosis:

o    Application the appraisal data, analyze one association bloom nursing problem that you accede to be a antecedence concern.

o    Relate your best to one of the Healthy Bodies 2020specific numbered objectives (not aloof a goal). Healthy People objectives are amid aural a affair breadth beneath the Objectives tab.

o    Your account should additionally accommodate why this is a botheration in your association and factors that accord to the problem. Avoid altercation of interventions in this milestone.

o    Include a altercation of your botheration aural accumulation from at atomic two bookish sources (such as able account articles).(Review the abstracts in the APA class in Doc Sharing for advice in chargeless sources that are advised scholarly—hint, .com websites are not advised bookish sources).This should be no added than three paragraphs.

·         Summary:Summarize your association appraisal and analysis allegation and accommodate a abrupt account about the problema nd the aloft factors that accord to this problem. This advice should be no added than two paragraphs.

·         Reference Page: All references should be cited aural the cardboard and should be included on the advertence page.


·         Application: Use Microsoft Word 2010 (or later)to actualize this assignment.

·         Use the categories aloft as APA headings for the sections of your paper.

·         Length: This cardboard is accepted to be no added than four pages in breadth (not including the appellation folio and advertence list).

·         Submission: Submit your book via the bassinet in the Dropbox: Anniversary 2 Appraisal and Diagnosis, by 11:59 p.m.MT Sunday of Week 4.

·         Bookish Writing: APA architecture is required. Review APA abstracts in the APA categoryin Advance Resourcesand use the chargeless assets of SmartThinking for autograph tutors.

·         Save your cardboard with your aftermost name in the certificate appellation (e.g., Smith Appraisal and Diagnosis).

·         Backward Submission: See the advance action on backward submissions.

Best Practicesin Advancing the Paper

The afterward are best practices in advancing this project.

·         Complete the demographic, epidemiologic, and windshield analysis above-mentioned to allotment a botheration to focus on.

·         Choose onenursing botheration specific to your community.

·         Accomplish abiding all elements of the cardboard are addressed and headings for anniversary class are included.

·         Review admonition thoroughly.

·         Cite all sources aural the cardboard as able-bodied as on the advertence page.

·         Proofread above-mentioned to final submission.

·         Analysis for spelling and grammar errors above-mentioned to final submission.

·         Use the A cavalcade of the explanation beneath to ensure that you accept included all the bare elements.

·         Abide by the CCN bookish candor policy. The cardboard charge be your aboriginal work. Once submitted to the Dropbox, analysis aback to ensure that your Turnitin affinity basis is beneath than 24%, if not alter and resubmit above-mentioned to the deadline.

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