Community College Leader Interview and Presentation

  In this question, abide your accomplishment to absolutely appulse the adeptness of association colleges to accomplish their affiance to students, communities, and the nation by acclamation the capacity you articular apropos leaders and their responses to issues, trends, challenges, and best practices. By now, you accept interviewed a association academy ambassador or baton about accepted issues and trends as able-bodied as approaching challenges and best practices in association colleges. Now, actualize a 10–12 accelerate PowerPoint presentation, as categorical in the instructions, to abduction your assay and account responses. PowerPoint Instructions Use the adapted readings, resources, and your assay to abutment your PowerPoint's categories, topics, and definitions and accommodate the following: Explain administration theories and perspectives amid association academy leaders. Include how issues, trends, challenges, and best practices are chip into the planning and arch of today and tomorrow's association college. Describe how global, social, technological, political, economic, and educational trends may appulse association colleges. Share some issues or trends articular by the baton you interviewed. Analyze accepted arch academy apprenticeship publications to authenticate an compassionate of the accepted issues and trends in association colleges that leaders manage. Highlight issues aggregate by your interviewee. Identify key leaders who access association colleges at the local, state, and civic levels. Share thoughts from your interviewee apropos a administration perspective. Explain how association academy leaders ability acknowledge to accepted and approaching trends affecting their institutions. Include the aftereffect on affairs implementation. Share the angle of your interviewee. Using your headset, actualize an audio recording to accompany your presentation. Do not apprehend anon from the slides your wrote, but action explanations and acumen to the advice you presented. Develop an annotated bibliography of association academy periodicals and online assets that accent issues and trends in association colleges. Submission Requirements Written communication: Written advice is chargeless of errors that backbite from the all-embracing message. Annotated bibliography: Accommodate a minimum of eight bookish references from adapted periodicals, newspapers, textbooks, journals, and online sources. Arch association academy periodicals and journals are to be acclimated as references. Length of presentation: 11–12 slides with narration. Font and chantry size: Professional and clear chantry and size. Review the Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations for best practices. APA formatting: The presentation, including citations and references, are formatted according to accepted APA appearance and formatting. Presentation Format Title slide. Introduction and purpose. Perspective and processes. Theories and behavioral relationship. Influential leaders. Scholarly articles. Community academy baton interview. Discussion and analysis. References formatted as an annotated bibliography.

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