Community-building Essay

Please address an article based on the afterward prompt. I anticipate (hope) the instructions are bright enough. To advance comparability, I'm not declared to accord you any added instructions or clarification. You *should* get abounding acclaim for this essay. All you accept to do is chase the instructions and you get abounding credit. I will not be allocation the agreeable of the essay. Here's how I'll brand it: - Is it angry in by the deadline: October 24 at 11:59 p.m. - Is it two pages long? - Does it use adapted formatting? - Does it use adapted grammar? - Does it *not* plagiarize? - Is it on topic? - Is it a aboveboard accomplishment to accommodate a anxious response? If you do all that you get abounding credit. OK. Here's the alert you should address about: _____________________ Robert Putnam, in his book Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, uses the archetype of the abatement of bowling leagues beyond the country to advance the casual of association and associations in the United States. Traditionally these associations provided the “social capital”* aloft which association was built. Has amusing media affronted this accident of association and adjacency associations or has it added association building? Many altercate that cyberbanking advice lacks the concrete and claimed attributes of face to face acquaintance all-important for accurate communities. Others acknowledge that online advice permits a abundant broader compassionate of community, with affiliation beyond a heretofore absurd amplitude of ability and geography. Using real-world examples, amuse compose a two-page article discussing the appulse of the new apple of agenda advice on community-building in America. Your article should use MLA formatting and authenticate college-level grammar, spelling and vocabulary. *Social capital: A arrangement of claimed relationships that accommodate amusing glue.

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