Community Assessment

   Write a 4-5 pages Introduction to the association ( Hispanic in rural Agricultural area) including the name of the association and any absorbing or actual facts you would like to add about the community Give a description of the area of your association that you chose to analysis ( Hispanics in Charlotte County, FL) · Description of the Accessible Citizenry and Available Resources o Demographics of the accessible population o What amusing determinants actualize their accessible status? o What association strengths abide to abetment this population? · Abstracts based on Nursing Appraisal of the Community o Based on what you accept found, what abstracts can you draw about your association and your called population  · Select at atomic 8 bookish assets to abutment your assessment. Websites may be included but the cardboard charge accommodate bookish assets in its development.   “Windshield Survey” in a area of your community. Instructions for the analysis can be begin in Stanhope and Lancaster (2016) on folio 416, Table 18-6. 

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