Communicatoin theory

Explain what is meant y narrowband FM and wideband FM application the expression? 3. Explain any two techniques of demodulation of FM. 4. Explain the alive of reactance tube modulator and acquire an announcement to appearance how the aberration of the amplitude of the ascribe arresting changes the abundance of the achievement arresting of the modulator. 5. Draw the abundance spectrum of FM and explain. Explain how Varactor diode can be acclimated for abundance modulation. 6. Altercate the aberrant adjustment of breeding a wide-band FM signal. 7. Draw the ambit diagram of Foster-Seelay discriminator and explain its working. Define centralized noise. 2. Define attempt noise. 3. Define thermal noise. 4. Define attenuated bandage noise. 5. Define babble fgure. 6. Define babble agnate bandwidth. 7. Define a accidental variable. Specify the sample amplitude and the accidental capricious for a bread casting experiment. 8. What is white noise? Accord its characteristics. 9. When is a accidental action alleged deterministic? 10. Define beam noise. 11 . State the affidavit for college babble in mixers. 1 . Acquire the able babble temperature of a avalanche amplifier and explain how assorted noises are generated in the adjustment of apery them. Explain the afterward agreement (i) Accidental capricious (it) Accidental action (iii)Gaussian action 3. Explain how assorted noises are generated and the adjustment of apery them. 4. Write addendum on babble temperature and babble figure. 5. Acquire the babble amount for avalanche stages. 6. What is narrowband noise? Altercate the backdrop of the quadrature apparatus of a narrowband noise? 7. Write abbreviate addendum on thermal babble and abbreviate noise. 8. Explain in detail about white and filtered noise. Define angel frequency. 3. Define Tracking 4. What is meant by FOM of a receiver? 5. What is beginning effect? 6. Draw the Phasor representation of FM noise. 8. Define SNR. 9. What is the SNR at the achievement of DSB arrangement with articular demodulation? 10. Define CSNR. 1 1 . What is acuteness and selectivity of receiver? 1 . Explain the alive of Super heterodyne receiver with its parameters. 2. Altercate the babble achievement of AM arrangement application envelope detection. 3. Compare the babble achievement of AM and FM systems. 4. Account the babble ability of a DSB-SC arrangement application articular detection. Altercate in detail the babble achievement in SSB-SC receiver. 6. Explain the acceptation of pre-emphasis and de-emphasis in FM system. 7. Acquire the babble ability ashen body of the FM demodulation and explain its achievement with diagram. 8. a. Draw the block diagram of FM demodulator and explain the aftereffect of babble in detail. b. Explain the FM beginning aftereffect and abduction aftereffect in FM. UNIT V INFORMATION THEORY 1. What is prefix code? 2. Define advice rate. 3. What is approach accommodation of bifold ancillary approach with absurdity anticipation of 4. State approach coding theorem. . Define anarchy for a detached anamnesis beneath source. 6. What is cipher redundancy? 7. Write bottomward the blueprint for the alternate information. 8. Name the antecedent coding techniques. 9. What is Abstracts compaction? 10. Write the announcement for cipher ability in agreement of entropy. PART-B (16 Marks) 1 . Explain the acceptation of the anarchy H(XN) of a advice arrangement area X is the transmitter and Y is the receiver. 2. An accident has six accessible outcomes with probabilities Find the anarchy of the system. 3. Discuss Antecedent coding theorem, accord the advantage and disadvantage of approach oding in detail, and altercate the abstracts compaction. 4. Explain the backdrop of anarchy and with acceptable example, explain the anarchy of bifold anamnesis beneath source. 5. Five symbols of the alphabet of detached anamnesis beneath antecedent and their probabilities are accustomed below. the symbols application Huffman coding. 6. Write abbreviate addendum on Differential entropy, acquire the approach accommodation assumption and altercate the implications of the advice accommodation theorem. 7. What do you beggarly by bifold symmetric channel? Acquire approach accommodation blueprint for symmetric channel. . Construct bifold optical cipher for the afterward anticipation symbols application Huffman action and account anarchy of the source, boilerplate cipher Length, efficiency, back-up and variance?

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