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    Activity 12: Apperceive Your Audience Instructions: In chic we discussed how an able admirers assay can advance a actuating message, and we brainstormed altered methods and types of questions to use if we were to conduct our own admirers analysis. For this activity, you will appraise the admeasurement to which an assessment cavalcade from The Daily Athenaeum considers its admirers – WVU acceptance – in a actuating bulletin about acceptable a citizen abettor (RA). Refer to chic addendum from Unit 6 (Introduction to Rhetoric) about admirers assay to advice you complete this activity. Visit to apprehend the assessment cavalcade in The DA titled, “Saving money in college: How actuality an RA can save on cash” and acknowledge to anniversary of the afterward questions: (1) Why does accepting to apperceive an admirers through an admirers assay tend to access the ability of a message? (2) To what admeasurement did the columnist booty the admirers into consideration? Identify at atomic three specific factors from the commodity that reflect the columnist’s ability of you and of alternative WVU students. (3) Consider your acknowledgment to (2). Did accumulation these factors advance the ability of the article? Why or why not? (4) Identify two added questions that the columnist could accept asked the admirers (WVU students) to accomplish her altercation alike added persuasive. Explain why anniversary of these questions would be important to ask in affiliation to the affair of the column. This action charge be submitted to eCampus as either a argument acquiescence or an absorbed book no after than 11:59pm.

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