Communication skills

As a cyberbanking official of the Coffer for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank), I accept to administer interns and colleagues who are on probation. According to the bank's policy, I am asked to accord them acknowledgment at the end of the year. However, in acknowledgment to your appeal for this assignment, I absitively to accommodate my cold comments over buzz to Mr. To, who was an intern and accept been on acquittal at Vietcombank back the alpha of 2004. Through this experience, I admit the accent of how to accord an able feedback. As I larboard Vietcombank, Hanoi for the Eller College of Management, Arizona at the end of this July, my acknowledgment aloof covers the aboriginal seven months of 2004. A accounting archetype of my acknowledgment will be beatific to the coffer later. Based on Mr. To's achievement at the bank's Business Assay during that time, my comments to him are disconnected into four areas: advice skills, compassionate of job, abstruse understanding, and abeyant for advancement. Communication skills Mr. To approved acceptable advice abilities while assuming his duties aural the business division. His adeptness to accept to the bank's new audience (small and average enterprises- SMEs) and back to his colleagues clients' needs for cyberbanking allotment was approved in the acknowledged accomplishing of Vietcombank's micro-credit affairs acknowledging SMEs, decidedly in clandestine sector. Mr. To finer interacted with the activity accounts assay and acutely explained SMEs' apropos on binding collaterals in applying for cyberbanking financing. Thanks to his efforts in casual acknowledgment from SMEs, the adamant costs action in which costs decisions had been based on the collaterals rather than on the achievability of business affairs was removed. Mr. To apparent adeptness to calmly acquaint above the bank's channels while advancement acceptable relationships with SMEs, which became the key applicant articulation of Vietcombank in the ameliorate to alter advance portfolios and abate acclaim risk. Job understanding Though sometimes ambagious from his amount duties, Mr. To was absolutely abreast of the ambit of assignment activities accepted of him. Aural the branch of applicant segmentation, he appropriately analyzed characteristics of the two key applicant segments and researched their needs of cyberbanking abutment from Vietcombank. For example, based on researches, Mr. To acicular out that monopolistic accompaniment endemic enterprises had continued appellation advance projects affirmed by the Government (low risks, ambiguous feasibility), bedevilled acceptable collaterals for the loans but were beneath poor administration models. Contrary, baby and average enterprises (SMEs) in clandestine area had achievable business projects, endemic bereft collaterals for the loans (poor cyberbanking backup) but they followed adjustable and able business strategies and administration models. The applicant segments' profiles Mr. To had developed were advantageous for the bank's administration to accumulate acclaim behavior in favor of SMEs, which led to adapted chump bases of Vietcombank and bigger acclaim accessories for SMEs. As a amount of fact, it was difficult at times to analyze the job responsibilities from those of customer assay assay and those of behavior and strategies development. Mr. To is a able apostle for the development of the clandestine area and SMEs. He initiatively recommended a cardinal of action reforms to facilitate acclaim procedures for SMEs; yet, abounding of them could not be applicative accustomed austere loopholes in the cyberbanking acknowledged arrangement of Vietnam. Recommending action reforms is above the ambit of his absolute job responsibilities; this focus is the amount duties of the strategies development division. Instead, Mr. To should accept absolutely focused on the approved amend of clients' profiles, and assiduously researched on anew accustomed enterprises as the third abeyant customer ambition of the bank. If he had accustomed this segment's potential, Vietcombank ability not accept absent 8% of acquirement (concerning this segment's cyberbanking activities) to the bank's competitors in the aboriginal bisected of this year. Technical understanding The ample needs of accumulated audience business appeal able accident administration abilities and acceptable acknowledged compassionate in adjustment to be successful. At times back the needs of audience or alternative capacity of the coffer complex the appliance of absolute acknowledged regulations or all-encompassing accident analysis, there was a shortcoming of abstruse ability by Mr. To. Though he had amorphous efforts to abode this by enrolling in added coursework to enhance his ability of the acknowledged system, he still needs added accelerated training on accident assay for improvement. Potential for improvement Mr. To is an archetype of the intern affairs back it works to the account of both the coffer and the individual. The affairs brought in absolutely able candidates like Mr. To who accept been accustomed a belvedere to authenticate their abilities and knowledge. Based on my claimed observations, alive relationships, as able-bodied as acknowledgment from accumulated clients, Mr. To's achievement is ranked in the high one-third of those who are on acquittal at the bank, and avalanche durably aural the "sustained" grade. He appears to be adequate with the expectations ahead. With added training on accident assay and bigger acknowledged understanding, Mr. To would be included in the group-leveled administration of the bank. Mr. To, on the one hand, accepted my cold comments. He accepted that my acknowledgment was impersonal, absolutely accurate and acutely understandable; thus; was advantageous to him. On the alternative hand, he additionally had some acknowledgment over buzz on my acknowledgment as follows: First, apropos abstruse understanding, my acknowledgment did not focus on specific behaviors. He wondered on what base I assured that he bare accelerated training on accident analysis. He enrolled in law coursework because of his own absorption in the accepted acknowledged system; yet; he did not anticipate that his acknowledged compassionate had been bare for his job requirements. He accepted that adamantine abstracts were accurate in answer why he was critical. For example, when, area and how the needs from audience and the bank's capacity apropos acknowledged regulations appliance and accident administration were not able-bodied handled by him.

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